The pharisees and the sadducees.

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The pharisees and the sadducees were jewish religtious parties that existed during the time of Jesus. They were strict in obeying the law of Moses and other regulations which had been handed to them through the centuries.

The sadducees were mostly prieist. They had several believes and practises that were different from the larger party of the pharisees. They did not belief in the resurection and they thought there were no angels nor spirits. The pharisees believed in all these (Acts 23:9). They, together with the teachers of the law and the sadducees were the greatest critics of Jesus. Apostle Paul and his father were of the party of the pharisees (Acts 23:6).

The pharisees, the teachers of the law and the sadducees were the greatest opponents of Jesus. They criticised him for healing and working on the sabbath which was against the laws of Moses (mathew 12:2, mathew 12:24 and luke 6:2 ). They equally denounced Jesus for eating with outcasts and tax collectors (mathew 9:11) and that he drove out demons because their leader Beelzebub , gave him power to do so (mathew 12:24). In addition, they criticised Jesus for forgiving sins when only God could do so ( luke 5:21).

In some instances, their teachings were contrary to that of Jesus. In mathew 16:6, Jesus warned his disciples to guard against the teachings of the the pharisees and sadducees. In mathew 23:3, Jesus instructs the people to take what they said but not to do what they did because they did not practise what they preached. They were given the best places in feast, reserved seats in the syangoogue and greeted in market places with names like “teacher”, “father”, or leader. Jesus said only him and God could be addressed thus and that the pharisees instead of humbling themselves were exalting themselves. This greatly angered them because they found their power and prestige undermined.

I was meditating on the ministry of Jesus and the role of the pharisees, the sadducees and the teachers of the law and i realised they are the ones who made Jesus great. Their endless questions and their hope to trap him so that they could arrest him all helped in propelling Jesus to the forefront.

So, friends, whatever you decide to do, you would have critics and opponents. Even if they do not talk agianst you in your presence, they would speak behind your back. Critics are not to be despised because they are the ones who would make you popular and persist in whatever you are doing. Also do not be a pharisee by trying to exalt yourself. Humble yourself and God would exalt you. I wish you all a nice day.

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Are you aware of the opportunities around you?


I was watching one of the television stations in Cameroon recently and there is somebody who gave a wise saying. He said the world is divided into three types of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who never see. He was saying this in relations to a recently inauguratrd cassava processing plant in Douala, Cameroon. He stated that the same Indians and chinese who built the factory were probably going to be the ones to grow cassava to supply to it because many Cameroonians were too blind to see the opportunities around them.

Are you aware of the opportunities around you? I am sure most of you would respond by the affirmative. But is that really true? there are millions of opportunities that pass us each day. We are ignorant of many of them and others even when we recognise them, we lack the knowledge of how to turn them to our silver and gold. Yet Cameroonians cry everyday that things are difficult and that it is only abroad that they can make it.

You can do a lot at the back yard of your house. You can make a garden where you grow fresh fruits and vegeeables. You can even have a poultrg where you keep fowls for sale or for your own consuption. All these would reduce your monthly expenditure and even put money in your pocket.

Opportunities also arise when you interact with your networks. Your networks include your friends, family members and your affiliations. These people are sources of information you can exploit so you have to pay attention when talking with them. Newspapers both online and offline are pregnant with opennings. But until you dig deep and you are at the look out for such information, you would not see them. Finally, the radio, the television and the internet equally have lots of opennings.

Whatever God has laid in your heart to do, whether it is in starting a business, seeking for a new job, starting a project – just pay attention to what is happenning around you and you would find the gem that would transform your life. I wish you all a good day.

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What does your dressing say about you?


The recent outcry of the government of Cameroon about the indecent ways young men and women dress has brought up ethical issues about this topic. Not less than three ministers came out to publicly denounce this habit now prevalent among our young men and women.

There are a number of reasons that push young people to dress this way. First, is the aim to imitate American entertainment stars. Girls dress in “miniskirts” and tight fitting trousers called “coulants” in order to resemble Holywood and Nolywood stars. The guys dress in sagging pants so as to look like 50 cents, Usher… etc. Secondly, a lot of women dress in clothes that expose their breast , butocks, tattoos, and thighs in order to seduce men. Finally, there are some who are ignorant of good dressing ethics and just copy their friends or peers.

This indecent dressing has not spared the churches. A lot of pastors have been complaining lately the way young girls dress in church. This has in turn pushed young women to have two dressing codes; one when they go to church and another when they are at home. Many of them wear gowns when they come to church and the sexy dresses when at home.

The government has started addressing this issue. They rolled out a sensibilisation campaign by radio and television and hope to start the repressive phase soon. Not only would women who dress indecently be locked up but they could also face a prison sentence. They do not rule out banning these dresses althogether. What do you think of the dresses of our young men and women nowadays? Write in the comments below.

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How to maintain a good health?


Health is wealth. Observe the following tips for divine health:

1) Make periodic check up for example of your blood pressure, etc..

2) Eat healthily. Eat fruits and vegetables. Every fruit is medicinal.

3) Fast often for it cleanses the system.

4) Exercise your body regularly. It helps to keep you fit , to be flexible and loss weight.

5) Create time for rest. Genesis 2:2. When you rest, you recreate your system.

6) Avoid immoral lifestyle. You can contact many diseases through sexual intercourse.

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Angels are heavenly beings that are messengers of God. They are often depicted in scripture as dressed in white with wings.

There are differeny types of angels. Angels of the lord are assigned to transmit God’s message. In mathew 1:20, God sent an angel to warn a joseph in his dream not to abandon Mary after he realised she bore a child that was not his. God sent an angel to tell Abraham that he would have many descendents like the stars in the sky after he offered to sacrifice his only son to God.(Gen 22:15) Just as God has angels, the devil has angels too.

In the book of mathew 25:41, Jesus said at judgement day, he would seperate the righteous from the rest of the people and that the later would be cast into eternal fire reserved for the devil and his angels. In Rev. 12:7, the bible says the devil and his angels were thrown down to earth after they were defeated in heaven by Michael and other angels. Michael was the chief angel.

Angel are not only messengers. They are known to perform other functions too. They can be helpers. In Daniel 6:22, God sent angels to help close the mouth of the lion so they could not kill daniel while he was in the lion’s den. Angels came to help Jesus after he was tempted by the devil ( mathew 4:11 ) . Angels can be assigned to kill. In exodus 12:23, God sent the angels of death to kill the Egyptians sparing the lives of the Israelites. Again in the book of Isaiah 37:36, an angel of the Lord went to the assyrian camp and killed 185000 soldiers.

Angels can be known as guides. In numbers 20:10, God sent an angel to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt after they cried to him for help. Finally, angels are famous for their strength. In psalm 103:20, the psalmist say “bless the Lord, all of you his angels that excel in strength and …. The good news translation renders it as ” praise the Lord, you strong and mighty angels who obey his commands.”

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Are you too qualified for a job?


I read a comment recently in one issue of the christian magazine awake. It was that of a spanish job seeker who declared that he removed all the training and experience sections from his curriculum vitae because employers felt that he was too qualified for the jobs he applied for and that they would not be able to pay him. He could, therefore, not secure a job despite having applied to several companies. I have been having thoughts whether it is even important any more to study above a bachelor degree because employers are unwilling to employ highly educated persons. We all experience this same problem whether we are aware of it or not.

My own experience has led me to believe that employers generally look within the company when they seek to fill a vacant or newly created position in their organisation. It is only when they cannot get somebody internally that they contact their friends and networks to recommend somebody. They resort to publishing job offers in the newspaper or radio only if the other methods did not yield results because they resent the huge numbers of CVs generated.

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The weapons of our warfare


On my last post i talked about the weapons of our warfare which consist of:

  • Shouting
  • Clapping
  • The name of Jesus
  • The blood of Jesus
  • Fasting and prayers
  • Praises and worship


Shouting was used by the ancient apostles to worship and praise God. When we shout our voices we invite the presence of God in the scene.

Clapping of hands

By clapping we worship God and we clap to show our approval to his words. Clapping is very important to our spiritual growth. Ezekiel 21:14

The name of Jesus

In the book of Acts 3:6 Peter said:

“Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”

We can see here how powerful the name of Jesus is. Peter declares here that he does not have money to give the lame man but what he has he is giving which is the name of Jesus. And as soon as he declared the lame was healed immediately.

The blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus is another very important weapon we have at our hands. The blood of Jesus is our protection against the arrows of the enemy who seeks to destroy us on a daily basis.

Fasting and prayers

In the book of John when the disciples went to cast out demons, they could not and when they asked Jesus why they could not, Jesus told them that one can only come out by prayers and by fasting.

Praises and worship

The bible says after Paul and Silas prayed for so long after they were put in jail, they started praising God and suddenly there was a great earthquake that shook the prison and permitted them to escape from jail.

I hope you guys learnt something from this my post. Check out this blog for my next post.


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