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Are you aware of the opportunities around you?


I was watching one of the television stations in Cameroon recently and there is somebody who gave a wise saying. He said the world is divided into three types of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who never see. He was saying this in relations to a recently inauguratrd cassava processing plant in Douala, Cameroon. He stated that the same Indians and chinese who built the factory were probably going to be the ones to grow cassava to supply to it because many Cameroonians were too blind to see the opportunities around them.

Are you aware of the opportunities around you? I am sure most of you would respond by the affirmative. But is that really true? there are millions of opportunities that pass us each day. We are ignorant of many of them and others even when we recognise them, we lack the knowledge of how to turn them to our silver and gold. Yet Cameroonians cry everyday that things are difficult and that it is only abroad that they can make it.

You can do a lot at the back yard of your house. You can make a garden where you grow fresh fruits and vegeeables. You can even have a poultrg where you keep fowls for sale or for your own consuption. All these would reduce your monthly expenditure and even put money in your pocket.

Opportunities also arise when you interact with your networks. Your networks include your friends, family members and your affiliations. These people are sources of information you can exploit so you have to pay attention when talking with them. Newspapers both online and offline are pregnant with opennings. But until you dig deep and you are at the look out for such information, you would not see them. Finally, the radio, the television and the internet equally have lots of opennings.

Whatever God has laid in your heart to do, whether it is in starting a business, seeking for a new job, starting a project – just pay attention to what is happenning around you and you would find the gem that would transform your life. I wish you all a good day.


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What does your dressing say about you?


The recent outcry of the government of Cameroon about the indecent ways young men and women dress has brought up ethical issues about this topic. Not less than three ministers came out to publicly denounce this habit now prevalent among our young men and women.

There are a number of reasons that push young people to dress this way. First, is the aim to imitate American entertainment stars. Girls dress in “miniskirts” and tight fitting trousers called “coulants” in order to resemble Holywood and Nolywood stars. The guys dress in sagging pants so as to look like 50 cents, Usher… etc. Secondly, a lot of women dress in clothes that expose their breast , butocks, tattoos, and thighs in order to seduce men. Finally, there are some who are ignorant of good dressing ethics and just copy their friends or peers.

This indecent dressing has not spared the churches. A lot of pastors have been complaining lately the way young girls dress in church. This has in turn pushed young women to have two dressing codes; one when they go to church and another when they are at home. Many of them wear gowns when they come to church and the sexy dresses when at home.

The government has started addressing this issue. They rolled out a sensibilisation campaign by radio and television and hope to start the repressive phase soon. Not only would women who dress indecently be locked up but they could also face a prison sentence. They do not rule out banning these dresses althogether. What do you think of the dresses of our young men and women nowadays? Write in the comments below.

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Are you evangelizing for Christ?


Evangelism consist in spreading the gospel message. Talking to people about Jesus, distributing tracks, preaching to neighbours, sending out messages are all myriad ways of evangelizing. But are you really doing it? Most of you would say yes. And are you really? Find out after reading this article.

Evangelism has always been done by the church. From the birth place of Christianity in the middle east, it was spread to far flung areas like Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. This didn’t happen by chance. Jesus and his apostles risked their lives and suffered persecution in several occasions in their bid to make known the gospel. In the book of Acts 13:45, the bible records that Paul and Barnabas were insulted and manhandled by a crowd of Jews because of what they were preaching.

In most churches today , evangelism is mostly done by a small group of christians organised into an evangelism team. They go out most often once a week and talk to people and distribute tracks to them. I have always argued that i donot see how a serious matter like evangelism should be left to a small group of christieans. The whole church has to be involved in it with all the congregation taking active part.

Christians should be encouraged to evangelize in the families, neighbourhoods, their friends, community and networks. Every single opportunity should be used to evangelize. For example, i always make it a duty to talk to one persom about Christ whenever i leave church on sundays. I think if we all do that our churches would be full.

We all need to dissipate the word of God by all communication channells possible. Nothing is too small to engage into. I always like to end my day by asking myself how many souls i wom to Chriet today? Would you do the same and watch your confidence grow in spreading the gospel. I wish you all a nice day.

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Settling in Cameroon – part 11: Why some Africans still shun keeping their money in Banks?


Upon settling in Cameroon, i noticed that very few people actually owned bank accounts. This was strange to me because i could not understand how somebody could do financial transactions without a bank account. Coming from Europe where virtually everyone has one, i sought to find out why Cameroonians did not own bank accounts. Where do they keep their money? How do they do financial transactions?

I realized that a lot of Cameroonians shun banks because they believe you need a lot of money to open a bank account. Some others feel that banks are for “big” people and the elite in society. They prefer to hide their money under their mattress where they see it everyday. However, these people don’t see the risk involved in case of a fire outbreak.

Who is then responsible for this situation? I think the banks should communicate more about their services and make opening an account easy. The government should also pass legislature obliging all companies to pay their workers through financial institutions instead in their hand.

Where do you hide your hard-earned money? Under your mattress, carpet, at home? Or in financial institutions? Register your answer below.

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How to keep your faith.

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see. (Hebrew 11:1) Each of us have a measure of faith. So, neve tell anyone that you do not have faith. However, there are people who have little faith and others who have the spirit of faith which is the highest measure of faith. It is impossible to please God without faith. God does not like those who doubt him.

In the book of mathew 14:22, while Jesus was walking on the water, he told Peter to come to him. Peter started walking on the water but then he saw a wave and he became afraid and he started sinking. Jesud held up his hand to him and asked him why he doubted. Just like Peter, you too can loss your faith if you do not guard it jealously. The devil is after your faith because he knows that without faith, you are exposed to all his attacks. You resist all the evil arrows shot by the devil against you with your faith. (Ephesians 6:16)

How then do you keep your faith? Consistency is key because with a consistent measure of faith, you put the devil to nought. Firstly, you keep.your faith by hearing the word of God. Whether it is in church while the pastor is preaching, in your cell meeting or at home, it is imperative to always listen to the word of God. Secondly, by reading the bible and meditating on the word your faith is pumped up. Thirdly, through prayers and being a doer of the word. Your faith is beefed up when you pray for people and they get healed or when they overcome challenges. Lastly, your faith is reenforced when youare a worker in yhe church, because you have to be in chirch regularly and attend all.church activities.

It is very easy to lose your faith just as it is eady to get it. Thr counsequences of losing your faith are disastrous. Faith is like a shield so when you lose it the enemy would easily defeat you. Guard you faith jealously and it would always be with you.

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Do you depend on your wife’s salary?

So, i was taking a nap today when i thought of writing on this topic. It might surprise you but in some homes, the wife is the bread winner of the family. She feeds and takes care of the man and the children- a role that is most often reserved for men. When God was pronouncing judgement after Adam and Eve had disobeyed him in genesis 3:19, he told the man he would have to work hard and sweat to make the soil produce anything. For the woman he said he would increase her trouble in pregnancy and her pain in giving birth (Genesis 3:16)

How do husbands then depend on their wife’s salary? I was told pastors are the biggest culprits of this. Whether it is true or a lie is something i cannot confirm. I heard some pastors expect their wives to give them all the money at month end so that they can manage it . And when their wives refuse to do this, they accuse them of being unsubmissive. Some men drink beer with all their money or use it in chasing women and there is nothing left to bring home. The wife is thus left to use her money to feed the house. Other men are plain lazy refusing to work because they know their wives are working and would take care of the house.

Depending on your wife to feed the home is not without counsequences. The woman becomes disrespectful and disobedient because you do not asssume you role as the man. Sometimes she might earn her money and hide it from you because she is afraid you would go out and squander it on other women or in the beer parlour. Other women might decide to sleep with men outside in other to feed the home.

Friends, if you are a man depending on your wife or girlfriend to bring back home money, go out today and look for work. A woman would only respect you if you ignore her money and take care of her and the kids. In romans 12:11, the bible instructs you to work hard and not to be lazy. Get busy for the right reasons and you would have plenty to eat. I wish you all a nice day.

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How to rekindle your marriage.

Marriage can be defined as the union between a man and a woman in a consensual and contractual relationship recognised by law. The bible says in the book of genesis 3:24, that a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife and the two become one. Normally, during courtship, and after marriage, the couple is so much overwhelmed with sex, passion and love that they overlook each others flaws. However, a few years after marriage, differences concerning kids, resentment come in which greatly erode the passion, love the couple felt for each other initially.

How then can a marriage be rekindled when the couples do not feel love for each other like before?

In order to answer this question we must first find out what can go wrong in a marriage. Some couples do not spend enough time together because of different shifts, working two or more jobs. Sometimes, the woman may resent her partner because she is left to do all the housework all alone. Other problems include lack of communication, differences over money and children, lack of respect and unfaithfulness by one of the partners. Lack of sex and little or no attention by one of the mates can also be an issue.

How can you then solve all these problems so as to bring back the happiness and love that existed before? No matter how busy both partners can be, they should create time to spend together. This involves both doing any activity like cooking, painting or going for a walk. Also compromise and respect should be key in any argument. Any argument that starts in respect would finish in respect. So, refrain from revealing the insecurities of your spouse otherwise you own too be known.

Many women complain that the same attention they received before marriage is not forthcoming later. So, men should remember to treat their women as a gentleman, tell her they love her, and appreciate her when she does something good. Couples should be transparent about matters of money. If the man does not reveal his sources of income or how he spends it, his wife would not do the same. Another area of confrontation is the kids and in laws. Again, couples should favour compromise in order to avoid any disagreement. If you have anything to add to these points, please put them in the comments below.

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