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Your faith would be tested.


Mark 14:30

“And Jesus says unto him, verily I say unto you, that this day, even in this night, before the cock crows twice, you shall deny me three times. ”

I was recently reading my bible when i came across this scripture and a whole new world opened to me. Jesus was telling Peter here that his faith would be tested and that he would deny him three times. Peter was adamant that he cannot fail the test. He was confident he would pass it by being faithful to Jesus. However, when the time came, he denied Jesus three times and bible says he wept when he realised what he had done.

Just like Peter you too would be tested by problems of life. Are you going to remain with Jesus or are you going to backslide? Some of you are probably wondering what form these tests would take. Here are some examples: would you still worship and pray to God when :

1) You are disappointed?

2) You lack money and you are hungry?

3) You are going through hardship?

4) There is delay in having children?

5) You go through a health challenge?

6) There is delay in getting married.

If your answer is affirmative to all these questions,then most probably, you have mountain moving faith. That is faith that cannot be shaken. Just like Job, no matter what happens you would still remain with God. I wish you all a nice and fruitful day.


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The word and not a prophet would transform you.


A lot of people go to see prophets with the hope that all their problems would be resolved as soon as they meet the man of God. Such persons are disappointed when the prophet does not have a message for them, or when they realize the prophesies they receive either tarry or never even come about.

Of course, prophets are vessels God uses to do miracles. Just as Jesus, prophets are mediums God uses to heal, deliver or prophecy in people’s life.

But do you know there are problems you can resolve yourself by looking into the word of God. I do not believe it is every single problem that needs the attention of a prophet. If for example, you have financial difficulties and you are looking for a breakthrough, why not go through scriptures and look for those talking about financial breakthrough. Meditate and pray with them and God would open the heavens for you.

One of the greatest women of God, Joyce Meyer, said she had problems in her life and she was looking for a solution. She did not go to a prophet but she started searching through scriptures. Eventually, she got solutions not only for herself but she used it to help other people in their challenges too. Today,she has a thriving ministry with more than 600 employees.

I hope you start looking unto the word of God for solutions to your challenges in life.

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Does a woman has to celebrate her singleness?


I was reading an interview recently on the website where Mama G ( also known as Susanna ), declared that although men were still making advances on her, she preferred to remain single. She stated that she did not need a man in her life because there is nothing a man can do for her that she cannot do by herself.

This prompted me to ask the question, does a woman has to celebrate her celibacy? For one, some women would agree because they believe if a woman cannot get a husband then why not be happy with her singleness. In the bible, Paul said he preferred to remain single and serve the Lord but if you found that you can not do like him, then go ahead and get married rather than burning with desire. ( 1 Corinthians 7:8 ).

Jesus himself declared in Mathew 19:12 that there are several reasons that men cannot marry: some because they were born that way; others because men made them that way; and others do not get married for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.

It is often believed in christian circles that a woman is not supposed to be single. It is as if she has failed in life if she does not have a husband. But what if she has done everything in her power and the husband is not coming? Does she has to go and surrender a man in the street for him to put a ring on her finger? There is nothing bad if she decides to serve the Lord and remain single just like Paul.

Although no woman likes to remain single, sometimes she can accept her singleness if marriage is not forthcoming. There are a whole lot of women who become widows and single because of no fault of theirs. Some of them have decided they need no man in their lives anymore. They just want to stay single and serve the Lord.

What do you think about this topic? Should a woman be proud of her celibacy?

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How to know the voice of God.

Jesus Calls James & John

I have often been asked the question how do you know the voice of God? How do you distinguish his voice over all the voices that bombard your mind? Even your body has a voice which is pain. Sometimes, you can confuse the devil’s voice as that of God if you are not attentive. This is how to know the voice of God:

1) God would not tell you to do what is against his word.

If for example, you hear a voice that tells you to go and kill yourself or insult your parents, then this cannot be the voice of God because it is contrary to his word.

2) God would tell you to do something challenging.

One of my preacher friends was telling me the other day that God told him to start a church. Then he asked God how can he start a church when he doesn’t have a building. God repeated that he should start. He then, decided to heed the voice of God and he started from his house. From there, they moved to rent a building in downtown Copenhagen. Today, he has one of the biggest ministries there.

3) God might tell you to do something you do not like to do.

In one of his books, Kenneth Hagen says God told him to pastor a problem church. He did not want to go there because the church had a lot of problems. When God insisted he go there, he decided to obey and he not only prospered but he resolved all the problems the church was having.

I hope with these few tips, you can distinguish the voice of God and follow his leading in your life.

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Home is home.


I have always believed going abroad was the only way i could make it in life and be recognized. I am sure a lot of Cameroonians would agree with me because it is the dream of many of them too. After-all, who doesn’t want to be a bushfaller – a person living abroad who is often thought of as having a lot of money. I even preferred to go to a war-torn country like Somalia or Iraq than to remain in Cameroon. To me, Cameroon was too difficult because of lack of jobs and opportunities. I even often referred to Cameroon as a “poverty place”.

My perception about my country has changed ever since i returned from abroad. Wherever i go now, i only see opportunities. They are just endless to me. Some Cameroonians tell me it is because i have stayed abroad. To them, the place is still a difficult place. They would prefer to be in any other country than to remain in their own. It is often said that if the borders of Cameroon are opened unrestrained, almost the whole of Cameroon would empty itself – the young and the old alike.

My experience abroad was difficult and challenging. I worked mostly odd jobs and always in the night when everybody else is sleeping since i was also going to school. I felt like i lived to work. There was always this pressure i felt to go out and look for money that i do not feel now. Not only was there pressure to work but my school and the immigration did not help matters with their incessant letters.

Ever since i returned and established myself in my country, i eat home based food as much i want. My family members are a stone throw away. I can aspire to be anything i want without any language or residency restrictions. I now feel the sky is my limit.

It used to surprise me when some of my friends said if they could get a job that paid about 500.000 francs cfa ( 763 euros), they would return. To me it was like crazy to even think about it. I remember while working in a company in Douala before i traveled, that one of our colleagues went for a short course in the USA. When he came back to Cameroon, we all blamed him why he could not stay there. Now that i have gone there and experienced things myself, i now know better.

I have now decided to settle down permanently in Cameroon. Although i still travel abroad for visits, and other reasons, home is where my base is. There is nowhere like home indeed.

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Do you visit spiritualists?

It has always amazed me why some Christians keep on going to spiritualists. These are the so-called medicine men or “alamimbo”, whatever they are called in your region of Africa. Some people refer to them as charlatans. Why can you have the almighty God by your side and still go to idol worshipers?

There are many reasons that push people to go to spiritualists. The principal one is for protection. Other people go there for healing, to seek for wealth, for children, for charms and all other types of concoctions. Whatever problem takes you there, be sure that you would move from one spiritualist to another and your problem would never be resolved. You might even end up being a spiritualist yourself in your search for more and more powers.

Whatever a spiritualist claims he can do for you is fake. Only God is the true healer (Isaiah 53:3); he provides protection (psalms 91:2); he gives wealth (3 John2); and he gives children (Psalms 127:2). Do you know that when you operate with God, you release blessings to yourself and others. However, when you operate with spiritualists and the devil, you release magic, curses, destruction upon yourself and others.

Two forces control the supernatural – God and the devil. You are either in one camp or the other. There is no middle ground. I hope you make the better choice and remain with God.

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Who is a mentor?


A mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. He is a tutor or coach. You need a mentor in order to meander your way successfully through life.

I don’t know of a single great man who did not have a mentor. All biblical characters had mentors. Jesus was the mentor of his disciples. After his resurrection, his disciples continued his work – doing what they saw him do and say. Naomi was Ruth’s mentor. Ruth followed all of Naomi’s advice and did whatever she told her. Eventually, she got married to Boaz and gave birth to Samuel, who became one of the greatest kings of Israel.

Other examples of mentors exist in the bible. Elijah was the mentor of Elisha and when he was about to be cut away in heaven, Elisha demanded a double portion of his anointing and received it. He later became one of the major prophets in Israel. Moses was Joshua’s mentor after taking him as his helper. They stayed together and Joshua copied every skill he needed to rule from his master. He prospered and succeeded when he took over from Moses.

What do you look out for when on the search for a mentor? I would say look for somebody who has works in the field you aspire to do. If you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a businessman or politician; look for somebody who is succeeding or has succeeded in that field. A lawyer with his own chambers or a well-renowned doctor or politician would do. Go to conferences and workshops and get in contact with such a person. Call them or send them email. Check their profile on Google and LinkedIn.

You are the one benefiting from this relationship so you should be the one to make the effort. You would find that most successful people are extremely generous with their knowledge.

You may be wondering how a mentor can help you. After all, you know everything you need to know. Friends, a mentor has been there before you. He did what you want to do or are doing and he made mistake which gave him experience. He can spot out problems you never knew about and help you correct them before they get out of hand. He understands and masters a lot of things that you do not figure out.

I have mentors myself and i also have some youths that i mentor. I hope you get your own mentor pretty soon and if you are already using one then that is a good start. But, please do not go and ask this person for money or favours; go to him for wisdom.

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