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Can a woman trap a guy with a pregnancy?


Oh!!!!! Our women. How are we going to do with our women? I was looking at a picture on Facebook recently. You know, during a wedding, there is a time that the bride turns around and throws the bouquet of flowers to the other single ladies. The woman who catches the bouquet is the next to get married. At least, as it is supposed although it is not always the case. In the picture, as the bride throws the flowers, the women all scramble to catch it meanwhile the men all run away from the bouquet of flowers.

Women love marriage. They dream about it all their lives. They talk about it incessantly with their friends, they breath it and they can just not wait to partake of it. It is often said that a woman stops thinking about the future as soon as she gets married and a man starts thinking about the future as soon as he he marries. Maybe, that is why most men are afraid of marriage because they are the ones to provide and take care of the woman and their kids.

Women would go at length to get married. One of the ways they seek to hook a man into it is to become pregnant without the knowledge of the man. All of a sudden, a guy is with a woman, and she comes and tells him that she is pregnant. And then, the guy starts wondering when the pregnancy got in, why was he not informed? Sometimes even,the guy starts wondering whether he is the true father of the child. During this time, the woman has one thing in her head – marriage. She seems to be saying to the guy, now with this kid coming, are we not getting married?

Some women succeed in making the guy marry them but for others, it does not work. And, the woman starts being bitter with the boy. I have always believed that the christian way is the best – no sex before marriage.


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Which would you marry? A woman with or without kids?


There is a lot of controversy among men about the best woman to get married to – with or without kids? Most men prefer one or the other because of one reason or another.

Those who prefer a woman with kids have number of reasons to buttress their point. They say a woman who has one or more kids before marriage proves that she can still have more. Out of Christians circles, some men insist on living with their fiances a couples of years and having kids before they can make up their minds to get married.

For those who prefer a woman without kids, they say it is a proof the girl is not promiscuous. In addition, they say they do not want to have kids with several fathers. They equally point to the fact that a woman with kids is double load for them because they have to take care of both the mother and the kid(s) even though they are not the biological father of the child.

Whatever your choice, we should all understand that children are a gift from God and that you receive the favour of God when you get married. (Proverbs 18:22) Which would you prefer? A woman with or without kids? Write your comments below.

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Three reasons why your mother-in-law does not like you.


A mother-in-law is often the most important person in the life of a woman after her husband. She is so crucial to a marriage relationship that she can wreck or make the marriage. These are three reasons your mother-in-law may not like you:

1) You do not respect her.
When your mother-in-law comes visiting,strive to be polite and courteous with her even if she does not like you. Welcome her, give her the food she likes to eat and prepare a good place for her to sleep. She would feel warmth and comfort in your house.

2) She sees you as the one eating all her son’s money.
Your mother-in-law may not like you because before you came she used to receive money from her son but after you came she gets nothing. She would see you as the one responsible for her dried up finances and for the fact that her son no longer takes care of her. It is nice to encourage your husband to send her money or send it to her yourself. Convince your husband to take care of her whether they are on speaking terms or not.

3) You do not have a relationship with her.
Having a relationship with your mother-in-law is recommended. It involves calling her from time to time, visiting her whenever you can and sending her gifts. Make sure to always be in contact with her by all the communication channels possible. If you really try to show her some love, she would start loving you back. The bible states in 1 Peter 1:8; not to pay back evil with evil or cursing with cursing but to instead pay with blessing. I hope you start seeing your mother-in-law in a positive light. I wish you all a nice day.

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How to sharpen your skills.


A lot of people still depend on their certificates in order to get a job. This is okay to a certain extent. Nowadays, skills and not certificates is what sells. Employers increasingly want to know whether you have the required skills to perform the job. What then are skills and how can you sharpen them?

If you put aside your certificates and start thinking of your passions, every single training you have taken, every single workshop you attended, every single course you took, then you would start knowing your skills. For example, if you speak two or more languages, you gave language skills; if you can cook then you have cooking skills; if you can write well then you have writing skills and if you can preach or teach people then you most probably have communications skills. All these skills and many more that i have not mentioned here can either enable you and land a job or start a business. When you consider the skills you have, then you can start seeing the scope of what you can do.

How, then can you sharpen known skills in order to be competitive in the job market or in your own business? If you have cooking skills, you can take a course in cooking and look for a job in a hotel, a restaurant or a company canteen. Better still, you can open your own restaurant when you graduate. That you are a doctor, an accountant or a lawyer does not means you cannot open a restaurant. If you graduated from the university with a first degree in History, and you have driving skills,then why not look for a driving job or drive a taxi in town. Whatever job you do that pays the bills is a job whether it is what you studied in school or not. Stop pitying yourself and learn to be proud of what you do.

The world we live in today has evolved from that of our parents. It is not what a lot of people studied in school that they do in real life. Instead of basing your hopes in finding a job in your profession, why not start doing whatever falls in your hands. Sit down and think. What are your skills? How can you sharpen them? A lot of people do not sit down to think. I like to think on paper. Do the same and you would see what you come out with. I wish all my faithful readers a nice day.

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The capable wife.


I was touched recently when i read the book of proverbs and i read about the capable wife.(Proverbs 31:10) . This description embodies every single quality a good wife must have and how she should carry herself. Here,therefore, are the qualities of a capable or good wife.

1) She is hardworking.
A good wife is a hard working and industrious woman.(Proverbs 31:17). A good wife should be active and busy and not sit around idling all day long.

2) She is caring.
She takes care of her husband, the kids and the house. Not only does she prepares food for the family, but she takes care of othe needs of the family as well. She makes sure the family has warm clothing. (Proverbs 31:21)

3) She gives.
A generous wife is generous to the poor and the needy.(Proverbs 31:10). She gives to the community, to the church and to her relatives.

4) She loves God.
A capable wife understands that she would not be young and beautiful forever. She honours God because she knows God does not look at the outward appearance but at the heart. (Proverbs 31:30).

5) She is respected and praised by all.
A capable wife is respected in the community, at church and at home by her husband and relatives.(Proverbs 31:28). Her character towards everyone makes people to respect and praise her.

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Do you buy things to impress other people?


A lot of us buy things to impress other people whether they be our neigbours, friends,family members or co-workers; we want to have things that would make them have a higher opinion of us. That tablet you bought,do you really need it or you are struggling to compete with a friend of yours who also has a tablet. That very expensive phone you just bought, is it really necessary or you just bought it to show off to your friends and co-workers. A lot people buy cars not because they need them but because they want to compete with other friends who have them.

How then can you avoid impulse buying which is buying things you actually do not need. Each time that you make an expensive purchase, ask yourself whether you really need the item. Sleep on the decision for at least a week and consider the long term effects of owning, maintaining and using what you want to purchase. If you still need the item,then go ahead and buy it.

I personally lead a frugal lifestyle and i never buy things to impress other people. I like to buy things that please me and not the crowd. Even in my dressing, i do not care what other people think of me. I just wear what suits me. Zaccheous was different in that he choosed to climb a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus. He was noticed when Jesus saw him and decided to sleep in his house. You do not need to impress anybody in order to be noticed. Follow our own path and people would take note.

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Trial marriage or come we stay.


I took up writing this today because a lot of people associate trial marriage or come-we-stay with people who are not born again. But do you know that even in the church, there are people who engage in it. I heard stories of ladies who pass the night with a guy they live together with and the very next day they are in church singing in the choir.

Of course, some people would remind me that not everybody who comes to church is a serious christian. Some would even tell me to mind my own business because salvation is personal.

The bible says we are like the light of the world. (John 5:14). It adds in John 5:16, that our light must shine before people, so that they would see the good things we do and prase our father in heaven. Also in Ephesians 5:8, it says we should live like people who belong to the light.

I know some people would say it is their life and nobody has any right to interfere but whether you like it or not, if your pastor do not denounce it, your friends or family would speak against it.

The right place to be before you get married is at your father’s house and not in some guy’s house. Refuse to live together with a guy in whatever relationship where you act as his wife. This would do you no good and he might even finish by not marrying you. What do you think about this post? Record your thoughts below.

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