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Who are your friends? Your friends speak a lot about you. Whether you are willing to accept it or not. In fact, I can tell you who would become by the types of friends you keep and the books you read. You should carefully choose your friends because your life is shaped by the friends you associate with. Your friends should be people who lift you up and encourage you to pray and study the bible.

You are most likely to become a gossiper if you spend time with gossipers, or you would end up a drunkard if the people you associate with are all drunkards. You might wonder how this is possible. Well, there are essentially three ways that our thoughts are shaped which is through what we see, what we hear and what we speak. Our thoughts influence our actions and so since our friends greatly affect what we speak about, what we hear and what we see, they greatly influence our actions. Be careful then about the type of friends you keep for they influence who you become in future.


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Are you evangelizing for Christ?


Evangelism consist in spreading the gospel message. Talking to people about Jesus, distributing tracks, preaching to neighbours, sending out messages are all myriad ways of evangelizing. But are you really doing it? Most of you would say yes. And are you really? Find out after reading this article.

Evangelism has always been done by the church. From the birth place of Christianity in the middle east, it was spread to far flung areas like Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. This didn’t happen by chance. Jesus and his apostles risked their lives and suffered persecution in several occasions in their bid to make known the gospel. In the book of Acts 13:45, the bible records that Paul and Barnabas were insulted and manhandled by a crowd of Jews because of what they were preaching.

In most churches today , evangelism is mostly done by a small group of christians organised into an evangelism team. They go out most often once a week and talk to people and distribute tracks to them. I have always argued that i donot see how a serious matter like evangelism should be left to a small group of christieans. The whole church has to be involved in it with all the congregation taking active part.

Christians should be encouraged to evangelize in the families, neighbourhoods, their friends, community and networks. Every single opportunity should be used to evangelize. For example, i always make it a duty to talk to one persom about Christ whenever i leave church on sundays. I think if we all do that our churches would be full.

We all need to dissipate the word of God by all communication channells possible. Nothing is too small to engage into. I always like to end my day by asking myself how many souls i wom to Chriet today? Would you do the same and watch your confidence grow in spreading the gospel. I wish you all a nice day.

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Settling in Cameroon. (Part 9) Third term holidays are here !!!!!

After more than nine months of study, students have at last gone for holidays. Some, who wrote public exams are awaiting their results while others are using the holidays to partake in some economic activity that would enable them pay for their school fees and books for the coming academic year. Yet, some other students are using this time to travel and spend their holidays in other towns.

Whatever, they use it for, many students and parents agree that it is a welcome relieve from the usual hustle and bustle of the school time. This also is the time many young girls come out with different types of hairstyles and clothing all destined to seduce guys.

Some churches like the witness chapel church here in kumba have started organising holiday classes for kids in order to teach them christian principles. For other students, they attend the regular holiday classes. I wish all students a nice holiday season and may God bless you all with good results.

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Are you a church prostitute?

One of the principal requirements of keeping up your relationship with God is to attend a living church and associate with other christians brothers and sisters. Going to church keeps your faith alive, encourages you to share ideas with other christians an puts you in the presence of God. In addition, listening to the gospel in church helps renew your mind and increase your faith in God.

There are many churches out there today. From traditional pentacostal ones like catholics, presbyterian churches to born again ones like Witness chapel, redeem church. This seemingly limitless choice has pushed many christians to hop from one church to another in seach of salvation. What, then, are the reasons that propel christians to change churches?

The greatest church prostitutes are christians in search of signs and miracles. They are so much obssessed with miracles that they would hardly stay in a church devoid of them. Another catergory of church prostitutes are power hungry individuals. They want positions in church and when they do not get them, they leave to another church where they would occupy that position. Other reasons that christians cite for leaving churches are lack of peace and order, too much demand on them for money and a pastor who is too proud or greedy. Disagreement, misunderstandings and distrust between a pastor or prophet and a member of his congregation can lead this member to leave for another church.

Although nobody cautions you to stick in a church your entire life, it is advisable to worship in one ministry.

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Do you have a vision for your life?

Do you have a vision for your life?

The oxford advanced learner’s dictionary defines a vision as the ability to think about or plan the future with great imigination and intelligence. A vision is, therefore, how we see or picture the future. If you can imagine how your life would look like 5 or 10 years from now then you have a vision. It can be something as simple as seeing yourself as a lawyer, doctor, businessman notwithstanding your present condition.

Most people go through life without having a vision for their lives. And because of this they go through life not knowing what they want nor how to go about having it. Other people think they cannot amount to anything in life because they did not go to school or because they came from a poor family. To them, there is even no need to have a vision because nothing works in their life.

Friends, i want to tell you today that no matter the family you came from, despite the fact that you did not go to school, if you have a vision and you are committed to it, it would come to pass. I used to have a friend who graduated from the University of Buea with a Bsc in computer scienves. He decided to change careers because he could not get a job. For some people they would have said it is too late to go to school or that they do not have the money but my friend was undetered. He saved some money by doing odd jobs in town and he used this money to register in the accounting department of the university of Buea.

Upon graduation, he sat for the accounting exam ACCAD, and passed it and he was recruited to work in standard chartered bank in Douala. Today, he is an accountant at a standard chartered branch somewhere in the middle east.

So, friends, whatever vision God has laid in your heart, start doing it now. Let nothing stop you. And i would not be surprised in 5 years time from now what you would become. I wish you all a happy day.

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Abortion can be defined as the deliberate ending of pregnancy at an early stage. It is mostly performed by young single and married women between the ages of 12 anf 45 years who are of child bearing age.

There a number of reasons that can compel a woman to terminate a pregnancy. The principal one is because the baby is unwanted. Many young girls who are sexually active sometimes get pregnant. Most often, this child is not wanted by the girl either because she is too young to take care of a baby, she is going to school, she does not want to jeopardise her chances of marriage or she does not have the means to take care of a baby. Another reason is because of the health of the mother. If the doctor realises that the health of the mother would be in danger if she gives birth, he might decide to terminate the baby. Finally, some married women do it too when they become pregnant too soon after their last baby.

Abortion is normally performed in a hospital or clinic by a qualified doctor. However, young women, because of lack of financial means or the need of secrecy decide to do it at home. They, therefore, usually use traditional concortions or outlawed drugs to do away with the foetus. I heard young student doctors are experts in this domain.

Abortion is not without counsequences. It can lead to barenness, death and other complicated diseases. Many young women have died while trying to commit it. Some young women are unable to have kids today or have so many miscarriages because of the number of terminated pregnancies they had.

A number of solutions have been tried to do away with this social ill. In some developed countries, it has been legalised and is thus done in hospital by a qualified doctor. In Cameroon and many other countries, it is still punishable by law. The government is using sensibilisation of the youth and penalties to keep it under control.

The bible clearly condemns abortion. In timothy 2:22, the bible says we should be beware of youthful lusts. Young women should hold on to their virginity until they get married by shunning immoral habits and bad friends. The word of God should be the guiding principle in their lives.

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Spiritual husband.

A spiritual husband is an evil spirit that attacks women in order to destroy their lives. The biblee says in john 10:10, that the devil( satan, lucifer) comes not, but in order to steal, kill and to destroy; Jesus came so that we might have life, and that we might have it more abundantly. So, a spiritual husband claims to be married to its victim and prevent her from having normal relationships with men or from liking men althogether. Its ultimate purpose is to destroy the life of the victim.

How does this wicked spirit enter women? I would first like to emphasize here that you cannot be affected with the spiritual husband if you are a true child of God. Light and darkness cannot cohabit together. Only women who are in the devil’s camp or lukewarm christians can be affected with this spirit. Also, a woman can get it right from birth.

There are several known ways that spiritual husbands enter into womens life. The first is through idol worshipping. If you come from an idol worshipping family or you yourself have a shrine at home inherited from your parents, that you worship, then you are exposed to this spirit. You are already in the devils camp and he has total access into your life. Secondly, if you sleep with men indiscriminately or you are a prostitute, then the spirit would enter you. Not only would you be affected but your offsprings may contact the spirit too. Thirdly, this spirit enters women through dreams. When you visit spiritualists or witch doctors, and you depend on them for your protection, you expose yourself to the activities of witches and wizards who mostly work in the night. They may enter you through dreams and establish a spiritual husband into your life. Another way a spiritual husband could enter a womans life is when another woman takes either her pants, clothes, hair, picture or name to a spiritualist or witchdoctor in order to either seize her husband or cause problens in her relationships. This mostly happens when her husband has a mistress outside who wants him to marry her and dump his wife.

What are the signs to look for when you suspect you are affected by this demon:

– you are childless
– you have no affection for your husband
– nobody is asking your hand in marriage
– problems in your relationships all the time
– no marriage
– hardship in your life
– stubbornness
– Anger
– sickness
– Ceasing of menstruaation
– suicidal thoughts
– strange voices or thoughts
– miscarriages
– alcoholism
– smoking
– prostitution

The solution to this problem is to visit a living church and be delivered. You then have to give your life to christ and live a sin free life. Also you have to pray and read your bible every day and associate with other cbristians. Do not forget that when a demon is cast out of somebody, it would always try to come back. It would not cease in its attempt to cause the person to do wrong or bring sickness and diseases in her life. You need to hold God strongly.

The only sure way to overcome evil spirits and demons is to give your life to christ. Going to spiritualist for a solution would only complicate your case even more and make you squander your money.

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