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Do you belong to a profession?


I am a firm believer in education because it opens so many doors for you that you can hardly access otherwise. Our schools and universities today lack counselling departments where students are orientated according to what they want to do in the future.

I was chatting with a friend who has a first Degree in political Sciences and i asked her why she choosed to do that course. She looked at me perplexed, then she responded, “because when i was applying for admission in university, all my friends where applying for political sciences so i did the same.” I am not trying to say political science is not a good thing to study because after all it leads to many career options. However, i firmly believe students should be counselled to do the courses that would help them land their dream jobs.

Of all the courses offered in our universites, more than half do not prepare students for a career. If you graduate with a First Degree in History and you tell me you can be a teacher, then you donot know what you are saying. You need another two to three years in a teachers training school to become a full fledged teacher of history.

I am thus advising students to choose courses that lead to a profession where you can easily be employed in a company or public administration. Of course with a first degree in history or political science, you can write a public exam or be recruited in a company. However, specialising in something would open up far more doors than just a First degree.

What do you think about this topic. Register you thoughts below.


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Why your first time of doing business may not be the best.


More than 80% of first time small business owners fail in their businesses. What subsequently matters is not whether they failed or not but how they took the failure. If you take failure as a reason to quit doing business, then you would never be successful in life. Failure should be seen as a comma and not a full stop. You should learn lessons from your failures and keep strivibg.

All succesdful people you see today have failed in one way or another before seeing success. Sam Nfon, a businessman based in kumba, Cameroon started his travel agency, Mondial Express, shuttling passengers by bus between kumba and Douala. He faile the first two times but this did not discourage hin to quit. Eventually, he raised some money, bought some buses and gave it a third try and it has been a success ever since.

There are many reasons that can lead to failure of your first businesd venture. Maybe you managed money wrongly, or you did not have enough funds to start with. It could also be that you hired the wrong employees or that you did not have the required skills to manage the business. Whatever made you fail, if you can learn from it, and give it another try then success would be at your doorsteps.

Failure in a business should not be seen as the end point but the beginning point. It should be seen as losing a battle in a fight with many fights ahead. That you failed selling garri would not mean you would fail selling books. I wish you all a nice day.

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Where do you focus on in life?


Have you noticed your life always goes where you fovus on. Energy follows focus anf so your energy would go where your focus is. Some of us focus on situations we cannot control, some others on their present circumstances while yet others focus on their past. Focusing on any of these would take you nowhere. Where do you have to focus on then?

The best place to put your focus is on your goals of the future. What do you wish to achieve this year, next year or next five years? If you wish to lose 20 kilograms before the end of the year focus on shedding off this extra weight. If you wish to graduate in unoversity next year, then focus on achieving that. Write down the various steps you need to take to achieve your goal and make sure you track your progress. If you wish to stary a business, then focus on how to achieve this aim. Successful people focus on the thins that are important in their lives.

You should not be found idling around, gossiping or arguing about football when you have work to do. Focus on doing a task, finishing it before you go onhaving pleasure. I hope you stary focusing on the right things today.

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Why Cameroon couldn’t win AFCON 2015.


The nations cup is a football jamboree played every two years in a host of african countries. It was held this year in Equatorial Quinea because Morrocco refused to host the tournament for fear of the Ebola virus. It was an occassion for the small african country of about one million inhabitants to showcase its infractural and economic development. Cameroon, like other African countries, prepared to win but they failed to deliver thus dissappointing its numerous fans.

One of the problems that has always plagued the Cameroonian team is disorganisation. This is evident when players are not paid in time, refuse to obey the coach, they lack adequate sporting equipment or they create camps that fight each other. This behaviour has been seen in all competitions that the indomitable lions of Cameroon have participated and it is stubborn to go away.

Another problem that is recurring is the interferance of politicians and other officials in the affairs of the team. In Cameroon, everybody is a coach claiming to know the best tactics for the team to adopt. From the street vendor to the minister in Yaounde, the political capital, there is no exception. It would be nice that the coach is given free reins to manage the team.

Lastly, there is the problem of players not training and playing very often together. Because some of them are based abroad and others in Cameroon, it becomes difficult to create situations where they train and play together. It becomes, therefore,not easy for players to undestand themselves and score goals.

I hope the dismal performance of the indomitable lions during this competition should serve as a wake up call for the coach to do something in order to bring the team to its days of glory. Do you have something to add or comment on this post? Register your thought below.

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Why you should invest in agriculture.

woman working in a farm in Africa.

It is said that agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Cameroon is a major exporter of cocoa, rubber, banana etc. The CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation), which os one of the biggest companies in Cameroon, is the biggest employer of labour after the government.

A lot of well-endowed Cameroonians,whether at home or abroad ,often wonder where they would invest their hard earned money. Well, friends, if you are looking for where to invest in this beautiful country then agriculture is the way to go. These are the reasons you should invest in agriculture.

1) Food is always in demand.

Whatever happens, people would always eat food. And for people to eat it, somebody has to grow it. You donot have to worry about selling your product because the demand is always there.

2) The return on investment is fast and great.

The return on investment is relatively fast depending on the crop. For palms, you need four years and for rubber seven years. However for cash crops like corn, groundnuts, tomatoes it is generally about three months.

3) the government has put in place incentives to encourage the sector.

In order to discourage importation of food, the government has put in place all types of incentives to encourage investors. You need to go to any agriculture office to take advantage of these incentives.

4) The land is available

Only 30% of arable land in Cameroon is cultivated which menas vaste expense of land are still virgin. You can buy the land or lease it and then grow food on it.

I hope you take the decision today to invest in agriculture and give yourself a glorious future for you and your kids. I wish you a nice day.

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Is speaking in tongues a gift from the holy spirit?

man praying.

Speaking in tongues is one of those things that has seperated the church for years. While some churches condon it, others condemn it. What is it really and how should it be practised?

To better understand what speaking in tongues is, lets go to the book of Acts. In Acts 2:4, the bible says the believers gathered together in one place where filled with the holy spirit and they began to talk in other languages. Again in Acts 10:44, the bible states that the believers, both Jews and Gentiles, listening to Peter speak, all received the holy spirit and started speaking in strange tongues. Also in 1 corinthians 12:10, the bible says the ability to speak in strange tongues is a gift from the holy spirit.

I donot know about you but the above scriptures prove beyond doubt that speaking in tongues was practised by the early christians. It is not only a prove you are filled with the holy spirit but it is a way of speaking directly to God.

Therefore, in order to speak in strange tongues, one must be filled with the holy spirit. And in order to be filled with the holy spirit, you must give your life to Christ. (John 3:6)

Each time that i pray and speak in strange tongues, i realise that it strengthens my spiriit and enables me to talk directly to God. And for those of you who want to know how i received the holy spiritand started speaking in tongues, it just came in church one day while we were praying. Everybody was speaking in tongues during prayer and i found myself speaking too. Just as the apostles in the book of acts, they found themselves speaking in tongues and not understanding what each of them was saying.

The holy spirit can also be given by a man of God, (John 20:21) which can enable you speak in tongues. In John20:21, Jesus appeared amongs his disciples, after his death anf cruxifixion and told them, “receive the holy spirit”. What do you think about this topic? Do you believe in praying in tongues? Register your thoughts below.

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Are you victim of domestic violence?

domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue in our society today. Though mostly women are victim of it, because they are the weaker sex, men are not exempted. Whether you believe it or not, there are women who beat up their husbands and make them cry. What then is responsible for domestic violence and how can it be curtailed?

Most children who grew up in homes where their fathers regularly beat their mothers are most likely going to do the same. By seeing how their mother is constantly being battered, it becomes a normal thing for them. It is said that children copy what they see their parents do and not what they tell them. You should therefore be careful what you do in the presence of your kids. Another cause of domestic violence is anger. Some men are prone to quick anger and quickly fly into a rage at the least provocation.

In proverbs 15:1, the bible states that a gentle answer quietens anger. It is,therefore, imperative for women to restrain from responding to their husbands in a provocative manner. The bible especially cautions you to be slow to become angry. ( James 1:19)

Domestic violence has counsequences. It can lead to infirmities, sicknesses, paralysis or even death of a partner. It is, therefore advisable not to indulge in it. I wish you all a nice day.

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