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I have heard a lot of folks tell me, oh Alfred I could not make it in church because I had a lot to do at home. I have often wondered what somebody would have to do at home that is greater than worshiping God. When you see what these folks where doing either they were playing football or watching TV. Can somebody be really busy to worship God? I think all depends where our priorities are. If you love God, nothing would prevent you from going to church. On the Sabbath day, you would get up very early and go worship him. There is no excuse not to do it. The bible says we should love God with all our mind, our soul and our heart and we should love our neighbors like ourselves. When you truly love him, you would be more than ready to serve him under any circumstances.

Something that has worked for me is to prepare the next day the night before. I usually choose the dress I would wear, I prepare my offering on Saturday and I go to bed early latest at 10 pm so that I can wake up early too. On Sunday morning, everything is already prepared and I just have to wear my clothes, get my bible and I am gone to church. I usually have two services per week on Wednesdays and on Sundays and I never miss a service. I think you too reading this article can do the same if you plan your life as I do. There is nothing you cannot achieve by planning. I hope you would put God first in your life like I do. I wish you all a nice day.



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Proverbs 6:2   “Though are snared with the words of your mouth.”

The words that you speak make you or break you. You should speak that edify and not words that would bring you down. Your journey in life would go as far as your words take you. When you say “I am defeated, I am broke, I am a failure that is what you would get in life. We should be careful about the words we speak. A lot of people like to say they are broke and as soon as you declare it, brokenness comes looking for you.

The bible says let the weak say they are strong and let the poor say they are rich. The words you speak would either bless you or bring you down. Long ago, I decided never to say a foul word again all the days of my life. When I am weak, I say I am strong; when I am broke, I say I am rich. The words I speak manifest in my life and because my confessions are positive, that is what I get in life. Any time you speak doubt it comes looking for you in your life. Doubt rises up and fills your mind.

It is therefore important that we should speak the right words. Recently a friend of mine came visiting me and he told me how his business was slow, how since he opened his company, he has got no contracts. He told me he has thought several times about committing suicide. I told him never to say that again at my side. I told him his confessions should rather be “I can see contracts coming from all directions.” And when he declares like that and believe God, contracts would come from every direction. I am yet to hear from him but I believe that if he follows my advice, those contracts would come into his life. Speaking the right words is a sure way of receiving from God. Words filled with faith are the most powerful thing in the world. Faith that receives the promises of God would only work by believing and by saying.

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