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6 tips for a happy christian life.

1) Make use of your angels.

In psalm 91:11, the bible says God would put his angels incharge of us to protect us wherever we go. As christians, we all have angels. You have to put your angels to work on your behalf. I personally put my angels to work on my prayers and make them come true.

2) Pray and read your bible everyday

If you are serious about your christian life and you have decided to turn away from sin and spiritualists, then you have to pray and read the bible everyday. In Daniel 6:10, the bible says that daniel prayed regularly 3 times per day. You need to pray and read your bible everyday because they go hand in hand. In ephesians 6:18 and 1 thessalonians 5:17, the bible instructs us to pray at all times.

3) Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus

Always cover yourself yourself with the blood of Jesus before leaving your house. The blood of Jesus is one of the most important protections we have against the arrows and darts of the wicked one who is the devil.

4) Sing songs and praises of worship

1chronicles 16:25, says the lord is great and he is to be highly praised. We, therefore, have to praise and worship God all the times. It need not always have to be in church. We can praise and worship God in the kitchen, at the bedroom or while walking in the road. Hebrew 13:15, says let us then always offer praise to God as our sacrifice through Jesus.

5) Associate with other christian brothers and sisters

Choose carefully who are your friends. Your friends should be God fearing brothers and sisters like yourself. Associate with people who are on fire. You are most likely to be a drunk or a womanizer if you spend time with friends who drink or chase woman a lot (proverbs 22:24)

6) Never talk negative

Never speak negative no matter your situation. Always confess the word of God. Instead, of worrying about that problem, submit it to God and he would take care of it.


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What pastors preach about nowadays.

I recently attended a crusade organised by the apostolic church here in kumba and a prophet from Nigeria was the guest speaker. This crusade was sceduled to take place for three days but i stopped going there after the first day because of what the prophet was preaching.

This prophet rambled all night about his achievements. He told us how he owned houses and cars in Nigeria and how police men bowed to men of God in his country. He said lawyers, pastors, politicians who attended his church were happy to clean the toilets and do other menial jobs in the ministry. I was icthing to hear even a little of the word of God in his preaching but none was forthcoming. It all smelled of a lot of pride and reminded me of the pharisees and the saduccees.

I just want to say here that if you are a prophet or pastor please preach the word of God. Nobody is interested in knowing about your life or what you own. The bible tells us to be spiritually minded and not carnally minded. I wish you all a nice day.

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Readers are leaders.

With so much wisdom to be gained in reading books, it is amazing to realise that very few Cameroonians actually read. Most of us, as soon as we finish school, throw away our books and never open them again. It is often said that if you put a book in a bottle of beer, a cameroonian would see it but if you put it anywhere else, it remains unnoticed.

Despite the seeming non chalence of Cameroonians towards reading, there is a lot of wisdom in books. Infact, i can predict what you would become in five years time by the books you read and the friends you frequent. You would hardly find the president of America drunk but you would most probably find him with a book. And this can be noticed by the way he speaks and acts.

Before the start of his ministry, Jesus spent a lot of time in the synagogue with the scribes and the teachers of the law. Just as the saying says iron sharpens iron, that is how he learned the sciptures from more knowledgeable people than him.

It is surprising to notice that even today very few Cameroonians actually read. Some people attribute it to a lack of the reading culture while others say it is because of the lack of librairies and books in the few available ones. By reading, we are exposed to great minds around the world that we would otherwise not contact except through books. In addition, we acquire new ideas and methods that can be crucial to our projects. I do not mean by reading textbooks but books that are not within the curriculum.

Friends, if you want to excel in your field of work no matter which one then read. Read as widely as possible. Only those who educate themselves get promoted, become great leaders and are experts in their respective fields. No investment is as worthwhile as the one you do in enligthening the mind.

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Do you depend on your wife’s salary?

So, i was taking a nap today when i thought of writing on this topic. It might surprise you but in some homes, the wife is the bread winner of the family. She feeds and takes care of the man and the children- a role that is most often reserved for men. When God was pronouncing judgement after Adam and Eve had disobeyed him in genesis 3:19, he told the man he would have to work hard and sweat to make the soil produce anything. For the woman he said he would increase her trouble in pregnancy and her pain in giving birth (Genesis 3:16)

How do husbands then depend on their wife’s salary? I was told pastors are the biggest culprits of this. Whether it is true or a lie is something i cannot confirm. I heard some pastors expect their wives to give them all the money at month end so that they can manage it . And when their wives refuse to do this, they accuse them of being unsubmissive. Some men drink beer with all their money or use it in chasing women and there is nothing left to bring home. The wife is thus left to use her money to feed the house. Other men are plain lazy refusing to work because they know their wives are working and would take care of the house.

Depending on your wife to feed the home is not without counsequences. The woman becomes disrespectful and disobedient because you do not asssume you role as the man. Sometimes she might earn her money and hide it from you because she is afraid you would go out and squander it on other women or in the beer parlour. Other women might decide to sleep with men outside in other to feed the home.

Friends, if you are a man depending on your wife or girlfriend to bring back home money, go out today and look for work. A woman would only respect you if you ignore her money and take care of her and the kids. In romans 12:11, the bible instructs you to work hard and not to be lazy. Get busy for the right reasons and you would have plenty to eat. I wish you all a nice day.

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How to rekindle your marriage.

Marriage can be defined as the union between a man and a woman in a consensual and contractual relationship recognised by law. The bible says in the book of genesis 3:24, that a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife and the two become one. Normally, during courtship, and after marriage, the couple is so much overwhelmed with sex, passion and love that they overlook each others flaws. However, a few years after marriage, differences concerning kids, resentment come in which greatly erode the passion, love the couple felt for each other initially.

How then can a marriage be rekindled when the couples do not feel love for each other like before?

In order to answer this question we must first find out what can go wrong in a marriage. Some couples do not spend enough time together because of different shifts, working two or more jobs. Sometimes, the woman may resent her partner because she is left to do all the housework all alone. Other problems include lack of communication, differences over money and children, lack of respect and unfaithfulness by one of the partners. Lack of sex and little or no attention by one of the mates can also be an issue.

How can you then solve all these problems so as to bring back the happiness and love that existed before? No matter how busy both partners can be, they should create time to spend together. This involves both doing any activity like cooking, painting or going for a walk. Also compromise and respect should be key in any argument. Any argument that starts in respect would finish in respect. So, refrain from revealing the insecurities of your spouse otherwise you own too be known.

Many women complain that the same attention they received before marriage is not forthcoming later. So, men should remember to treat their women as a gentleman, tell her they love her, and appreciate her when she does something good. Couples should be transparent about matters of money. If the man does not reveal his sources of income or how he spends it, his wife would not do the same. Another area of confrontation is the kids and in laws. Again, couples should favour compromise in order to avoid any disagreement. If you have anything to add to these points, please put them in the comments below.

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The mobile revolution.

While i was studying at the Copenhagen school of design and technology, one of my teachers predicted that the future of the internet was in mobile devices. At that time, we took it with a pinch of salt not really believing in what he was saying.

Whether you believe it or not, more people now log onto the internet with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Not only are they easy to carry along with us but they are also cheaper compared to laptops, netbooks and desktop computers. On my last visit to facebook, i realised that more than 95 % of my friends were logged in with a mobile device. The story is the same with other social networking sites like twitter, istagram and google + .

I have also joined the bandwagon of mobile users. I use my smartphone to log onto facebook, check my emails and post articles to my blog. My trips to the cybercafes in town have now diminished if not completely stopped.

Not all Cameroonians have been able to key into this mobile revolution. With smartphones costing in the range of 300.000 francs cfa ,they are out of the range of many of them. Not only that, but a lot of people still donot know how to use a computer. I hope that the prices of smartphones would reduce,so that a lot more Cameroonians would be able to use such devices.

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