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The upcoming Biya visit to Buea

President Paul Biya, the president of Cameroon,  is scheduled to visit Buea for celebrations marking the reunification day and already there is palpable feasting in the air as the visit is to coincide with the end of year festivities. The streets have been marked and cleared and a new grand stand is being built at Bongo square for the occasion.  In addition, new buildings can be seen all round Buea as the day is fast approaching.

What is curious about all this is that nobody can say for sure when the head of state of the republic of Cameroon is going to step foot in Buea. Giving the general paranoia of the president about his security, one can easily understand why this  visit is kept in great secrecy. Mr President, Buea is waiting for you so make haste to come and visit. I wish you all a nice  day!!!!!!!!!!


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