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What does your dressing say about you?


The recent outcry of the government of Cameroon about the indecent ways young men and women dress has brought up ethical issues about this topic. Not less than three ministers came out to publicly denounce this habit now prevalent among our young men and women.

There are a number of reasons that push young people to dress this way. First, is the aim to imitate American entertainment stars. Girls dress in “miniskirts” and tight fitting trousers called “coulants” in order to resemble Holywood and Nolywood stars. The guys dress in sagging pants so as to look like 50 cents, Usher… etc. Secondly, a lot of women dress in clothes that expose their breast , butocks, tattoos, and thighs in order to seduce men. Finally, there are some who are ignorant of good dressing ethics and just copy their friends or peers.

This indecent dressing has not spared the churches. A lot of pastors have been complaining lately the way young girls dress in church. This has in turn pushed young women to have two dressing codes; one when they go to church and another when they are at home. Many of them wear gowns when they come to church and the sexy dresses when at home.

The government has started addressing this issue. They rolled out a sensibilisation campaign by radio and television and hope to start the repressive phase soon. Not only would women who dress indecently be locked up but they could also face a prison sentence. They do not rule out banning these dresses althogether. What do you think of the dresses of our young men and women nowadays? Write in the comments below.


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So I was inspired to write this post by a friend who explained to me how things where so difficult for him that he felt that by crying God would be moved to intervene in his situation. Well I know there are many more people out there who have been believing God for something for so long that they feel like giving up right now. My friend if you are in this category now is not the time to give up. Keep on believing God for whatever you desire in life and he would move mountains for you. God’s time is the best.
In the book of Mathew, when Jesus Christ was invited to a marriage with his disciples, the wine got finished and his mother Mary came to him to tell him. Well, Jesus just told her that his time has not yet come and bible says Mary told the servants to stand ready in case Jesus asked for them. Later when the time came Jesus asked for water and he converted the water into wine which the people drank and enjoyed. So, it is important to allow God to work at his time in your situation.
I remember I was last believing God to write my exams and get my certificate but a lot of challenges came up that I almost gave up going to school. But then I believed God had already given me the document and so I persisted despite the challenges. And, to the glory of God I got my certificate at the end of it all.
So friends, whatever you are believing God for, now is not the time to cry but he has already heard your prayers and he is ready to act in your situation. Now is not the time to give up but to keep believing in him and you would receive whatever you want from the lord. Do not be like Peter who was about to walk in the water but later gave up because he saw the wave. You have to persist despite the wave to get any results. I wish you all a nice day.


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The oxford advanced dictionary defines agribusiness as an industry concerned with the production of farm products, especially involving large companies. My interest in this topic stems from the fact that we have all neglected this lucrative activity in favor of white collar jobs. Many a graduate would immediately despise you when you suggest they seek for a job or invest in agribusiness because of the perception that it is a low paying and hard job reserved for people in the village. However, there is a lot of money to be made in this sector just like in any other sector of the economy. In fact, the richest people in the developed world including the USA, Europe and Japan are farmers.

There are notable politicians and businessmen who have invested in this sector and are today reaping the dividends. The likes of Simon Achidi Achu with his cattle ranch in Santa, Fotso Victor with his palm oil and corn plantation in Bandjoun and the former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo with his Obasanjo farms are important personalities to be mentioned who are making it big in agribusiness. If they can invest in this sector and be making it, we too can make it.

So, where exactly is it profitable to invest in agribusiness? The possibilities are endless. For now many people only look at the cash crops including cocoa, coffee and tea but palm trees and rubber are also a hot item. Palm trees yields 3 million per hectare while rubber yields 5 million per hectare. However, we should understand that these are long term investments that need about 4 years for palm and 7 years for rubber. Also, it is advisable you get some training before you get into this sector. Here are the sectors to invest in and their potentials:

1. Rubber
Rubber production is a very profitable venture to engage in. Prices in the world market have been skyrocketing because of the high demand of the produce. It takes about 7 years for the rubber plantation to mature and a hectare of rubber can yield as much as 5 million per annum. Those investing in this sector should think long term and not short terms.

2. Palm oil
Palm oil is another important sector to invest in. again this is a long term investment for it takes about four years for the rubber plant to mature. A hectare of palm oil would yield about 4 million francs per hectare per annum. Depending on how many hectares you are investing in, you can then calculate how much you can make in a year.

3. Oranges
I never knew this would make the list but I was compelled to include it because I just realized that a lot of Cameroonians have invested in this sector and they are reaping it great. So, having a plantation of oranges is also a safe investment. In general, buyers come and buy the whole harvest and I was told one can make as much as 500000 francs during the orange season.

4. Poultry
Poultry business is big business in Cameroon today because of the ban on imported chicken and a lot of Cameroonians are investing in this sector. The bigger the poultry farm, the more profitable it is. The eggs and chicken sell well in the local markets and some retailers even come to buy directly at the poultry farm.
5. Piggery

There is this saying that “les Bouda eleve les porcs et les Dschang mangent le porc”. Today, many Cameroon engage in this business and they are making it big. Many people say pigs are too dirty and sometimes they make the environment to smell. However, it all depends how they are raised. If you raise them in a clean place, they would not make the neighborhood to smell.

Which other sectors do you think I omitted in my list? Please, mention it in your comments. I wish you all nice day.

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A dream is defined as a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep. We all dream in one way or another and to varying degrees. Dreams can mean many things in our lives and there are many things that dreams can signify. There are dreams we call nightmares which are often bad dreams because they are about something unpleasant in our lives. There are also dreams that announce something good.

God can talk to us through dreams or warn us of something to come. The bible says in the book of numbers 12.6 “If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.”

So, as we can see in this beautiful piece of scripture, we can see that God is saying to Aaron that he speaks in vision and in dreams. God would warn us about what to come or about a danger in front to avoid. And by obeying what God is telling us we can fulfill the purpose of God in our lives.

Another thing I realized is that when we are worried about something we dream a lot about that thing and by the way when we are worried we are not a doer of the word because we do not walk according Philippians 4:6. Because we have anxiety, we dream about the different outcomes of that thing we are worried about. We can equally dream about some activity we did during the day.

There are some dreams which are not good dreams. For example, when we dream of eating in the dream or being given food that is not a good dream. The devil passes through dreams to afflict us. It is therefore important to always remember our dreams or write them down and share them with the pastor the next day.
Personally, God has spoken to me several times through dreams. The last time I remember was before I left Denmark. What the almighty told me eventually came to pass in my life. This confirmed to me that God speaks to us in dreams and visions.

man dreaming

man sleeping and dreaming.

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I was prompted to write this post because of a testimony of a man of God I recently heard. This man of God recounted how he was ordered by God to give his only car to another man of God. The interesting thing about this is that the man of God he was directed to give his car keys was at the forefront of those slandering him. He said all types of bad things about this man of God. Despite all this the man of God had to obey God and give his car keys. This was a very courageous act on the man of God. He did not consider all the bad things said about him but he went ahead and obeyed God and gave his car keys.

This gave me a good lesson in life. The best way to conquer evil is to do good. Do not mind the things people say about you. You should instead mind what God says about you. I came to realize mouths were created to speak so I have stopped to care what people say about me. Those things do not matter to me because they do not make me who I am. I am instead concern in following the plan of God in my life. What God thinks about me is more important than what any human being can think about me. They did not create me so why should I bother?

And for my friends who are very good at gossiping about other people, you can do better things with your life instead of spending your time talking about other people. There is a lot to do in life that I am surprised how people find the time to gossip about other people. The best way to stop a bad habit is to start a good one. Refuse to say anything negative about anybody and you would live a happier more fulfilled life. Only say good things about people or say nothing at all and you would see how your life would be transformed. I wish you all a nice day.

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Are you evangelizing for Christ?


Evangelism consist in spreading the gospel message. Talking to people about Jesus, distributing tracks, preaching to neighbours, sending out messages are all myriad ways of evangelizing. But are you really doing it? Most of you would say yes. And are you really? Find out after reading this article.

Evangelism has always been done by the church. From the birth place of Christianity in the middle east, it was spread to far flung areas like Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. This didn’t happen by chance. Jesus and his apostles risked their lives and suffered persecution in several occasions in their bid to make known the gospel. In the book of Acts 13:45, the bible records that Paul and Barnabas were insulted and manhandled by a crowd of Jews because of what they were preaching.

In most churches today , evangelism is mostly done by a small group of christians organised into an evangelism team. They go out most often once a week and talk to people and distribute tracks to them. I have always argued that i donot see how a serious matter like evangelism should be left to a small group of christieans. The whole church has to be involved in it with all the congregation taking active part.

Christians should be encouraged to evangelize in the families, neighbourhoods, their friends, community and networks. Every single opportunity should be used to evangelize. For example, i always make it a duty to talk to one persom about Christ whenever i leave church on sundays. I think if we all do that our churches would be full.

We all need to dissipate the word of God by all communication channells possible. Nothing is too small to engage into. I always like to end my day by asking myself how many souls i wom to Chriet today? Would you do the same and watch your confidence grow in spreading the gospel. I wish you all a nice day.

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5 tips to release the greatness in you.


There is a greatness in everyone of us screaming to get out. Some of us pay attention to it and do things required to be successful while others completely ignore it with self-limiting thoughts. Follow these tips in order to release the greatness in you.

1) Organize your day.
You can only achieve much in a day by knowing the things you have to do that day and allotting some time for them. Make a to-do-list the night before and follow up on it. You would be amazed how much you can achieve in a day. Daniel organized his day such that he could pray three times a day. (Daniel 6:10)

2) Take action on your ideas.
Most of us procrastinate on a lot of things. We have great ideas but we never put them into action. It is advisable to have a “dream catcher book” where you write down every idea that crosses your mind. Follow up on your ideas by writing down the steps you need to take to accomplish them. Take action on them immediately because what is delayed would get further delayed.

3) Learn to finish whatever you start.
A lot of people give up on their dreams as soon as a challenge or obstacle shows up. See challenges as opportunities and follow up to the end. Let nothing disturb you from completing the task at hand. Nehemiah was a humble man who was determined to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Though he was molested, mocked and his workers were attacked, he still managed to finish the work in 52 days.( Nehemiah 6:15) Never be discouraged in whatever God has put in your mind to do.

4) Surround yourself with like-minded people.
Your company would make you or break you. Who are your friends? Keep company with the wise. What your friends do would brush off on you. If they are alcoholic; you would tend to become one yourself. If they are womanizers, don’t be surprised if you turn out the same. Keep friends who have the same values as you.

5) Be focused.
Don’t one thing you are better at than any other person and focus on it. Be an expert in that one thing. Avoid rushing from project to project which would instead lead to half work. Joseph was skilled in interpreting dreams and visions and nobody could do it better than him. (Genesis 40:12) what one thing do you excel at? Concentrate and be the best there is at that one thing.

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