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Are taxes killing entrepreneurship in Cameroon?

One of the cries among businesses in Cameroon is the exorbitant texes they have to cough out each month to the state coffers. Not only do the business men and women not understand how these taxes are calculated but they also complain that there is no grace period from the time you create a company to the the time the company starts making a profit. It is alleged that taxes paid by businesses in Cameroon are far higher than in neighbouring countries and that the tax system has laid to a lot of corruption.

This taxation conundrum has led many businesses to relocate in neighbouring countries like Nigeria while others have been forced to close down althogether. Some others have gone underground prefering the informal sector in order to evade taxes. I last visited a friend who owns a hotel in kumba and he was complaining his taxes were hiked from 200.000 frs he paid last 2 years to almost a million last year. He told me this situation was unbearable for him and he was thinking of converting his hotel into school.

The government has stated that there is no problem with the taxation system and that businessmen were complaining for nothing. They say Cameroonians have the mentality of not paying taxes because they say they do know what the money is used for. Nonetheless, the government has taken some measures to ease the tax burden like creating a one stop shop and simplifying the taxation system. In addition, new tax units have been created to cater for specific businesses.


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Why has no great man of God emerged in Cameroon?

The revival of the christian faith has been on going for some time in Cameroon, yet despite the veracity of this movement, no great man of God has emerged in this beautiful country. There is no ministry in the country that sits 5000 people. Not even in the big cities of Douala and Yaounde. When you consider that in nearby Nigeria, the likes of Bishop David Oyedepo, Prophet TB Joshua and Adeboye have emerged from among the pack. Why has no great man of God emerged in Cameroon.

Of course, there are a lot of ministeries that are trying. You have Prophet Ndip in Limbe, Prophet Kevin and Nana in kumba and Prophet Eric Meh in Douala. The recent return of wiseman John Chi back to Cameroon raised a lot hope that things were going to change. Up till now, nothing has changed. His much anounced ministry he promised to start in Buea has not picked up.

There have been a lot of reasons for this state of things. Some say Cameroonians are too stingy and do not promote the things of God. Others, complain it is because Cameroonians do no have television stations to reach the masses like in Nigeria. Yet for others, it is because Cameroonians like to backbite each other with every body wanting his own self agrandisement. The so called big man syndrome.

Whatever is responsible for holding down Cameroonian men of God, i hope it be cast out in the name of Jesus. I believe God in seeing a great man of God with a big congregation of several thousands pretty soon.

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God would not help those who would not act.

I was prompted to write this post because i keep hearing people tell me they are looking for a job but then when you ask them whether they have applied for any, they tell you no. I keep asking myself how can somebody expect to secure a job or start a career without applying for it. Well, some persons tell me they count on their connections. I have always been of the opinion that you should depend on God not man. Man would fail you but God would never fail you.

Whatever job you are looking for or whatever career you want to start, start today. Send out those applications. You might not get anything at the first few tries but as you stick to it long enough, you get experience that would help you finally secure what you are looking. Completely remove discouragement from your vocabulary. Be persistant and you would succeed. Believe in God and he would never fail you.

Some persons might tell me they have tried several times but they did not succeed. Well, you are not successful because you stopped trying. Keep on it and finally God would open your doors.

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What is your purpose in life?

Most of us go through life not knowing what our purpose in life is. Your purpose in life is the plan of God in your life. This is what God made you to do during your stay here on earth. God created Jeremiah to be a prophet and that is why he told him he knew what he would become even before he was born. Although Jeremiah said he was too young to be a prophet, God said he had to put the words in his mouth.

Have you ever thought why God created you? If you took some minutes to think about it you would realise why God created you. Most people go through life not knowing why God created them. How do you then know your purpose in life?

In order to know this, you have to be sensitive to the voice of God. God would speak to you and tell you what he wants you to do in your life. It can be something that you do not like to do but when you obey God, and you do what he says, you would receive the blessings of God in your life. God’s purpose in your life could be that you become a church minister, an evagelist, a prophet, a doctor or a lawyer. It could even be that you should help the poor, the orphans and the physically challenged.

Start doing today the plan of God in your life , and you would get all the blessings of God in your life.

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What happens to recently released political prisoners in Cameroon?

President Paul Biya recently signed a presidential decree giving clemency to some political prisoners. The likes of Edzoa Titus, Mounchipou Seidou and Inoni Ephraim were released from jail after serving most of their jail terms. They were accused of several offences including embezzlement of public funds , mismanagement and corruption.

There have a lot of specution among Cameroonians about what they intend to do now that they have been released from prison. Some people think they would restart their political careers while other persons contend they would continue with their jobs or take up responsibilties in private business. It should be noted that Edzoa Titus is a doctor by profession and he was once President Paul Biya’s private doctor. It is rumoured that he wants to revive his political career so that he can run for the next presidential elections.

Another disturbing issue is how they are going to pay back all public funds they siphoned into their private pockets. Some Cameroonians think their properties should be sold to recuperate the money while others think that would be double punishment since they have already served their jail terms.

President Paul Biya’s decree does not lack critics. Barister Mbah Ndam of the SDF parliamentary group on return from a foreign trip denounced this liberation. He said it was against the constitution for corrupt government officials to be released from prison before having finished their jail terms. He decried why no lawyers in the country did not speak against it.

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Settling in Cameroon (Part 7). House not for sale.

There is a notice that is conspicuously present at the entrances of many houses here in kumba. That is, ” House not for sale”. I have been wondering why these signposts are suddenly erupting at the walls of several homes because i did not experience this while growong up.

My research has proved to me that these are mostly polygamous homes where several sibblings of the owner are laying claim to the property. With numerous wives and children and no will, there is always a struggle following the death of a polygamist over his property. I was even told that even when he takes time to designate a successor or “chop chair” as fondly called in Cameroon, the dispute over his estate can hardly be solved.

The lesson here to all my polygamist friends and intending polygamist should take the time and draft a will by a reputable lawyer for their estate whie they are still living. At best, why not just get married to a woman and avoid all this wahala. In genesis 2:24, the bible says a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two shall become one. It did not say wives. I wish you all a nice day.

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Why your man is unwilling to commit.

So, i read this comment by a girl called Anna on facebook that she has been with her guy for more than 6 years and he is unwilling to commit. I thus decided to write about this issue.

The willingless of men to commit is a far cry by many women in relationships today. After spending some time with the man in a relationship, the woman of course wants the man to pop the question, “would you marry me?”. The women see no reason why the man should keep postponing this issue or shun it all together. If the man so love her as he claims then what is holding him back from marrying her. Even the ace Cameroonian musician Petit Pays in one of his songs says if you love a woman then marry her.

Why then should men drag their feet when the topic of marriage is mentioned. As a man myself, i think the first thing that comes to mind when you think of marriage is where are we going to stay? After that comes the issue of how take of the wife and the kids. So, a man looks at his financial means first before deciding to ask a girl’s hand in marriage. If your guy is dragging his feet, then might be it is his financial means.

There are other things that can hold a man back.The man might feel that he is too young or that you are not marriage material. He might just be using the woman when he is going out to meet his friends or just for sex. Lastly, the man might feel you do not have the qualities of his ideal wife – you are not the right complexion, you are not educated, you are not working or that you are not from his tribe. It can just be that the man talked to his relatives about getting married to you and they do not like you.

How , then can a woman make a man commit? I think she should pray about it and commit her situation to the Lord. With God, everything is possible. She should put all her trust in God.


There are other thing s that can hold guys back too. The manmight feel that he is too young to get married or that the woman is not marriage material.

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