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Meditation can be defined as the ability to ponder, contemplate repeating , murmuring of the scripture from different angles to better fill it in your body. It is the quiet contemplation and reflection on a scripture that you have read. Revelation comes when you spend time meditating on the word. The word of God would only abide in you if you spend time meditating on it. When you meditate on the word, you become the word (psalms 1:1-2). You would become prosperous by meditating on the word. ( psalms 119:99 ; Joshua 1:8)

Variois methods of meditation

1) Ask God for enligthenment.
Ask God to open his word for you.

2) Record your thoughts.
As you meditate, God gives you ideas, write them down.

3) Emphasize each word of the verse and how the meaning changes with emphasis.

4) Memorise the verse.

5) Personalise the verse.
When you personalise the verse, you put yourself in the verse.

6) Visualise the verse.

7) Paraphrase the verse.
Rewrite the verse in your own words.

8) Sing the verse.

9) Vocalise the verse.
Pray back the verse to God. Ask questions like who? What? Where? When? How? Write down the questions and think aboit them.


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What are you feeding into your mind?

Your mind is a very important part of your body. It is the part of your body that makes you able to think and feel. Your thoughts, interest arise from your mind. Evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies are all nursed in the mind. (Mathew 15:19). All these acts start with a thought. Our lives are shaped by our thoughts. Where do the thoughts that make men do these things come from? They come from the things they were watching, the things they heard and the books they were reading.

Information gets into the mind in various ways. The principal way that information gets into the mind and influences our behaviours is through the eyes. The bible says the eye is like a lamp for the body. If your eyes are sound, your whole body would be full of light. (Mathew 6:22) What you watch on television, magazines, newspapers would influence your behaviour. If you pass all your time watching indecent movies, where they have lots of love scenes inside, it would not be long before you want to experience the same love you see in those movies. You would want to date guys so that you can experience how it feels to be kissed and to make love. If you feast your eyes on pornographic matetials, it would not be long before you want to practise everything you saw in those movies.

So, the best way of avoiding burning with desire is to avoid watching those programs that trigger the desire. There are many christian channels on television you can watch instead of those indecent ones.

The second way information gets into the mind is through what you hear. Through conversations. The company you keep and the music you listen to. When with your friends, what do you talk about? Do you talk about women? Men? Sex? What you talk about and look at would influence your thoughts and your thoughts would influence your behaviour.

Another way is through the books you read. If you read the wrong books that glorify satan, an evil spirit can get into your mind and make you to start behaving differently.

Your actions are also important. Where do you hang out with your friends? If it is in beer parlours, night clubs, then you are most probably going to end up as a womanizer, alcoholic and prostitute. Also what your kids see influence their behaviour. Be, therefore, a good example to your children. Be faithful to your wife and love only her.

What then are the best things to look at, listen to and read? The bible says that we should fill our mind with those things that are good and that deserve praise; things that are true, right, pure, lovely and honourable (Phillipians 4:8) Learn, therefore, to focus on the things of God and on kingdom promotion. I wish you all a nice day.

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Marine Spirit.

A marine spirit is an evil spirit that lives in water. This spirit, formerly known as “mami water”, was often described as a woman, half fish and half human. There are countless fables about this evil spirit that where told when we were young.

The marine spirit is said to live in the marine kingdom which exist under water. The marine kingdom is said to be covered with beautiful trees, vegetation and gold and silver. It is alleged to abound with all types of food and it is said the is feasting there all the time. Only those who are initiated and become members can witness of the kingdom. They usually go to the kingdom while they are sleeping and dreaming but some of the members do so even during the daytime. (While awake).

The marine kingdom is very organised. There is a king or queen who heads the kingdom and assigns duties to its various members. Normally, promotion is either by the number of members they initiate or how well they perform their assignments. The members are classified according to how many powers they have with higher ranking members put in charge of lower ranking ones.

There are various ways that one can be initiated into the marine world and be afflicted with this spirit. They are by :

– From birth
– By wearing clothes given to you as gift without praying on them.
– through sexual intercourse
– By eating money given to you by a member.
– By eating something eg an orange given to you by a member.

Most people are initiated without them knowing but they soon realise that something is wrong through their dreams. They are taken to a world they have never experienced and welcome and given assignments. Membership in the kingdom has counsequences :

– prostitution for women.
– womanizing for men.
– Death
– Illnesses
– Stagnation in business or education.
– Running away from home.
– Stubbornness.

The assignments given to members range from initiating more people, killing a family member, killing a man of God, causing accidents on the highway, drinking blood, sleeping with men or women to causing chaos and disorder in churches. Members are rewarded for their good work with money, given with conditions or promotion in rank and power. The members get their pride by the ranks they attain in the kingdom. Members are demoted or expelled from the kingdom when they refuse to perform assignments.

The only way you can be set free from this wicked marine spirit which seeks to destroy your life is through deliverance by a man of God. You can avoid being initiayed by choosing your friends carefully, praying over anything you receive from friends or relatives and preserving yourself until marriage.

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Tips on how to manage stress.

1) eat a well ballanced diet.

2) get enough sleep.

3) Exercise.

4) limit caffeine, alcohol, drugs.

5) take breaks from work

6) Spend time with family and friends.

7) learn to make things with your hands.

8) learn to play a musical instrument.

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Are you frugal?

A frugal person is somebody who is economical in the use of his money. He/she uses only as much money or food as is necessary. These tips to live a frugal life:

1) Before buying an expensive item, consider whether it is really neceassary.

2) If you need something, search for new items that are on sale or for good used items.

3) Do not be impulsive; sleep on the matter. If you still feel that the item is vital, you may consider looking for something similar in a discount or second hand shop.

4) Cook your own food. Do not eat outside bc it is cheaper to buy ingredients and cook meals than to eat outside.

5) If you have school age children, why not teach them to prepare sandwishes instead of giving them money to buy more expensive food.

6) Drink water rather than buying expensive beverages.

7) Grow your own food. Have a garden where you grow vegetables.

8) Save some money in a bank guaranteed by the government.

9) Do your shopping in the evening at around 1700 hours. Things are much more cheaper.

10) Cook meals around vegetables. You save money on meat.

11) Have a piggy bank where you throw all your coins. You would be amazed how much you would save.

12) Buy in bulk and ask for discount. You would be amazed about how much you would save.

13) Do not throw away empty containers. They might be useful.

14) Do shopping with a neighbour and make the same shopping list.

15) Hold your own water and home made snacks when you go out.

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Follow God, not things.

I was inspired to write this post today because of the seemingly great attention placed on things nowadays. By the way people talk about them, you would think they would take them along when they leave this earth. As christians, we should not focus our attention on houses, cars, farms, plots that we possess. We should instead put the word of God in our conversations, meditate on it and do it and we shall be fulfilled in life. (Joshua 1:8)

We got these things because we sought the kingdom first. (Mathew 6:3) Therefore, it is imperative that you should not forget where you came from before you hit prosperity. Yes, it is nice to have cars, houses, land but isn’t it God who gives all those things? And what do you use them for? Are you using them for kingdom promotion? If not, start using them today to advance the kingdom of God. Chase God not money. (Luke 16:13)

When God blesses you with riches, follow God not things. Put more of your attention on the things of God not on your businesses. Be an addicted giver. Consider the case of Job whose possessions were taken from him. Yet, he continued trusting God. Would you still worship God after all is taken from you?

Friends, focus on the things of God and kingdom promotion and not on the things you possess.

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Grace can be defined as unmerited favour. It is when you receive something you did not work for. Your salvation is by the grace of God because you did nothing to merit it. When Jesus gave his life for us on the cross, with all the sufferings he went through, you did nothing to receive the salvation that came about from the shedding of his blood. (Acts 15:11; Ephesians 1:7)

It is by the grace of God that you are able to resist temptations and face the devil and his host of demons. The bible says in Colossians 2:15, “And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly triumphing over them in it.” What this means is that Jesus defeated tbe devil for your sake and displayed him infront of earth, heaven and hell. He did this so that you should not have to fight the devil but resist him and he would flee away.(James 4:7) Similarly, though the world is full of distractions that can lead to temptations and thus derail you from God’s plan in your life, you are able to live a righteous life by the grace of God. (John 1:17; Romans 5:17)

The Apostles were able to do many signs and miracles due to the grace of Jesus (Acts 4:33; 14:3). Paul’s aprons and handkerchiefs were used to heal the sick. Great men of God like Prophet T.B Joshua and Oyedipo David operate by the grace of God. (2 Corinyhians 15:10)

Any riches you have today is by the grace of Jesus.(2Corithians 8:9) Bible says he took away your poverty and gave you his riches so that you should prosper during your stay here on earh. I wish you all a nice day.


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