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Buea – Here i come.


I recently relocated from kumba to Buea in order to take advantage of the good weather and the calm, peaceful surroundings. Buea is the capital of the south west region of Cameroon which is most close to Nigeria.

The city has been growing exponentially ever since i left this town more than 10 years ago after my high school at Saint Joseph College Sasse. Then it was just one street through which you entered and left the town. The recent decision by the government of Cameroon to return back land formerly occupied by the CDC to indigenes populations has further opened up the town. New layouts have sprung up every where with those of Bokwai, Bomaka, Bwitingi and Wotalu of noticeable importance. A lot of constructions is also taking place with new structures built in the new layouts.

Molyko which used to be a few thousand inhabitants more than 10 years ago has exploded in population. All the major banking institutions, churches, the post office and Camtel are present here. In addition, a lot of schools and higher institutions of learning have also established their base here. The main market which used to be in Great Soppo has been transferred to molyko just behind the Omnisport stadium. It remains a bustling place in the evenings with several drinking spots and hotels beaming with people.

I advise all those visiting Cameroon to make a stop in this beautiful city and absorb the splendor of its recent architectural structures. I wish you all a nice day.


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Why no man is coming to ask your hand in marriage.

So, i reflected on this topic today. A lot of girls complain that nobody is coming to ask their hand in marriage. If you are one of such women, have you ever sat down and asked yourself why this should.happen to you? Maybe no girl in your family has gotten married. Why should this be? It might have spiritual as well as physical origin.

There are many things that can lead to this situation. The first may be the way you dress. If you dress half naked or in sexy attire all the time, then you are sending the wrong message to men. Your girlfriends may advice you that you have to dress like that to seduce men. But do you know you are giving the wrong message to men? They see you just as sleeping material and not as wife material. It would then not be surprising to find out that most men who come to you, come for sex and then run away.

I have a friend who told me that there was a lawyer who lived in her neighbourhood who completely ignored her. But when this man saw her in church dressed decently as a “big woman”, with african wear, his perception about her changed. He started making advances to her telling her he wanted to marry her. You too can make men seek you by the way you dress.

Another thing that would disqualify you in the eyes of a man is giving in too quickly to his sexual advances. Men would always put pressure on you to sleep with you but it is up to you to say no. Most men would test you to find out whether you are a true christian sister by how easily you give in to sex. To a man, when you spread your legs to him easily, then the story would not be different when you meet other men. So, women hold yourself high by telling the guy you would only sleep with him when the two of you get married. If the guy is serious about marriage, he would probably stay but if not he would leave.

Your character would also count a lot. Do you love God or are you just pretending by going to church? Are you materialistic or do you seek the good of your partner? Are you courteous? Are you kind? Your character is the sum of your daily habits. What you do daily would become your character. Do you gossip? Do you pass the whole day loafing around? Are you industrious? Men love industrious women nowadays. Women who contribute to the income of the household.

Finally, your lack of a man may be of spiritual origin. It might be from a curse, or because you come from an idol worshipping family or it might be from birth. Spiritual problems have spiritual solutions. Go and see a good pastor for you to be delivered and give your life to christ. With God, everything is possible. ( luke 1:37) God would give you a husband. Please, put your comments below.

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How to be organised.

It is important to know how to organise yourself otherwise your time would just slip by without you knowing. You can lose money and get it back but when you lose your time, it is gone for ever. You cannot recover it back. You would just discover that at old age you have done nothing with your life.

Have you realised that if you go to the market without a list, you might forget buying certain items or you might buy others you never intended to buy. Life is also like that. Without having goals and making out a way to achieve them, you would realise that you have achieved nothing. Paul in the book of Romans 7:15, said he did not understand the things he did for the things he did were not what he intended to do. Just like Paul, you would also realise you do not do the things important in your life if you do not stay organised. There are a lot of distractions in this world and the only way you can stay focused is to have goals and maintain a to-do-list.

I personally have written down my goals that i review all the time. Goals function growth more than anything. Not only are my goals written down but i also review them all the time. I equally maintain a to-do-list and i strive each day to do everything in my to-do-list. How do you keep yourself organised? Please write in the comments below.

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The dismal performance of Cameroon during Brasil 2014

The world cup has come and gone and a lot has been said about the dismal performance of the Lions of Cameroon during this year’s world cup in Brasil. As always in such competitions, the players are the principal culprits held responsible for the three consecutive defeats that we suffered.

A lot of factors might have led to this dishonourable performance. To be certian, it cannot be money because the players were paid all their match bonuses and all arrears due in full before the start of the competition. Where then could the problem lie? Some people point to organisation and match fixing.

It should not forgotten that a few months before the start of the world cup, the nationaly footbal authority, FECAFOOT, was embroiled in a power struggle which culminated in the imprisonment of the president.

He has been released for want of evidence about accusations leveled against him. Such issues of disorganisation with the body that prepares the team have likely spilled over to the squad either directly or indirectly.

Also, there have been calls for the team to be rejuvenated with younger home based players. It has been observed that these players are more motivated, vibrant and have more figthing spirit than older names like Eto’o Fils and Mekoung who have already made a name for themselves. A lot of these young stars exist who can be incorporated into the squad.

There have also been issues about match fixing. It was reported that a young Asian Beter made accurate forecast of our encounter with Croatia. Not only did he predict that we would be defeated 04 goals to nil but he also said Cameroon was to get a card in the first half. Such exact pronostic has left many Cameroonians perplexed as to whether the guy knew the results before the match was played.

Despite our rush to blame people, it might just be that they did not have luck during this competition. Other big football countries like Spain, Portugal, Russia, England were eliminated in the first round. So, it is not just the lions.

I think the team officials are to sit down and determine what went wrong. Also, a president has to be elected to head the national football authority. You cannot expect the child not to be affected when the mother has a health challenge. Other competitions like the African Nations Cup are coming up so the earlier we sit up the better. We wish you all a nice day.

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The blood of Jesus.

In the old testament, God commanded Moses through the law on how the children of Israel where to ask for forgiveness for their sins. The children of Israel had to kill bulls and goats and take the blood to the altar for sacrifice. (Hebrew 10:4) . They had to do this every year for their sins to be forgiven.

Jesus Christ came and did away with this custom. He gave us a better convenant. He offered his own blood for our sins to be taken away. (Romans 5:9; hebrew 9:22; 1 Peter 1:2) . Through his blood, we were sanctified and made righteous in the eyes of God. What is interesting about this is that you and I did nothing to merit this. It was by the grace of God that we were rescued from the law of sin and death that would have led to our doom. Thank God, Jesus came and took away the sins we inherited from Adam.

Jesus’ blood flowed in 7 places altogether in his body – his two hands, his two legs, his sides, his back and the thorns in his head.

There is much significance in the blood of Jesus. It give us access to eternal life. (John 6:53) . We were made righteous through the blood and so we have a right standing with God. (1 John 1:7) .

Whenever i pray, i always cover myself, my family, my property and my relatives with the blood of Jesus. The blood is there to protect us against the evil one.

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Wisdom would get you anywhere.

Wisdom is the power to see what is not evident to the average mind. It is the ability to have insight and understanding about a situation. It is often said that knowledge is with the youth while wisdom is with the elders. The more mistakes you make, the more wisdom you acquire. The more you can study from other peoples’ mistakes the greater your wisdom, since you would hardly live long enough to commit all the mistakes they did.

Wisdom is very important in your life. When God came to Solomon in a dream and asked him what he wanted, Solomon responded that he wanted wisdom. (1 kings 3:9) When God gave Solomon wisdom, he acquired a lot of wealth, honour and fame. All these came because of the wisdom he was given by God. When Queen Sheba heard of Solomon’s wisdom, she visited him and she was amazed how he answered her questions and how magnificent was the palace he had built. (1 kings 10:1) She wished she could be one of his wives or servants so that she could listen to Solomon’s wisdom.all day long.

In the following narrative, Queen Sheba was impressed about two things – the things that king Solomon said and his works. You would know men of wisdom all around you by their works. What has he/she achieved in life? Solomon built a palace. What has that person done? Spend time with this person. Observe what motivates him/her, how he/she invest and before long you would find yourself doing like him/her. You need to camp around the wise to be wise.

Wisdom would get you anwhere and only the sky would be your limit. Seek for it and do no rest until you find it. With it comes riches, honour and power. There is absolutely nothing you can achieve without her.

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Ban of plastic wrappings in Cameroon.

The government of Cameroon recently took a bold decision to ban the use of plastic wrappings over its territory. The decision took a lot of Cameroonians by surprise because they were used by traders to tie goods.

The government is adamant its decision is legitimate. It points to the fact that these plastic wrappings litter all over the place because they are not biodegradable. In addition, it complains that some Breweries are now packaging their whiskeys and other strong liquors in them. This makes them cheap and easily portable and they are therefore highly consumed by youths and motorbike riders. Politicians also use these whiskeys during their political campaigns because they say they get the villagers drunk very fast and are thus economical.

Whatever the reason given by the government, this decision is there to stay. Some business men have been justling to take advantage of this opportunity and provide solutions. A number of alternative wrappings have been proposed but retailers complain that they are very expensive. Some retailers are now using cement paper to tie their goods while others advise their customers to bring plastic wrappings from home.

This decision which by all reflections is to protect the environment is timely. I recently went to the capital city, Yaounde, and i found several rivers littered with these wrappings. If this situation can be remedied then it is for the better. However, several.Cameroonians think that the plastic wrappings would come back.

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