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4 tips to stop lusting after women.


A lot of Christians brothers have difficulties to stop lusting after women. While serving God , they still go after the opposite sex. Do you have lustful thoughts? How do you deal with them? Follow these four tips :

1) Stop watching erotic TV programs and magazines.

The first thing i did when i gave my life to Christ was to throw away all the porn movies, magazines that i had in my collection. You too should do so with yours. I don’t watch TV programs with love scenes nor visit erotic websites either in my smartphone or computer. Those things sharpen your appetite for sex and women.

2) Don’t associate with people talking about women and sex all the time.

Each time that i have a friend talking about women or sex all the time, i break links with this person. The bible says when your hand or eyes causes you to sin, cut it off. Dissociate yourself from such people because you become who your friends are.

3) Limit temptations.

Avoid finding yourself alone in a room with women. Make sure there are other people around. In addition, at your office desk, have the pictures of your wife and kids clearly displayed. Avoid also going to lustful places like nightclubs, drinking bars, parties …etc

4) Don’t look at a woman twice.

I got this one from one of my favorite preachers, David Obeoyemi. He says he never looks at a woman twice. The first time you look is by curiosity but the second time is by interest. And then you start having lustful thoughts.

Follow the above tips and and you would stop having lustful thoughts about women. Focus on your wife and your family because only she would make you happy. If you are not married then focus on the word of God just like Paul. Do you have anything to add? Please, write in the comments below.


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Mistakes men make with their wives.


Marriage is one of the best things that can happen between a man and a woman. The bible states in Genesis 2:24 that a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one. These are some mistakes men make in their marriages that can lead to divorce.

1) Not spending enough time with your wife.

Nowadays,a lot of couples are compelled to live apart for long periods because of work, career or sundry other reasons. Some other couples, though they live together see very little of each other because they work different shifts or the man works too much. All these can strain a relationship and cause the woman to feel neglected.

2) Not respecting her.

You might be surprised but until now,there are some men who still beat up their wives, insult them or belittle them in one way or the other. When the woman can take it no more, don’t be surprised if she leaves you, especially if some other man is appreciating her outside.

3) Hiding secrets from her.

There are all types of secrets that men hide from their wives. Unfortunately for us, our wives always finish by finding out. So, you are broke, you lost your job or you have impregnated another woman outside and you are hiding it from your wife. Think again. She would know about it. Why not reveal it to her right now.

4) Trying to force her to do things.

Some men have no regard for their wives. After drinking beer, and getting drunk, they go home and force themselves on their wives in total disregard whether the woman wants sex or not. The more you do it, the more your wife would resent you for it.

5) Lying to her.

Why lie to your wife? When you tell one lie to your wife, you would look for another one to cover the previous one. Finally, you would become an addicted liar. Why not tell her the truth. She would not break. Come On!!!!!!!

6) Avoiding communication with her.

You have another woman outside and each time your wife brings up the topic, you look for ways to escape discussing it with her. Whenever she wants to talk about it, you are either very busy or you have another meeting to attend. She habours these negative feelings and one day she explodes in-front of you. Sit down and talk with her.

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Using failure to succeed.


As much as all of us do not like to fail, yet we fail in some of our undertakings in life. Failure should not be seen as defeat. You are defeated when you stop trying. The most important thing that counts is your attitude when you fail. If you give up and you do not persist, then you have let failure defeat you. You would most probably be a failure in life.

In-fact, the more failures you have, the closer you are to success. Especially, if you learn from these failures and correct the mistakes you made. The former president of Ghana, John Atta Mills, was defeated in two presidential elections but he was not discouraged. He tried again a third time, and won. Steve Jobs founded the company, APPLE. He was later shoved out of the leadership of this company by shareholders. He went on and created a different company. When APPLE had problems, he was called back and he made it the great computer and handset company it is today.

One of the biggest businessmen in kumba, Cameroon started his travelling company, Mondial Express, the first time but it failed. He gave it a second try again and it failed. All this did not discourage him. He raised some funds, bought some vehicles and started a third time and this time it has been a success. Today, he is a millionaire owning a sprawling cocoa business, a building material business and his traveling company.

All the above successful people were people who believed in what they were doing. Failure did not break them down but instead each time they failed, they rised again. You too can rise from failure. The fact that you failed in your business, in your career , you were fired from your job should not discourage you. Be persistent in whatever you are doing and you would succeed. Winners never quit and quitters never win. I wish you all a nice day.

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Do you engage in mastubation or phone/video sex?


It has become customary nowadays for singles and even married couples to engage in phone/video sex. A lot of people do it out of ignorance not knowing that there are consequences which go with engaging in such deviant behavior.

A friend recently told me that him and his wife are living in two different countries and that because they see little of each other, they are compelled to engage in video/phone sex through Skype. Upon hearing this, i was really perplexed about how this could happen. Where they so much burning with desire that they could not wait to see each other in other to make regular sex. He told me they would each get naked in-front of their respective computers and he would tell his wife things to do then they would masturbate and release together. He was adamant that since it was his legally married wife, there was nothing wrong in this act.

Then this question came into my mind, can a christian engage in masturbation or phone sex even if it is with his wife? For one thing, the bible advices us to keep away from sexual immorality. (Acts 15:20; 1 Corinthians 6:9) . The bible says those who engage in such acts would not possess the kingdom of God. (Ephesians 5:5)

In talking about sex, the bible is consistently clear that it consist of sexual contact between husband and wife. Masturbation and phone/video sex are not right because they involve a person giving himself pleasure. What do you think about this post? Record your reaction in the comments below.

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What are your skills?


A skill is a learned power of doing something competently. It is a developed aptitude or ability. Examples of skills are language, communications, organizational or interpersonal skills. How many skills do you possess?

In the the job market today , it is important not to consider yourself as having a profession but as possessing several skills. Employers are increasingly looking for people who possess more than one skill. Also, having a broad range of skills gives you an advantage to somebody with only one skill.

I once had a friend in Denmark who was a photographer by profession. However,in addition to his photography skills, he also had cleaning skills and he could equally play a guitar. He worked in a cleaning company and he also played in a band and each time they went to a concert to play, they were paid. He had also photography jobs that brought him income. He , therefore, had money from three different sources.

Most of us were brought up to get a profession and be contented with a single source of income. But what you realize today is that in order to be rich,you must have several sources of income. You should have money from several sources not just one source. Seek, therefore to have several skills because they open you up to several sources of income and give you a clear advantage over your co-workers. If you have just one skill, strive to improve on it by taking up courses, reading … etc. Also, seek to develop more skills because the more skills you have, the better off you are. What do you think about this topic? Record your thoughts below.

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The importance of having a base.


While i was resident abroad, we had a pastor from America who paid a visit to our church in Denmark. This pastor declared he could travel abroad as much as he wants, he could even sleep on the floor during his journeys but it meant nothing to him. He said he knew his wife and kids were safely in his home in Detroit because that to him was his base. He said he never played with his home there nor his other properties since that was his permanent abode.

I am, therefore, asking you, my faithful readers, do you have a base? Do you have a place you go to where nobody can shake you from there? If you are renting a house, then that is not your base because you are at the whims and caprices of the landlord. The later can send you away at any time when you cannot pay his rents or when he wants to occupy his house himself.

I am calling on you, my readers, that if you do not yet have a base, think of having one now. It is never too late. Your decisions today would determine the outcome of your life tomorrow. I hope you got some wisdom from this post. I wish you all a nice day. I love you all.

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Why you keep being a babe in Christ?


My scriptural reference is from Hebrew 5:13 :

” For everyone that uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.”

After giving your life to Christ, and becoming a born again Christian, you are expected to grow. You are not to remain in the same place all the time. As a babe in Christ, people teach you the word and pray for you. But do you know you are expected to grow and teach and pray for other people too? The above scripture clearly states that you do not have to remain a babe in Christ taking only milk: you need to grow and start taking meat.

My experience here in Cameroon is that of churches where worshipers are too dependent on their pastors for the very least things. If you still go to the pastor for him to pray for you after several years in the ministry, then i am afraid you do not have faith in your own prayers. Likewise, if you still go for your “blood” to be blessed by the pastor, then you lack faith in your own prayers.

The best way to grow in Christ is to read the bible by yourself. Spend time in researching things. Meditate on scriptures and you would find that there are a lot of things you can do by yourself. I do not say you should not go to see the pastor when you have a problem, but this should be for something serious. When you have a nightmare, instead of picking the phone and calling the pastor, why don’t you search through scriptures. Pray with them and nothing would happen to you. Grow from a babe to a matured christian.

I hope you got something from this post. If you have something to add , write in the comments below.

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