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Angels are heavenly beings that are messengers of God. They are often depicted in scripture as dressed in white with wings.

There are differeny types of angels. Angels of the lord are assigned to transmit God’s message. In mathew 1:20, God sent an angel to warn a joseph in his dream not to abandon Mary after he realised she bore a child that was not his. God sent an angel to tell Abraham that he would have many descendents like the stars in the sky after he offered to sacrifice his only son to God.(Gen 22:15) Just as God has angels, the devil has angels too.

In the book of mathew 25:41, Jesus said at judgement day, he would seperate the righteous from the rest of the people and that the later would be cast into eternal fire reserved for the devil and his angels. In Rev. 12:7, the bible says the devil and his angels were thrown down to earth after they were defeated in heaven by Michael and other angels. Michael was the chief angel.

Angel are not only messengers. They are known to perform other functions too. They can be helpers. In Daniel 6:22, God sent angels to help close the mouth of the lion so they could not kill daniel while he was in the lion’s den. Angels came to help Jesus after he was tempted by the devil ( mathew 4:11 ) . Angels can be assigned to kill. In exodus 12:23, God sent the angels of death to kill the Egyptians sparing the lives of the Israelites. Again in the book of Isaiah 37:36, an angel of the Lord went to the assyrian camp and killed 185000 soldiers.

Angels can be known as guides. In numbers 20:10, God sent an angel to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt after they cried to him for help. Finally, angels are famous for their strength. In psalm 103:20, the psalmist say “bless the Lord, all of you his angels that excel in strength and …. The good news translation renders it as ” praise the Lord, you strong and mighty angels who obey his commands.”


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Fruits of the spirit.


The fruits of the spirit are most especially depicted in 1 Corinthians
8 – 11. There are nine fruits of the spirit which include wisdom,
knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, speaking God’s message,
discernment, speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues.

What many Christians do not know is that most of us have at least one
of the above gifts working in us. Nonetheless, some persons are more
endowed than others in some of the gifts. The bible says we have
different abilities to perform the gifts but it is the same God who
gives these abilities (1 Corinthians 12:6). How can you know where you
are gifted and why is it that some persons are more gifted than others
in some of the gifts ? Just like you need to start painting in order
to know whether you can paint or not , that is how you need to
exercise the gift to know whether you have it or not. Until you try it
out, there is no way you would know.

I for my part never knew i had the gift of healing until i was
confronted by a girl who had an injury on her leg. She told me the
wound would not go away and i told her there is somebody called Jesus
who can drive away even the most resistant pain. I, then, proceeded to
pray for her and after some few days, she came to testify that she was
completely healed. Not only this, but i have stood in faith in many
more issues in my own life and i have seen as God did miracles for me.

You, too, can experience this gifts and many more of the other gifts
of the spirit if only you try them out. As the saying goes, “i cannot
do it” has never accomplished anything; “i will try” has accomplished
wonders. I wish you all a nice and wonderful day.

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