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Why a poor man may be your dream man.


Most women want to get married to a rich man who would change their lives and that of their family forever. It is said that when a woman is in her twenties; she wants to get married to a doctor, a lawyer or a banker but as soon as she hits thirty, she wants anybody. Whether you believe it or not, a poor man today might be your husband tomorrow.

That a man is poor today does not mean he would be in that state forever. No condition is permanent. As a woman,you do not look at the man’s present state but at his potential to become something else in the future. I am, therefore, urging women not to despise a man today coming to propose because he does not have anything. You never know what the future holds for him. That he doesn’t have a house, a car or a job today does not means he would not have it in future.

A friend recently confessed to me that his mother-in-law used to come to his house to beat up her daugther to leave him because he was poor. He told me they could not pay house rent not to talk of feeding. He said he believed God for a better situation and eventually he travelled abroad. Today, he has a sprawling business and they are doing fine. He told me he can never leave his wife because she was there for him when he had nothing.

Ladies, do not look at the present state of a man but look at his potentials. An ambitious, educated and hardworking man can go places so don’t despise him. God bless you all.


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What to do when there is delay in getting married.


I decided to write this post because of a conversation i had with a lady who told me she expected she would be married at 26 and have 2 kids but none was forth coming. However, at 39, she is yet to be married not to talk of having kids. She confessed to me that she was contemplating having at least a child with some lucky guy in order not to hit menopause without a child nor marriage. She added her biological clock is ticking and if she did nothing, it might be too late. She said less and less men are now asking her out not to talk of taking her to the altar.

If you are a woman reading this post and you are in the same situation, i want to tell you not to despair. God has a plan for all of us and your own husband would come at the right time. God’s delays are not God’s denials. There is a man out ther that God has programmed for you. Just be happy,smile and live your life as you normally do and Mr Right would not fail to show up. Each time that you pray, start thanking God for a husband.(Mark 11:24) and he would not tarry to come. I wish you all a nice day.

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Invest in a cocoa farm.


Cocoa business is good business because of the profits involved. With much of the labour now aging, it is good business for the youth to engage in. These are reasons why you should own a cocoa farm.

1) Price is good.
With prices of cocoa hovering around 1000 francs per kilogram, and 100000 francs per 100 kg bag, cocoa is very profitable. It is estimated that prices would remain high for a long time because of the high demand from the developed world and China.

2) Long-term tenure.
A cocoa farm generally lasts for about 25 years before production starts to dwindle if well maintained. This is enough time for you to recover your investment and get a little extra.

3) It doesn’t require your presence.
A lot of people who own farms engage in what is called, “two-party” . This involve engaging two or more workers to work in your farm and in which you share the harvest. Having a worker means you don’t have to work in the farm yourself and so you can engage in other activities.

4) Maintenance is not difficult.
Maintaining a cocoa farm is not difficult as opposed to other cash crops like tomatoes, corn, yams … etc

Given the above, cocoa business is a profitable enterprise. I encourage all and sundry to engage into it. Do you have any points to add? Please register your comments below.

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How to recognize wife material.


Every man at some time of his life, has to make an important decision. This involves choosing the woman he is going to get married to. For most men, this choice is a herculean tasks, because of the high number of potential wives available. How do men choose their wives? What influence them? How do they recognize Miss Right?

I sought to know from a few men what constitutes an ideal wife for them and what influences their choice of one woman over another. What convinced them their present wives were wife material enough. I got the following responses:

1) She is hard working.
This one came up more than i could count. Most men want a woman nowadays who brings something to the table. It is not easy for the family to depend on only one income.

2) She loves God.
Christian men put this first before any other thing especially the ones who really belief in God. Some even said they prefer a woman who loves God than them.

3) She has a good character.
This one is another one that came up again and again. However, i realized a lot of men idea of a good character is submission. After all, 2 captains cannot drive a ship.

2) She is pretty.
Some men want a pretty wife whether she has good character or not. The men say it makes them feel secure and important when they move about with their supposingly “pretty wife”. For some men, this meant looking for a light skin woman.

5) She sings gospel music.
Some pastors with ministries want a woman who sings gospel music so that the wife can complete them in managing the ministry.

6) She has money or a job.
Some lazy men want a woman to take care of them. So they look for a woman who has a job or who has money.

For some men, a woman to be considered wife material must possess several of these qualities. What do you think of this topic? What made you choose your wife as you spouse? Register your thoughts below.

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Why you need a business plan.


A business plan is an essential document for anyone seeking to start a business. It outlines various aspects of the business including the nature, location, management, tax regime, and financing. By drawing up one, your business is not just an idea in your head but something tangible that you can refer to. It is the first step to making your business a reality.

It is amazing how many small business owners overlook the importance of a business plan. Though your business may still succeed without a business plan, it would however be difficult for you to get direction and focus. It is often said that if you fail to plan you plan to fail, so make it a must to draw up a business plan each time you start a new business.

Your plan does not even have to be elaborate as most business plans are. Anything that outlines various aspects of your business and brings out clearly to investors and other stakeholders would do. Whatever venture youare undertaking, sit down first to work it out and you would succeed. I wish you a nice day.

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Why Cameroonian youths are so dependent on others.


I was having a conversation with a Ghanian friend recently in kumba, Cameroon. He told me Cameroonian youths are too dependent on other people to help them in life. He said he could not understand why a youth of 30 and above should still be staying with his parents. He said it is in complete contrast with what obtains in Ghana where youths there go out to earn a living as early as when they are 20 years.

Upon doing a small investigation, at Buea, where i stay, i found his statement to be very correct. It is not uncommon here to find a whole family living in one compound with their wives and children.

The consequences of this situation are manifold. There is constant quarreling among brothers and sisters who live together with their families. Not only that but sometimes these brawls can be life-threatening with machetes and axes pulled out by family members. In addition, there is sometimes fight of property when the head of the family passes away without leaving a will. Another disturbing issue is the stress and strain it causes among spouses.

What then can be done to avoid this? A lot of youths complain about unemployment which prevents them from having gainful employment in order to go and establish on their own. They say if the government could do something to provide jobs then they would not be living under the same roof like their parents. Others also bemoan the lack of small holder loans to enable them engage in small business or agriculture.

However, upon observation, i realized most of these youths don’t lack talent or abilities but they lack the right skills to take advantage of opportunities that abound in the job market. There is a real problem in Cameroon between what they studied in school and what the job market offers. I think it would be great if the government addressed these problems. I wish you all a nice day.

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Why Africans prefer risking their lives going to Europe than stay at home.


Again, i heard the other day in the news how more than1700 Africans died attempting to reach Lampedusa and hence Europe. For most of us, we took the news with a pinch of salt especially when none of our relatives are involved. While Europe is doing everything to tackle this exodus, African governments are doing nothing to stop the flow.

Most of us think that the grass is always greener at the other side of the fence. But have you ever thought that you can water your own grass and make it as green or greener than the other side.

Malaysia and Singapore are good examples to emulate. They were in the same level of development like Africa in the 1960s. However, today, they are considered as “newly developed countries.” They found out a way to exploit their raw materials and make them bring them income. Nobody can talk of palm oil today without thinking of Malaysia.

I am amazed how Africans leave rich agricultural land back at home to go and work at farms abroad because according to them you make more money there. Why can Africans not use what they have to get what they need. The government can only create an enabling environment but it is the responsibility of African governments to create companies that would dominate the next century. It would not come from “AID” but by hard work. Lets all get to work!!!!!

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