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Agriculture is king.


A lot of young Cameroonians donot even want to hear about cultivating the soil. To them, it is a profession for the older generation since they say there is no money in it and it requires hard work.

This is in total contrast with what obtains in Europe, America and Asia where farmers are among the richest. I have been wondering why this little interest of young Cameroonians towards agriculture? Afterall, a country like Malaysia which had the same GDP like Cameroon in the 1960s has noticed an exponential increase in its GDP because of palm oil which she exports round the world. Denmark is the biggest exporters of pigs.

In Cameroon, the first problem i noticed was that most farmers have small exploitations managed in a subsistent manner without no machines. Secondly, farms are ageing and there are no farm to market roads. Also, loans are not available for farmers and even when they are available, the real farmers donot get it.

Friends, there is money to be made in agriculture. There is a great demand for corn, plaintains, cassava and tomatoes. You would be surprised to hear that Cameroon still imports 80% of the corn we consume w and this is true for other African countries. There are equally opportunities in livestock and fisheries. What are you waiting to invest in agriculture?


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How to know God’s plan for your life.


My scriptural reference is taken from Jeremiah 29:11,
“I alone know the plans i have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. ”

God has a plan for each of us. God’s plan in our lives is the purpose why we were created. God’s plan in the lives of Isaiah and Jeremiah was for them to be Prophets or messengers of God. Moses’ purpose was to lead the children of Israel up to the Jordan while Joshua’s was to lead them after the river Jordan.

Your own plan for your life is your ambition but God’s plan for your life is the reason why you were created. When God calls you, he would give you the abilities for your mission. Mosses was a stammerer but still he led the children of Israel. Jeremiah was a young but still God gave him abilities to achieve his mission. God’s plan for your life is wise. (Isaiah 28:29) .

How, then, do you know God’s plan for your life? Listen to the voice of God. God spoke to Mosses and Jeremiah. He revealed Joseph’s plan for his life through dreams that his brothers and father would bow to him and it eventually happened. God would speak to you too. Just be attentive to his voice.

Discover God’s plan for your life today and release the greatness in you. You would only be a successful doctor, lawyer, businessman, pastor, prophet, accountant if that was God’s plan for your life. I wish you all a nice day.

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Who is a good friend?

A friend is somebody to whom we are attracted by affection or esteem. We all have friends with whom we enjoy spending time with. But who is a good friend?

A good friend is somebody you can trust with a secret. He should not be somebody who speaks negative things about you or puts you out there in the bad light. She should be somebody who can offer a shoulder to cry on.

He or she should offer help when needed. Sbe should offer help when, for instance, you are hosting a meeting, an association or a party. She should be a companion with whom you enjoy spending time with. In addition, she should be somebody you can turn to in times of difficulties. She should be with you even in times of challenges.

Donot forget that if you want a true friend, you should be one yourself. Are you a good friend? Write your comments below.

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What to do with a difficult mother-in-law.


Your mother-in-law is the mother of your husband. There are countless fables about wicked mother-in-laws. Nigerian movies also depict some mother-in-laws as wicked, bad-tempered and hard to live with. I have sought to find out what makes some mother-in-laws this way? Why do some mother-in-laws hate their daughter-in-laws?

The answer to my questions did not tarry to come. The mother-in-laws behaviour depends on the type of relationship they had with their son. They brought him up, sometimes singlehandedly, fed him, clothed him and took care of his every needs. This agape love between a mother and her son is not easy to break by bringing another woman on the scene.

When the son gets married, he tends to put his attention on another woman – his wife and so his mother is put on the sidelines. Sometimes too, even his finances now go to his wife and the mother-in-law resents this because she doesn’t get as much as she used to receive from her son.

Apart from the attention and finances that diminishes, some mother-in-laws think their daughthers-in-laws cannot take care of their sons as much as they did. This pushes them to tend to criticise the food their daugthers-in-laws cook for their son or how she takes care of him.

What then should a woman do if she has a difficult mother-in-law? I believe the best thing to do is to love her. No matter what she does to you, do not retaliate. Just love her so much that she would have no option but to love you back. The bible in Mathew 5:44 says you should love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Love and pray for her.

What do you think of this topic? Do you have a difficult mother-in-law? Write your comments below.

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What is the purpose of a youth day in Cameroon?


The youth day which is often celebarated on 11th february has come and gone and again,Cameroonians are asking themselves why even celebrate a youthday when nothing is working in the lives of most youths. In addition, to the chronic unemployment, high education cost, lack of opportunities; a lot of youths in Cameroon can hardly eat a square meal a day.

In order to fond out how they felt about this national day in Cameroon, i interviewed a few youths. One of tbem, whose only name i got as Basile, insisted he has not been able to vet a job ever since he vraduated from university. He said he had tried every single gymnastic he could think of to get a job but nine was working. He added he can not even start a small business because he cannot not raise the money and no bank is willing to borrow him money because he has no collateral.

Another youth named Mary told me she too was having it difficult to get a job. She stated that in all offices that she goes to look for a job, the men there wnat to sleep with her first. She confided to me she has given her fate to God because only God can save her from her present predicament. She declared her only option left now is to go abroad for greener pasturrs. When i suvgested she should invest in agriculture as the president advised the youths, she told ke she does not have land nor the means to do so.

All the youths i talked to were unanimous that there was no reason to celebrate a youth day because the Cameroonian government has failed the youths. With the present attention of the government to fight Boko Haram, it is hard to see how sufficient funds would be allocated to satisfy the youths. The governkent should know they are the future of this country and should not be neglected.

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What every woman should know about men.


Many women are obssessed in their seacrh for the secret of men. Some make friends with guys, read women’s magazines or go to see prophets in order to know what the men in their lives are thinking.

One of the principal issues women have with men is “trust”. It is a six letter word but it means a lot. Some men are notorious liars, they are like chameleons that change colour all the time. They change decisions constantly and they sometimes donot open up about the problems they are facing to the men in their lives.

A woman told me recently how she was in a serious relationship with a guy. The later bought her a car, equipped her house and really took good care of her. She was convinced he was the man of her life and she became pregnant by him. It was after giving birth to her son that word reached her that the man is married and has three children with the wife. She was devastated and heart broken.

Most women would like to know what makes men tick? Why do they choose one woman over another to marry? How can you read their minds and control them? What can they do to get and keep them? Why do they say one thing and do something else. Though it is difficult to predict human relationships, take note of the following about your man.

* if you date a man, make sure you know where he lives. You would discover a lot about him there. And if he allows you to come to his house, then no other woman is in there.

* Get to know his friends and family. If this man has not introduced you to his friends and family, then you are not wife material for him.

* Support him in whatever is his vision. Find out what his vision is and be part of it. If he wants to become a lawyer, then offer advice, introduce him to potential mentors. You increase your value in his eyes by helping him in his career and business.

* Take care of his stomach. This cannot be emphasied enough. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You should know his favorite dishes and cook them for him. I donot advice women to stay with a man before marriage but you can visit him and help him in the kitchen.

* Take care of yourself. Men are visual creatures and so by taking care of yourself, you look beautiful in his eyes all the time. He would not turn around and look at another woman because he knows he has the most beautiful woman in his hands.

* Mind what he does not what he says.
If he says he loves you, does he calls and sms you? Does he visit you? Does he spend his money on you? Most men spend their money where their heart is. If he says he would marry you, has he taken you to his house? Do you know what he is doing for a living? Do you know his friends and family?

I hope most women take into considerations the above points in order to know who the men in their lives are really. As the former president of the United States of America once said, “Trust but verify. ” When dealing with people, donot follow only you emotions, look at the evidence also. Be sure that what they say is the truth. I wish you all a nice day.

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Why you should plant vegetables at your backyard.


Gardening is something i do all the time and i think every one should engage in it because it is fun and profitable. In addition, it can be done anywhere, whether at your frontyard, at your backyard or inside a room of your house.

A lot of things can be planted at your garden including fruits, vegetables,flowers, laawn or even medicinal crops. Today, i am going to talk about vegetables. Firstly, which types of vegetables should you plant? I have planted waterleaf(spinach), bitterleaf, sweetbitterleaf, greens, coujtry jamajama and they alldo well. It is a great savings on your buddvet because you can save as much as 10 % of your monthly expense on food by growing your own vevetables. Isn’t that great? Secondly, it is a good use of your time and a good killer of boredom and vice. Lastly, you can hardly lack what to eat when you vrow your own vegetables.

Folks and let nobody ffed you that crap that it is a woman’s job. I do my gardening myself and i have no problem doing it. Another common excuse is that your backyqrd or frontyard is too small or that you donot have one. Do it in a room in your house or wherever you can have some space. Just start this habit of growing your own vegetables and you would thank me for it.

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