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Are you aware of the opportunities around you?


I was watching one of the television stations in Cameroon recently and there is somebody who gave a wise saying. He said the world is divided into three types of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who never see. He was saying this in relations to a recently inauguratrd cassava processing plant in Douala, Cameroon. He stated that the same Indians and chinese who built the factory were probably going to be the ones to grow cassava to supply to it because many Cameroonians were too blind to see the opportunities around them.

Are you aware of the opportunities around you? I am sure most of you would respond by the affirmative. But is that really true? there are millions of opportunities that pass us each day. We are ignorant of many of them and others even when we recognise them, we lack the knowledge of how to turn them to our silver and gold. Yet Cameroonians cry everyday that things are difficult and that it is only abroad that they can make it.

You can do a lot at the back yard of your house. You can make a garden where you grow fresh fruits and vegeeables. You can even have a poultrg where you keep fowls for sale or for your own consuption. All these would reduce your monthly expenditure and even put money in your pocket.

Opportunities also arise when you interact with your networks. Your networks include your friends, family members and your affiliations. These people are sources of information you can exploit so you have to pay attention when talking with them. Newspapers both online and offline are pregnant with opennings. But until you dig deep and you are at the look out for such information, you would not see them. Finally, the radio, the television and the internet equally have lots of opennings.

Whatever God has laid in your heart to do, whether it is in starting a business, seeking for a new job, starting a project – just pay attention to what is happenning around you and you would find the gem that would transform your life. I wish you all a good day.


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