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Praying every day is a must for all Christians because in several verses in the bible, we are warned to pray in the spirit all the time. As for how long your prayers should is a matter of individual preference. Some people can pray for more than 9 hours without being tired while other feel that praying that long is not necessary. However in the bible it is said that Jesus prayed for one hour when he went to the mountain to pray. An average of an hour two times per day is a good average.

When we pray, we talk to God and we combine it with reading the bible we hear from God. We should pray every day in the spirit and in other tongues. Praying and reading of the bible must go together. When we pray we communion with God and we empty our minds to him. Whenever you are asking from God, should pray to see it happen. Whether you are believing God for a car, healing or a husband; pray about it. The bible says in mark 11:24 that “that whatever we desire and we pray for, believe that you have received it and you shall have it.”  It is therefore important that we should have complete confidence in God that he has answered our prayers after praying even before we see manifestation of those things in our lives.



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Proverbs 6:2   “Though are snared with the words of your mouth.”

The words that you speak make you or break you. You should speak that edify and not words that would bring you down. Your journey in life would go as far as your words take you. When you say “I am defeated, I am broke, I am a failure that is what you would get in life. We should be careful about the words we speak. A lot of people like to say they are broke and as soon as you declare it, brokenness comes looking for you.

The bible says let the weak say they are strong and let the poor say they are rich. The words you speak would either bless you or bring you down. Long ago, I decided never to say a foul word again all the days of my life. When I am weak, I say I am strong; when I am broke, I say I am rich. The words I speak manifest in my life and because my confessions are positive, that is what I get in life. Any time you speak doubt it comes looking for you in your life. Doubt rises up and fills your mind.

It is therefore important that we should speak the right words. Recently a friend of mine came visiting me and he told me how his business was slow, how since he opened his company, he has got no contracts. He told me he has thought several times about committing suicide. I told him never to say that again at my side. I told him his confessions should rather be “I can see contracts coming from all directions.” And when he declares like that and believe God, contracts would come from every direction. I am yet to hear from him but I believe that if he follows my advice, those contracts would come into his life. Speaking the right words is a sure way of receiving from God. Words filled with faith are the most powerful thing in the world. Faith that receives the promises of God would only work by believing and by saying.

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The love of signs and miracles.


I was prompted to wrote this post because of something i noticed lately. Many Christians are nowadays interested in signs and miracles than in the word of God. I realized that the attendance at my local congregation has been skyrocketing because of testimonies of how the pastor has been performing signs and miracles in the life of the worshipers.

The oxford advanced dictionary defines signs and miracles as an act that does not follow the laws of nature and is believed to be caused by God. It also says a miracle is a lucky thing that you happens that you did not expect or think was possible. Jesus Christ during his ministry performed several miracles that amazed the people. From restoring sight to the blind to raising the dead and turning water into wine, Jesus performed a lot of miracles.

Unfortunately, a lot Christians today are more interested in signs and miracles than in any thing else. This has pushed pastors, prophets and preachers to focus more on performing miracles and parading them so as to attract Christians to their churches. But is Christianity all about signs and miracles?

For one thing, the love of God should be what is pushing us to go to church. This is the only thing that would sustain one to remain in the body of Christ. For though Christians love to see signs and miracles, the christian life is not as rosy as they think. It is full of trials and temptation. Most often, the things we pray for would not happen overnight.

Are we then to abandon Christ and backslide because of this? My answer is a big No.

The bible says in Mathew 6:33 that we should seek Christ and every other thing would be added to you. Therefore, folks,love God and the kingdom and every other thing would be added to you. Jesus

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Just try


My scriptural reference is taken today from mark 16:17

These signs shall follow them that believe; they shall cast out demons, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, they shall drink poison and nothing shall do them and …….

Most of us speak in tongues everyday and pray but we do not know the power we carry as we go about our Christian walk. Praying in tongues charges the spirit and empowers us to not just be speakers of the word but doers of it too. Jesus said in the book of John that the things that he did we shall also do and greater things than he did we shall do. If you are not a doer of the word then you are not fully exploiting your Christian walk.

We do not believe we can cast out demons nor heal the sick because we do not try. Yet the bible states in the book of mark that these signs shall follow believers. It is not a promise but something that Jesus has already given out. Despite this power given to us as Christians many believers still l believe that only special men of God can cast out demons and heal the sick. The power has been given to all the Christian body and if you are not using them then it is out of ignorance.

I remember there was once I was in a situation where I had a case in my presence and thee was no man of God present. I had never been confronted with such a situation again and I did not know the power I possessed until I had to use it. And just as you see TB Joshua on the television, I laid my hand on this sick person and I declared and I saw the guy started manifesting. Ii remember every person was afraid of this guy but I took my courage in my hands and I prayed for this guy and I was amazed after three days to find him completely healed and healthy.ab

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Where do you give most of your time to?


I was prompted to write this post because I noticed that most of us give our time to the wrong places and this is not normal since there is nothing we can do without putting in the most time in it.  Weak desire would always produce weak results and so by giving all your energies to your most important goal you can definitely get what you want.

Whether it is to start a business, take course, finish your studies, build your house, whether you are planning to be a doctor or a lawyer, there is absolutely nothing you can do without first believing you can achieve it and being persistence right to the end. And being persistence means to keep on with what ever we are doing till the end of our projects. So, friends whatever be your dreams, give it all the attention you have and you would be able to have a positive report. There is nothing else that can give you success like this.

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Are you adding value to your life?


I woke up this morning with this topic in my mind. Most of us go through life contented with the position where we are. We never think that we can rise above where we currently stand. Adding value to our lives simply means doing something new that is an addition to what we have already achieved. Whether it is a new language we want to learn, a new skill we want to acquire, a new course we want to take, a new sport we want to start doing or a new project we want to engage in; we should be doing something that adds to the body of knowledge we already have.

There should be no excuse to postpone doing this. Start today and you would thank me for giving you this piece of advice. Time flies and waits for nobody. There are endless things we can do to add value to our lives. I recently I decided to improve on my typing skills and I downloaded the necessary software and started practising. Before long, I realised my typing speed has moved from 10 words per minute to 20 words per minute. It happened by believing God and through constant practise.  In addition to determination, my sheer persistence carried me along despite the difficulties I experienced in the beginning. Also, I just registered for a long distance course on climate change through the website www.coursera.org which has a lot of educational courses on various topics.

We should strive to keep up learning because as soon as we stop learning, we stop growing intellectually and we are not prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves in our lives. Improving and building up ourselves should be a constant process.

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How to know God’s plan for your life.


My scriptural reference is taken from Jeremiah 29:11,
“I alone know the plans i have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. ”

God has a plan for each of us. God’s plan in our lives is the purpose why we were created. God’s plan in the lives of Isaiah and Jeremiah was for them to be Prophets or messengers of God. Moses’ purpose was to lead the children of Israel up to the Jordan while Joshua’s was to lead them after the river Jordan.

Your own plan for your life is your ambition but God’s plan for your life is the reason why you were created. When God calls you, he would give you the abilities for your mission. Mosses was a stammerer but still he led the children of Israel. Jeremiah was a young but still God gave him abilities to achieve his mission. God’s plan for your life is wise. (Isaiah 28:29) .

How, then, do you know God’s plan for your life? Listen to the voice of God. God spoke to Mosses and Jeremiah. He revealed Joseph’s plan for his life through dreams that his brothers and father would bow to him and it eventually happened. God would speak to you too. Just be attentive to his voice.

Discover God’s plan for your life today and release the greatness in you. You would only be a successful doctor, lawyer, businessman, pastor, prophet, accountant if that was God’s plan for your life. I wish you all a nice day.

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