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Characteristics of a good friend.

1) honest

2) trustworthy

3) Make you meet new people.

4) Make you try new things.

5) Make you have fun.

6) Helps you through challenges ( sickness, hardship)

7) Encourages you to be a better person.

8) is self- sacrificing. ( puts your interest and advantage before his)

9) offers help when you need something done.


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Have you lost your saltiness?

” You are like salt for the whole human race; but if salt losses its saltiness: there is no way to make it salty again. It has become worthless, so it is thrown out and people trample on it.” (Mathew 5:13)

When you give your life to christ, you become a new creature. (2 corinthians 5:17) The old is gone and the new has come. There are things that you did while in the world that you no longer do. Your way of thinking, and of acting completely changes in line with your new nature. Even your entourage would realise you have changed for the better in so many ways.

What makes you the salt on earth? It is the good deeds that you do. You no longer womanize, prostitute, lie, smoke nor drink beer. You pay your thithes and offering in church and you become an addicted giver. Anybody looking at you knows you are a child of the most high God by the way you behave. How then do you loss your saltiness? You loss your saltiness when you start doing those things you were doing while in the world. If people see you womanising, drinking beer in an off license, lying then you can no longer be identified as a child of God because your deeds do not show it.

This scripture simply tells us that when you are devoid of those good deeds you lose your holiness. You are no longer a candidate of heaven. You have lost the substance of what makes you a child of God.

When you realise you are in this situation, run to God not away from him. He is more than ready to forgive your sins and welcome you back into the kingdom.

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Is your wife too attached to her pastor?

I was listening to Good news Calvary radio here in kumba recently and a certain man called complaining that he was suspecting the wife of sleeping with her pastor. He declared his wife spends all her time in church and very little time with him. He added that each time he gives the wife money for food, she divides it into two and she takes one part of it to the pastor as tithes and offerings. He further disclosed that each time the wife cooks food, she removes the pastor’e own first and she goes to give it to him before he can eat. Counsequently, he said, he felt like the wife was married to the pastor and not to him.

This situation led me thinking. Is your wife too attached to her pastor or is this man complaining too much? One thing i have observed is that people who have positions in church sometimes spend a lot of time in the things of God and their homes may suffer. There are meetings to attend in church, tasks to do and in some churches the women have to feed the pastor.

Some persons may go over board in doing the things of God and the other spouse may resent it especially if he or she is not a cokmitted christian. Even if he/she is a committed christian, the fact that you do not spend enough time with your husband might bring problems in the marriage. I was told recently of a pastor in the United Kingdom whose wife abandoned him because he was more interested in seeing his ministry grow than in her. The man gave all his time to his church and forgot that his wife existed. She could not bear ot and she left.

Friends, if you are a woman and you are serving God, realise that your husband and kids exist. They too need your attention. The bible describes the capable woman in proverbs 31:27, as a woman who is always busy and looks after her family’s needs. What are the needs of your husband? He needs to eat, he needs sex, he needs companionship and vounsel and also himself and the kids to be taken care of. Are you fufilling those needs? What God has put together, do not put asunder by ignoring the needs of your spouse. Serve God yes but preserve your marriage too.

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Do you have principles in your life?

A principle is a moral rule or strong belief that influences your actions. It can be something as simple as deciding to sleep every day at 2200 hours and not picking any calls after that time. It is important to have principles in your life and stick to them otherwise people would abuse of you. Imagine a guy calling you at 2300 hours to.come to his place. As a respectable lady, youshould be able to tell him no because it is too late and you donot keep late hours.

The advantages of having principles cannot be over emphasized. You are in control of your time and your life. You would not feel like you are being pushed around to fit into the scehdule of other persons. Also, it is a good excuse to tell somebody when you do not want to do something because it is against your principles. In addition, it is easy to tell somebody no which some persons find difficult to do.

I have principles in my life. I maintain a to-do-list and every evenning i must write down what i would do the next day. I read my bible and i pray everyday. Also i sleep by 2200 hours, put my phone off and by 0400 am, i am awake. I take a ath every day in the morning. What are your principles? Please, write in the comments below.

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The power of thanksgiving.

Giving thanks is a convenant principle of the kingdomof God that all.christians should be commotted to. (Psalms 138:1) it all the time. I thank God each time that somebody gives me a compliment, each time i am offered somethig for free and everyvday i thank God for making me see a new day. Do you give thanks to God? If you are not doing it, start today and you would realise how more fulfilling and happy your life would become.

Giving thanks has its rewards. It moves God to open the windows of blessings to you. Until you thank God for the small things he does in your life, he would not do bigger things. Also, when you thank God, you appreciate better what you have. Many people seem to ignore how much God has done to make them in what they are today. They focus their attention instead on things that they lack. Lastly, it increases your faith because it reminds you of what God has done for you.

Jesus had this habit of always giving thanks to the father sometimes even before he performed a miracle. He gave thanks before giving a piece of bread and a cup to hs disciples which represented his flesh and his blood. Before raising Lasarus, from the dead, he gave thanks. (John 11:41) Paul writing to the church at Colossae encourages them to always give thanks to God for their share of what belongs to the children of God. (Colossians 1:11).

Thanksgiving should be regarded more like a lifestyle than like a one time act for it to be effective.( 2 thessalonians 5:18) Your present situation or condition notwithstanding, learn to give thanks to God the father.

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How to keep your faith.

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see. (Hebrew 11:1) Each of us have a measure of faith. So, neve tell anyone that you do not have faith. However, there are people who have little faith and others who have the spirit of faith which is the highest measure of faith. It is impossible to please God without faith. God does not like those who doubt him.

In the book of mathew 14:22, while Jesus was walking on the water, he told Peter to come to him. Peter started walking on the water but then he saw a wave and he became afraid and he started sinking. Jesud held up his hand to him and asked him why he doubted. Just like Peter, you too can loss your faith if you do not guard it jealously. The devil is after your faith because he knows that without faith, you are exposed to all his attacks. You resist all the evil arrows shot by the devil against you with your faith. (Ephesians 6:16)

How then do you keep your faith? Consistency is key because with a consistent measure of faith, you put the devil to nought. Firstly, you keep.your faith by hearing the word of God. Whether it is in church while the pastor is preaching, in your cell meeting or at home, it is imperative to always listen to the word of God. Secondly, by reading the bible and meditating on the word your faith is pumped up. Thirdly, through prayers and being a doer of the word. Your faith is beefed up when you pray for people and they get healed or when they overcome challenges. Lastly, your faith is reenforced when youare a worker in yhe church, because you have to be in chirch regularly and attend activities.

It is very easy to lose your faith just as it is eady to get it. Thr counsequences of losing your faith are disastrous. Faith is like a shield so when you lose it the enemy would easily defeat you. Guard you faith jealously and it would always be with you.

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Procastination can be defined as the act of delaying something that you should do, usuqlly because you do not want to do it. We all procastinate in one way or the other. Unfortunately, this can be a problem in the lives of some people making unable to achieve nothing in their existence here on earth. Have you ever found yourself postponing something you would love to do? It could be something as little as starting to learn a new language, cutting down your weight or starting a business. If this happens to you, then you are procastinating on that activity. Even apostle Paul said he never did the things he wanted to do bit that he always did things he did not intend to do.

There are many reasons that lead people to procastinate. The principal are either that the task is too big or complicated to start. Another reason might be the fear of failure, which notoriously holds down a lot of people from achieving their dreams.

A number of solutions can help you break away from this habit of procastination and help you achieve your dreams. Break down tasks into sub tasks and be commited to achieving them. Attach a deadline to complete the task. It is also helpful to jave a to-do-list in which you plan out what you want to do, when and how. Finally, never be afraid to fail because the fact that you are failing a lot is an indication that you are on your way to success. Did you enjoy this post? What did you think was lacking? Write down on the comments below.

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