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On my arrival in Cameroon I noticed that a lot of people still believe that it is only by going abroad that they can succeed in life. But is that really so? Are these believes true? Can you make money only by traveling abroad? For one thing I know one can make money anywhere in the world even in Cameroon. Yes you have heard me well. There is money to be made in Cameroon just as you can make it in Europe, Japan or the USA. If you do not believe me, then look around you and you would see many people who got rich not by traveling abroad but by remaining here in Cameroon. If they could do it then you too who is reading this article can become rich too. Whether you come from a rich family or not whether you went to school or not you can become rich or make it here in Cameroon.

Unfortunately for most youth in Cameroon, their highest cry is to go abroad and come back with millions. They would always refer you to their brother or friend who went broad and came back and built a house or car or removed the family from poverty. Are there not people who have stayed in Cameroon and bought cars or built houses? What is so extraordinary about building a house? You can make it here in Cameroon just as you can make it abroad. If you are a lizard here in Cameroon, you would still be a lizard abroad. Life is as difficult there as it is here in Cameroon.

Another thing I realized is the people abroad are not telling their people in Cameroon about the realities of life overseas. It is not as glamorous and nice as a lot of people think back in Cameroon. You still have to work hard to put food on the table just as you would do in Cameroon. They do not pick money on the streets as many people believe. Do not abandon your small job here in Cameroon thinking by going abroad you would make millions over night. You would work jobs that you would never think of doing here in Cameroon.



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Fear can be defined as an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight). We all experience the emotion of fear in one way or the other. What then is fear and why do we fear? Fear can also be defined as meditating on the lies of the devil which brings worry and anxiety.

There are several fears that happen to us. The is the fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear about our kids, fear of not getting married and fear of not having kids. Most of the time these fears have no basis. They are just there to divert us from the plan of God in our lives. Theo opposite of fear is faith and the best way to fight against fear is to show faith. The bible says in the book of Philippians chapter 4:6 that we should not worry nor fret but by prayer, thanks giving and supplication we should make out request known to the Lord. So instead of expressing our fears we should prays and give thanks.

Whatever we are asking God it is important to pray about it and keep giving thanks. In this way we are sure not to worry about this situation that can be a drain in our lives. There is no telling what the emotion of fear can do to our lives. For one it makes us to meditate in something else instead of the word of God. The bible says in the book of Joshua chapter 1:8 “this book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth but meditate therein day and night and observe to do as it says. Take time then to meditate on the word of God instead of on other thoughts.



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I stumbled upon this today while working on my computer. Friends, do you all know a simple secret that has never failed all successful people you know today. Whatever are your goals or vision in life this secret will always produce results. And it does not even matter whether you have the money or talent or skills. All you have to do is to try it and you would see that it works each time.

This secret is to try whatever thing God has put into your heart to do. It might be that you want to start a business, or go back to school or take a course or even start a ministry. Start doing that thing today with whatever means God has placed in your hands. Do no longer procrastinate on this thing but start doing it today. Procrastination is the number one enemy of success. To be successful in your life you must stop putting off things you want to do.

I remember one pastor friend who recently testified that God put in his mind to start a ministry and he told God but “I do not have a house or money to start”. God told him to use his personal home to start and he would see him through. This man of God started his ministry with even no microphone and with just a handful of members. Today his church runs in to the thousands and it is one of the biggest in Europe. The bible says we should never despite small beginnings.

Some of you would tell me but Alfred, I recently started a business but it failed. How am I sure that if I start something again it would not fail and I would lose my money. The good news is that most businesses fail on the first attempt and only succeed after a second trial. So you do not need to be discouraged because your businesses have failed. There is still much hope ahead. Start another business and you would apply the lessons you learnt in the failed business to the new business and your success would come automatically.


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So I was inspired to write this post by a friend who explained to me how things where so difficult for him that he felt that by crying God would be moved to intervene in his situation. Well I know there are many more people out there who have been believing God for something for so long that they feel like giving up right now. My friend if you are in this category now is not the time to give up. Keep on believing God for whatever you desire in life and he would move mountains for you. God’s time is the best.
In the book of Mathew, when Jesus Christ was invited to a marriage with his disciples, the wine got finished and his mother Mary came to him to tell him. Well, Jesus just told her that his time has not yet come and bible says Mary told the servants to stand ready in case Jesus asked for them. Later when the time came Jesus asked for water and he converted the water into wine which the people drank and enjoyed. So, it is important to allow God to work at his time in your situation.
I remember I was last believing God to write my exams and get my certificate but a lot of challenges came up that I almost gave up going to school. But then I believed God had already given me the document and so I persisted despite the challenges. And, to the glory of God I got my certificate at the end of it all.
So friends, whatever you are believing God for, now is not the time to cry but he has already heard your prayers and he is ready to act in your situation. Now is not the time to give up but to keep believing in him and you would receive whatever you want from the lord. Do not be like Peter who was about to walk in the water but later gave up because he saw the wave. You have to persist despite the wave to get any results. I wish you all a nice day.


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I have been hearing a lot about this term on the television especially the French TV broadcasts. They normally call it in French “les nouveau riches”. After hearing about it for some time, I set to find out what all this is all about. Who are the “nouveau riche” in Cameroon? What criteria are used to qualify people into this category against another?

The research led me to start looking for what is used to qualify somebody as newly rich and the history of it all. I was told that before in Cameroon, you had just a handful of rich people with well recognized names. They were very known to everybody and highly respected. However, in the cause of the years a lot of young people have acquired wealth and now the appellation newly rich covers a bigger number of people than before. Not only are people abroad coming in with wealth in the form of remittance and even in Cameroon, a lot of people are moving out of poverty and creating wealth for themselves and their families.

There are external displays that show members of this group like the house they live, the car the drive and the schools in which their children are enrolled. I never noticed it until I heard it been mentioned on French TV. Maybe this appellation was coined because of their external display of wealth and lavish lifestyle. Whatever it consists of, the nouveaux riches are here to stay and as more and more people climb out of the ladder of poverty, and this set of people is likely to increase exponentially.

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So I woke up today and thought about writing this post. Where are you getting your advice from? Most of us get our advice from the wrong sources and we are very surprised when the results do not measure up to expectations. Do you ever ask yourself why this is so? It is because the people we turn to for advice are themselves not knowleadgeable in what we are asking them about. So how do you know the best person from whom to seek advice?

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to cook a meal and you do not know how to go about it then you have to ask it from somebody who has cooked that meal before and who has done his own mistakes so that you can avoid making the same mistakes and find the most efficient way to do that thing you are about to do. If you have problem in your finances and you want to put then in order then see your banker and talk with him or her. Don’t seek for advice from your friend who cannot even manage his own finances. I am amazed to see the places and people we usually turn to for advice. If you are in ministry and your ministry is experiencing problems, then go see a friend who’s ministry is working well and find out how he is doing to manage his ministry. You cannot seek this type of advice from a lawyer. He would give you the wrong type of advice.


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I feel absolutely excited to write this post and I hope all of you friends are feeling the same. So what do I mean to write? From the title you would realize I am going to talk about what we go through in life. So I know we all have problems we are struggling with and the good news is that we are not alone in this situation. In fact, when you hear about the problems of other people you may be tempted to say you do not have no problem.

No matter what you are going through friends the remedy is to believe God would see through. The mistake many people do is to believe in their own strength but friends there is power in believing that God has seen you through. When David was faced with Goliath in the bible in the book of kings, he did not compare himself to Goliath but he compared his God to this mighty challenge and eventually since he did not believe it was his battle he won over Goliath hands down.

Whatever situation we are in, we should not compare our obstacle to ourselves but to God. Whether it is a mountain of debt, a mountain of marriage, whether it is the fruit of the womb; know that God has intervened in your situation and given you victory. The battle is not ours but that of the Lord. The bible says in mark 11:24 “Whatever you desire and you pray for believe that you have received it and you shall have it.” Have a good day you all.


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