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5 tips to release the greatness in you.


There is a greatness in everyone of us screaming to get out. Some of us pay attention to it and do things required to be successful while others completely ignore it with self-limiting thoughts. Follow these tips in order to release the greatness in you.

1) Organize your day.
You can only achieve much in a day by knowing the things you have to do that day and allotting some time for them. Make a to-do-list the night before and follow up on it. You would be amazed how much you can achieve in a day. Daniel organized his day such that he could pray three times a day. (Daniel 6:10)

2) Take action on your ideas.
Most of us procrastinate on a lot of things. We have great ideas but we never put them into action. It is advisable to have a “dream catcher book” where you write down every idea that crosses your mind. Follow up on your ideas by writing down the steps you need to take to accomplish them. Take action on them immediately because what is delayed would get further delayed.

3) Learn to finish whatever you start.
A lot of people give up on their dreams as soon as a challenge or obstacle shows up. See challenges as opportunities and follow up to the end. Let nothing disturb you from completing the task at hand. Nehemiah was a humble man who was determined to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Though he was molested, mocked and his workers were attacked, he still managed to finish the work in 52 days.( Nehemiah 6:15) Never be discouraged in whatever God has put in your mind to do.

4) Surround yourself with like-minded people.
Your company would make you or break you. Who are your friends? Keep company with the wise. What your friends do would brush off on you. If they are alcoholic; you would tend to become one yourself. If they are womanizers, don’t be surprised if you turn out the same. Keep friends who have the same values as you.

5) Be focused.
Don’t one thing you are better at than any other person and focus on it. Be an expert in that one thing. Avoid rushing from project to project which would instead lead to half work. Joseph was skilled in interpreting dreams and visions and nobody could do it better than him. (Genesis 40:12) what one thing do you excel at? Concentrate and be the best there is at that one thing.


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Settling in Cameroon – part 11: Why some Africans still shun keeping their money in Banks?


Upon settling in Cameroon, i noticed that very few people actually owned bank accounts. This was strange to me because i could not understand how somebody could do financial transactions without a bank account. Coming from Europe where virtually everyone has one, i sought to find out why Cameroonians did not own bank accounts. Where do they keep their money? How do they do financial transactions?

I realized that a lot of Cameroonians shun banks because they believe you need a lot of money to open a bank account. Some others feel that banks are for “big” people and the elite in society. They prefer to hide their money under their mattress where they see it everyday. However, these people don’t see the risk involved in case of a fire outbreak.

Who is then responsible for this situation? I think the banks should communicate more about their services and make opening an account easy. The government should also pass legislature obliging all companies to pay their workers through financial institutions instead in their hand.

Where do you hide your hard-earned money? Under your mattress, carpet, at home? Or in financial institutions? Register your answer below.

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How to fire up your faith.


A lot of people believe that as soon as they give their lives to Christ, then they are born again and everything is finsihed in their christian lives. Giving your life to Christ is the beginning of a long journey that has bumps and potholes on the way. One of the ways to resist the devil and guide against backsliding is through faith. (Ephesians 6:16) . The bible says we all have a measure of faith. However, this faith has to be nurtured for it to grow otherwise it dies down.( mark 9:24) . Here are a few ways you can fire up your faith :

1) By regularly attending church services.
You would only have faith by hearing the word of God.(Romans 10:17). The only place you would never get tired of hearing the word of God is in church. Try to make it a duty to attend all church services. At best, join a service unit like ushers, choir that would compel you to attend church services.

2) By studying the word of God.
So, you are a christian and you do not have a bible. How can this be? Invest in a good bible. Read it daily at least 3 pages for a start. More as you continue your christian walk. The devil is only afraid of Christians who know the word of God. He would not even attempt to stop at their doorstep. You need to renew your mind everyday by reading your bible so as to chase away old thoughts and replace them with the word of God.

3) Prayers.
The first sign that your faith has gone down is when you cannot pray or don’t pray enough. Learn to spend time with God daily by praying to him. Prayers is a means that we communicate with God and we hear from him. Jesus cautioned his disciples to pray lest they fall into temptation. (Mathew 14:38) . Are you praying?

4) By singing praises and worship.
It amazed me how a lot of Christians close their mouths. Open your mouth and declare scripture instead staying quiet. I heard this one from Prophet Kevin Nuduba, a preacher based in kumba, Cameroon. Paul and Silas story is a good illustration of the power of praise and worship.( Acts 16:16). After they were locked up for saving a fortune teller woman, they started off praying but later they switched to praise and worship at midnight and the prison gates crumpled liberating them. Learn to sing praises and worship to the Lord whether in your house, in your car, at work, in your bathroom and kitchen.

5) The fear of the Lord.
You must always have the fear of the Lord with you at all times. As soon as you stop fearing the Lord, sins takes root in your life. Joseph could only avoid the temptation of sleeping with Portiphar’s wife because he feared the Lord. He didn’t want to displace his master. ( Genesis 31:1-3)

These are a few tips of how you can revive your faith. Do you know of any i omitted? Register them in the comments below.

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Should a woman’s tribe keep you from marrying her?


In Cameroon and Africa in general, there are several tribes. Cameroon alone has about 234 clans speaking different dialects. Though this can be seen as a diversity in language and culture, it can get in the way of a man getting married to a woman. Recently, i was chatting with a lady and she told me there was a pastor who wanted to marry her. However, the pastor’s family did not like women from her tribe because they were thought of as being promiscuous. She bemoaned why something as little as her tribe of origin could keep her from getting married to her fiance.

A friend told me recently that he was wooing a woman and when he mentioned his tribe, the woman shouted and he sought to find out what was wrong. The woman said guys from her tribe are notoriously rough and mistreat women. There are many such stories like this of tribe keeping people from living together. What surprises me is that the same woman you are afraid to marry because pf her tribe somebody else is enjoying her with no problem.

Should a man or woman’s tribe be so much an issue when marriage is concerned? My answer would be yes and no. Yes,because when it impedes the happiness of the couple, then there is no need for the two to live together. No, because i think a lot of people generalize too much. The fact that your friend’s husband mistreat her doesn’t mean that if you marry a man from the same tribe, he would mistreat you too. People are different. Stop generalizing and give the man or woman a chance.

What do you think about this topic? Are there women or men from some tribes you cannot marry?

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How to secure money for your business project.


Sone is a Cameroonian male living in Europe. Sone went abroad in order to seek for greener pasture and escape poverty in his home country. He has been nursing several ideas to start a business, however, he seems not to be able to mobilize the funds. Sone has the following options to raise funds in order to start his own business.

1) Use his savings.
Savings is money you put aside to invest. There are several ways to save money ranging from joining a savings club(Nchangi), making automatic deductions from your current account, hiding money under your mattress.

2) Borrow money from friends and family.
This another way Sone can raise money to start his business. He can reach out to friends and family relatives, tell them about his business, and persuade them to invest in it either against equity or in order to reap a little extra later.

3) Borrow from Financial Institutions.
Sone can approach several financial institutions including banks, credit unions, village associations and borrow from there. He would most probably be asked to bring a surtee or provide collateral security.

4) Sell Stuff.
Sone can sell some of his stuff to raise money. There are all types of sites and yard sales where you can sell some of your stuff. Selling his laptop, for example, can provide Sone enough money to start a business.

Sone can even decide to use several of these sources of funding. What is certian is that financial institutions would require that Sone show proof of possessing his own funds in order to get invovled. Which of funding would you choose if you were Sone. Register your thoughts below.

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What are you known for?


A lot of us go through life totally unnoticed. We are not known for anything. This is because we spread our attention on a multitude of projects and we donot concentrate on any of them.

Joseph was known for interpretation of dreams. He was so skilled at it that when the King needed somebody to interpret his dream, Joseph was called in. This eventually catapulted him into becoming the governor of Egypt. David was a great soldier. He never lost a battle. Jesus was known for his healing, deliverance and preaching. Bible says he preached like nobody has done before – with authority. His miracles were known everywhere he went.

What are you known for? Which one thing do people think about you each time that they mention it? Which one thing do you do better than any other person? What one thing do you do that anybody who sees it says wow?

Whatever you are doing or are good are; increase your bulk of knowledge at that thing by either formal or informal training and you would be noticed. Are you a builder? Learn to build the best houses ever seen. Are you a cleaner? Clean like nobody has ever done before. Are you a cook? Cook your food like nobody has done before and you would be noticed. Strive to increase your skill in that one thing and you would thrive. I wish you a nice day.

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Is it necessary to borrow money in order to start a business?


Starting a business is one of those things we all want to do at some stage of our lives. However, despite our best intentions, we are sometimes bugged down by financial difficulties. Borrowing money from banks or friends and relatives can be the answer. But are you aware of the risk involved in borrowed money.

First, there is the issue of paying interest on the money borrowed if,for instance, you borrowed from a bank. Not only would you have stress when you have to repay the money but sometimes your assets may be seized and auctioned if you are unable to pay. Secondly, it might bring strife and misunderstanding between you and your family members or friends in case you default on paying the money. Lastly, borrowing can become such a habit that you find yourself in a hole it is difficult to get out of.

What is the best way to start a business then? You have have to count on your saved money. This would put less stress on you and you would not have to worry about not being able to repay a loan. I know some people would disagree with me. Register your thoughts below.

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