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A lot of Christians go to church and as soon as the church service finishes most of them pack their bibles and immediately leave the church. This is all fine except for one thing: the church needs your helping hand to run efficiently. Some Christians ask themselves donot I pay tithes and offerings in church? Why should they ask me again to come and do something in the church? Some would say I am too busy and I do not have time for that. Friends we are all busy but yet we still find time to do something in the house of God. You too can do it and reap the dividends of a happy and fulfilled live. The pastor should not tell you before you start doing it. You should choose something to do by yourself.

There are benefits in doing something in the house of God. Firstly, it helps you to keep up your spiritual life. By joining the choir, the ushers, or the translators, you keep yourself busy in the house of God and so you find it an obligation to always be in church. Secondly, you are sick free. Serving God and doing something in the house of God permits you to go weeks upon weeks sick free. The bible says in the book of Mathew that he himself took away our sickness and diseases and by his stripes we are healed. Thirdly, doing something in the house of God makes us to be joyful all the time. The bible says that we should rejoice and give thanks to God at all times. Finally, it makes us build relationships and contacts. The easiest way to get to know many church members is by doing something in the house of God.

Friends, there is a lot to do in the house of God. Whether you are cleaning, ushering or teaching you can always pick something to do in the house of God. There is no excuse in not participating in the works of God. Start today and you experience God’s blessings in your life.

choir singing

the church choir singing in service


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I feel nostalgia each time I think of school reopening. It reminds me about my secondary and primary school days when I waited endlessly for school to start after the holidays. The thrill of meeting once more my school mates and sharing our experiences of the holiday, the thrill of meeting back our teachers and embracing again our classrooms. I always felt like the waiting time was too long and I was always impatient to start school. I would remove my book list and look it and tick every single book that my father bought for me. We had to visit the bookshop in order to buy the books.
One particular thing I always remember is my school uniform especially my trousers which my father made sure they were sewed longer than my height so that as I passed to the next class they would loosen it and it would fit me again. In this way I could wear one trouser for more than three classes as my mother would just loosen it to suit me again. Another thing was my shoes that had to be a little bigger in my feet so that I could wear them more than one academic year. I could thus wear the same shoe and uniform for more than three academic years without it being a problem for me. Today, our children want new shoes and uniform each academic which gives a lot of stress to parents who have to do anything to satisfy their kids. In addition, parents have to cough out more money for transportation for schools where there is a bus that has to take kids to school.
Also while going to school I used to think I was going to school for my parents. This is very funny but it was a feeling I had. When I refused to go to school I always felt what my parents would do. I quite remember one of the best foods I liked was rice and beans. Each time my mother cooked it I would just be praying for the school to close quickly so that I could go home and go and eat the food. I use to love rice and beans. I know some of you have your experiences in primary and secondary school. Share them in the comments below.

march past

pupils marching to school.

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GCE Ordinary and Advanced level results out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is jubilation and celebration in Cameroon as the GCE results have finally been published. In fact, following the reading of the results over the radio, successful applicants took to the street to express their joy. This Sunday, there were so many testimonies in church by students who passed in the various examinations. However, I encourage all students who failed to try again next year and believe God that they have made it.

It made me recall my own experience when I obtained my GCE advanced level. In those days, when you were successful in the GCE examinations, you were highly regarded by not only your family but your whole community. Everybody in your community saw you as a highly successful person and several neighbours would invite you just to talk with you or, give you drinks and food. At home my father used to order that they buy a chicken and cook it for me. This was a great honour to me because we only ate chicken on big days. It was also some of the rare times we all ate on the table as a family. Not only was there a big feast in our house, but celebrations were also done in the streets by other students who would run about shouting and singing as soon as they heard their names read over the radio. What a wonderful sight it was. Today, however, celebrations are low key and most feasting is done in homes.

There was one innovation this year that I did not fail to notice. One of the major mobile telephone networks in Cameroon which is MTN bought the whole results. Students can access their results by texting to MTN and paying the sum of 150 francs. I have of complaints from students that the service is too slow. I hope the service becomes faster next year. I wish to express my congratulations to all students who passed.

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Who is your mentor?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a mentor as a trusted counsellor or guide. Your mentor is somebody who has done what you intend to do in your life and who has done it successfully. A mentor should be somebody who gives you advice and encourages you in whatever you intend to do. If your dream is to be a doctor, then your mentor should be a doctor who is successfully in what he does. If your dream is to be a church minister, then your dream should be a minister who has successful in managing his ministry. By having a mentor, you can easily overcome certain problems because you gain from the experience of your mentor who encountered the same difficulties but overcame them all.

In the bible, Elijah was the mentor of Elisha and Naomi was the mentor of Ruth. After the death of the husband of Ruth, she insisted to go with Naomi wherever Naomi was going. Eventually Ruth followed the advice of Naomi and she got married to Boaz and bore him a son (Ruth 4:13). Ruth benefited from the experiences that Naomi had of life and she followed all the advice that Naomi gave her.

Who is your mentor? If you do not have one, then think of getting one. Personally, I have decided to meet a successful person each month and I am putting a plan in action to help me achieve this goal. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So, take time to choose a mentor and learn to get as much advice as possible from this person.

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