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Just try


My scriptural reference is taken today from mark 16:17

These signs shall follow them that believe; they shall cast out demons, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, they shall drink poison and nothing shall do them and …….

Most of us speak in tongues everyday and pray but we do not know the power we carry as we go about our Christian walk. Praying in tongues charges the spirit and empowers us to not just be speakers of the word but doers of it too. Jesus said in the book of John that the things that he did we shall also do and greater things than he did we shall do. If you are not a doer of the word then you are not fully exploiting your Christian walk.

We do not believe we can cast out demons nor heal the sick because we do not try. Yet the bible states in the book of mark that these signs shall follow believers. It is not a promise but something that Jesus has already given out. Despite this power given to us as Christians many believers still l believe that only special men of God can cast out demons and heal the sick. The power has been given to all the Christian body and if you are not using them then it is out of ignorance.

I remember there was once I was in a situation where I had a case in my presence and thee was no man of God present. I had never been confronted with such a situation again and I did not know the power I possessed until I had to use it. And just as you see TB Joshua on the television, I laid my hand on this sick person and I declared and I saw the guy started manifesting. Ii remember every person was afraid of this guy but I took my courage in my hands and I prayed for this guy and I was amazed after three days to find him completely healed and healthy.ab


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5 things that make a man a good father.


The family is the most important unit in today’s society and fathers are the cornerstone of this institution. The bible instructs in Colossi ans 3:19 that a husband should love his wife and he should not be harsh with her. Part of this love involves cherishing, caring and protecting your wife. Here are then 5 things that make a man a good father:

1) He is a protector:

A father should be concerned for the well being of his wife . He protects her against the enemy, fraud, trouble and stress. He should ask the wife where she is and at what time she is coming home. He should always make sure the wife is safe.

2) He is a provider:

This involve much more than money. He should provide wisdom, friendship, counsel, camaraderie, perspective, insight, he should have a giving spirit. He should be sensitive to the needs of his wife and he should not be a complainer.

3) He is a promoter:

He should promote his wife more than himself. He should use the gifts that God gave his wife to make her look good.

4) He should be a Prophet:

A proud father should be a prophet. He prophetises to his children what they would become in the future.

5) Spend time for his kids:

A good father should reserve time each day to spend with the kids. The best gift a father can give the children is time spent with them.



So, folks these are a few points i gathered on being a good father. Please, add any other you know in the comments section below.



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A lot of people are starting a new career, while others are just hitting the job market after graduating from school. With the bad economic, many of us are looking for jobs and while doing this, there are a number of things we can do to get busy as we seek to start another job. The following are the various things we can do while hoping to land new job:

1)      Blogging :

Blogging is one way you can occupy yourself during a job search. The best thing we can blog about is something you know very well about and this can be about a job, something we are passionate about or something that we enjoy doing.

 2)      Start your own business

Another way to pass time is to start your own company. Normally, while working there are a number of businesses you would like to start but that you cannot start because you lack the time. This is the time to dust those projects and start something rewarding for your life. This is the best time to start your own business.

 3)      Volunteer

There are very few volunteering opportunities in Cameroon and very few Cameroonians engage in it. It is always a good thing in helping those who are less fortunate than we are.

 4)      Take a new course

There are a lot of courses out there and a lot of school that offer them. Whether it    is nursing, management or whatever we may want to study, there are many to choose from.

 5)      Internship

You can look for a company or a non governmental organization to intern and with a lot of effort and persistence, you would get your chance to intern somewhere and thus improve your skills and understanding.

 6)      Reading

Reading is another cheap and less expensive way to spend time during a job search and also develop our intellect ability.

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Be solution minded not problem minded


This is one of my most important principles in life. I do everything I can to discuss the solution and not the problem. Well, you might be in financial difficulties and instead of saying and thanking God how he has paid your bills, you keep complaining how you have a lot of bills to pay or how you would never get out of debt. Friends you have to be solution minded in life. That is the best thing to do.

We complain how our children are not doing well in school or how no man is coming to ask our hand in marriage. Friends, if you pass your time complaining instead of praising and thanking God for seeing you through in your problems then you would never see the solution to them. In every thing I do, I always try to be solution minded instead of looking at the problem; I concentrate all my efforts in seeking for a solution to what I am going through.
Leaders and great politicians are solution oriented instead of amplifying the problem; they concentrate their effort in seeking for a solution to the problem. They brainstorm to get the best idea from a number of options that they bring up. So, friends instead of complaining about your problems all the time be instead solution minded and you would find them solved in less than no time. I wish you all a nice day.


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Where are you looking for your spouse?


I am completely amazed where we are looking for our marriage partners lately. With the growth of social networking sites in the worlds today many persons both men and women have turn to technology to help them find a life long partner. There are many websites that are being patronized from very popular ones like facebook to less popular ones like linkened. Not only are we turning to social networking sites but some person expect to find the significant other in places like night clubs and bars and some even go to funeral and parties hunting for an elusive mate.

All the above places are good places where singles gather but depending on the type of woman you want, it might be safe to look at the right places. If you looking for a God fearing woman, the best place to find her is in church or in a Christian Conference.  If you want an educated woman then go to universities or higher r educational institutions to get such a woman.  If on the other hand you are looking for a mate who loves art then frequent the museums and arts gallery. If you are looking for a woman who is athletic then go to the gym and you would meet her there.

Friends networking sites like facebook and twitter are not the best places to look for a life long partner. You are less likely to find a God fearing woman in facebook then in church. So, it is useless wasting valuable time searching at the wrong places.


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Where do you give most of your time to?


I was prompted to write this post because I noticed that most of us give our time to the wrong places and this is not normal since there is nothing we can do without putting in the most time in it.  Weak desire would always produce weak results and so by giving all your energies to your most important goal you can definitely get what you want.

Whether it is to start a business, take course, finish your studies, build your house, whether you are planning to be a doctor or a lawyer, there is absolutely nothing you can do without first believing you can achieve it and being persistence right to the end. And being persistence means to keep on with what ever we are doing till the end of our projects. So, friends whatever be your dreams, give it all the attention you have and you would be able to have a positive report. There is nothing else that can give you success like this.

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