Praying every day is a must for all Christians because in several verses in the bible, we are warned to pray in the spirit all the time. As for how long your prayers should is a matter of individual preference. Some people can pray for more than 9 hours without being tired while other feel that praying that long is not necessary. However in the bible it is said that Jesus prayed for one hour when he went to the mountain to pray. An average of an hour two times per day is a good average.

When we pray, we talk to God and we combine it with reading the bible we hear from God. We should pray every day in the spirit and in other tongues. Praying and reading of the bible must go together. When we pray we communion with God and we empty our minds to him. Whenever you are asking from God, should pray to see it happen. Whether you are believing God for a car, healing or a husband; pray about it. The bible says in mark 11:24 that “that whatever we desire and we pray for, believe that you have received it and you shall have it.”  It is therefore important that we should have complete confidence in God that he has answered our prayers after praying even before we see manifestation of those things in our lives.



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