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Should a woman propose to a man


On the sidelines of the recentlty celebrated women’s day , and with the clamour for women for more equility with men, i thought about this topic this morning. If women are to be taken seriously to be equal to men , wouldn’t it be nice for them to be able to propose to marry a man? The present system of a man proposing to a womwn has existed sinse the start of the universe and very few women are eager that it should stop.

The proponents for a woman proposing to a man cite a number of reasons why it should happen. They point to the fact that men are hesitant and drag their feet to marry and so women should be given the chance to initiat things. Not only would there be many more marriages but there would be less single women as well. They also insist it encourage equality between men and women and push more women to work harder to keep the man. This would in turn reduce the number of divorces in our society.

However, those against women proposing have their arguments too. Their principal reason is that it might bring about the abolition of the brideprice which to many is unacceptable. if the woman proposes, to the man, who would give the brideprice to whom? The man’s family may insist on a brideprice since it is the woman’s family that is asking his hand in marriage. this in turn may shatter timeworn customs. In addition, many say a woman proposing may be empowered to control the relationship and this might make her proud and non submissive . Some women think they cannot bear being turn down by a guy and so to them it is intolerable.

Denmark recently set aside a day where they encouraged women to propose to men. However, from statistics, very few women have taken the courage to propose to their fiances. This shows how difficult it can be to change age old traditions. What do you think about this. Write your comments below.


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Depend on God, not man.

Raymond is an unemployed young man living in Doula. He is a graduate from the university of buea and he holds a BA in history. He travels several times a month to see his brother in Yaounde who works at the ministry of transport. He is deeply convinced that only his brother would help him secure a job. He has stopped sending out applications believing that only his brother can get a job for him.

He gets angry at his brother and is even frustrated because no job is coming his way. He never thinks he can rely on himself and believe God for a job. All he knows is that his brother would get him a job. Have you been guilty of this or do you know any person guilty of this?

Friends, I want to tell you today that you would never succeed in whatever you are aiming for if you put all your hopes on another man like you. I tried it myself and it never worked . I remember when i wanted to travel abroad, I was advised to see a witch doctor in order to increase my chances of getting a visa. I went to the witchdoctor on several occassions but each time i was refused the visa. However, when i turned to God, I was immediately given it. God never dissappoints – Halleluyah !!!!!!!!!!

Even in every day life, there are people who depend on all types of charms for their protection. They put their trust and confidence in chains, beads, amulets and incissions instead of putting their faith in God. Some believe that they cannot be killed by a bullet nor stabbed by a knife because of the charms . However, the bible says in psalms 91:2 that God is the only defender and protector in whom we should feel safe. Stop going to witchdoctors and embrace God today.!!!!!!!!!!!

God never dissapointed anybody who trusted in him. In the book of Daniel 6, king Darius ordered Daniel to be thrown in a pit of lions . To his utter surprise, in the morning, he found that Daniel was spared by the lions. Then, he sought to know how Daniel survived the lions and Daniel told him God sent angels that shut the mouths of the lions. Again, in 1 samuel 18:41, David defeated Goliath by putting his trust in the almighty God.

So, folks, stop depending on that your aunty, uncle, sister, boss and depend instead on God. Psalms 23:2 says you shall not lack because the God provides for you. Take care you all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How to be a doer of the word.

My scriptural reference today is taken from the book of James 1:22 ‘do not deceive yourselves by just listening to this word; instead put it into practise’ (GNV). A lot of Christians spend lengthy hours listening to the word of God but they rarely if ever practise what the word of God says. These then are the various proofs that you are a doer of the word.

Walk in love

The bible states in Mathew 22:37 that, ‘love your God with all your mind, all your soul and with all your strength and love your neighbours like yourself. You should love not only your family members but all the people you come across on a daily basis. Not only those who appreciate and love but also those who hate and dislike you.

Do not worry

The bible instructs in Philippians 4:6, ‘do not worry nor fret but by prayer s, thanksgiving and supplication make your request known to the lord.’ Instead of worry about that bill, about your exams, what you would eat tomorrow; why not pray and commit it to the hands of the Lord and he is more than ready to help you.

Be slow to anger
The bible states in Ephesians 4:31 that we should get rid of bitterness, passions, and anger. Anger can make us give place to the devil and make us do things or say things that we would regret later. You should learn to control your tongue when you are angry.

The oxford advanced dictionary defines forgiveness as stopping to feel angry with somebody who has done something to harm you, annoy or upset you. So, it is essential to learn to forgive. The bible states in mark 11:24 that, you should forgive before praying so that your father in heaven would also forgive you your sins.

Do not complain
In the book of numbers 21:4, while Moses was leading the children of Israel to the Promised Land, they complained to him why he brought them out of Egypt into a desert where there was neither food nor water. God sent poisonous snakes to bite them and many of them died. So, it is not a good thing to be a complainer or gossiper in life.

In mark 16:17, the bible states that these signs shall follow believers.
They would cast out demons.
They would heal the sick.
They would speak in strange tongues.
They would perform miracles.
Are you doing any or all the above then you are a doer of the word of God.

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Women’s Day


There are feverish preparation in the air ahead of this years women’s day coming up on march 8th 2014. already women from all over Cameroon are scrambling to get this years official wrapper in order to sew carbas which they would wear on the D day.

To the surprise of many people, very few women even know how the day came about nor who were the pioneers who sacrificed their lives to campaign for this day. The women liberation movement was started in America in the 19th century by Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. These two women frustrated by the discrimination they faced as women organized demonstrations and rallies to ask for equality with men. Women could not vote own property , get education , nor inherent property. They were later joined by other women from Europe and other countries and in 1920 women in America were permitted to vote in a presidential election.

This day is celebrated in Cameroon by march past and debates to assess how far women have gone in their quest for equality with men. One particular feature here in Cameroon is that in some homes, women abandon the kitchen to the men and they go out to enjoy themselves. Some of them come back home drunk and are stubborn during this day. The women say it is their only day to be masters of the house. it is a time also that some marriages and relationships break up especially when the man cannot afford the price of the women’s day wrapper.

However, for some women it is a day like any other one. They do not see the need to celebrate anything for to them women are not the same as men and as such should keep their place in the house hold.
Whatever might be said of the womens day, it is still a special day for women whether they celebrate it or not. i wish you all a nice day.

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The oxford advanced learners’ dictionary defines fornication as the act of having sex with somebody of the opposite sex of whom you are not married to. This act which is most often engaged to by both married and single men and women of the opposite remains one of the principal ways in which they let the devil into our lives.

Quite often, the man or woman engages in dating and maintains a relationship with somebody of the opposite sex. They, then, engage in premarital sex just to satisfy their partner. The girl feels that if she does not give in to the sexual advances of the man, the man might leave her or may not give her gifts or money. She, therefore, makes sex with the guy risking unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and loss of God’s favor.

The bible is crystal clear about those who engage in fornication and other immoral acts. The bible denounces those who engage in sexual immorality. (Acts 15:20) in 1 Thessalonian 3:3, the bible instructs us to be holy and completely free of sexual immorality. When you commit fornication, you sin against your own body because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and who was given to you by God.

A good example of somebody who shunned fornication was Joseph, son of Jacob. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and he lived in Egypt with Potiphar, the captain of the palace guards of the king of Egypt. Joseph was well built and good looking and so Potiphar’s wife felled in love with him and begged him to have sex with her. He told her he could not commit such an immoral act and sin against God. (Genesis 39:9). She continued begging him but Joseph refused to dishonor God. Finally, she tore her clothes and accused Joseph of raping her. Potiphar discovered that the wife’s accusations were false and so he restored Joseph to his position.

Can you follow the following example and shun fornication like Joseph? The tips below would help you:

1. Choose your friends. Have friends who have the same values like you. Who have the love of God?

2. Refuse to be alone with a member of the opposite sex in a room. Always make sure there are at least three of you in the room.

3. Keep busy. An unemployed mind is the workshop of the devil. Go to church, associate with other Christians, read and study the bible or take up a job or a course.

4. Pray to God to give you a God fearing man or woman. You would enjoy sex better when you are married.

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