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The pharisees and the sadducees.

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The pharisees and the sadducees were jewish religtious parties that existed during the time of Jesus. They were strict in obeying the law of Moses and other regulations which had been handed to them through the centuries.

The sadducees were mostly prieist. They had several believes and practises that were different from the larger party of the pharisees. They did not belief in the resurection and they thought there were no angels nor spirits. The pharisees believed in all these (Acts 23:9). They, together with the teachers of the law and the sadducees were the greatest critics of Jesus. Apostle Paul and his father were of the party of the pharisees (Acts 23:6).

The pharisees, the teachers of the law and the sadducees were the greatest opponents of Jesus. They criticised him for healing and working on the sabbath which was against the laws of Moses (mathew 12:2, mathew 12:24 and luke 6:2 ). They equally denounced Jesus for eating with outcasts and tax collectors (mathew 9:11) and that he drove out demons because their leader Beelzebub , gave him power to do so (mathew 12:24). In addition, they criticised Jesus for forgiving sins when only God could do so ( luke 5:21).

In some instances, their teachings were contrary to that of Jesus. In mathew 16:6, Jesus warned his disciples to guard against the teachings of the the pharisees and sadducees. In mathew 23:3, Jesus instructs the people to take what they said but not to do what they did because they did not practise what they preached. They were given the best places in feast, reserved seats in the syangoogue and greeted in market places with names like “teacher”, “father”, or leader. Jesus said only him and God could be addressed thus and that the pharisees instead of humbling themselves were exalting themselves. This greatly angered them because they found their power and prestige undermined.

I was meditating on the ministry of Jesus and the role of the pharisees, the sadducees and the teachers of the law and i realised they are the ones who made Jesus great. Their endless questions and their hope to trap him so that they could arrest him all helped in propelling Jesus to the forefront.

So, friends, whatever you decide to do, you would have critics and opponents. Even if they do not talk agianst you in your presence, they would speak behind your back. Critics are not to be despised because they are the ones who would make you popular and persist in whatever you are doing. Also do not be a pharisee by trying to exalt yourself. Humble yourself and God would exalt you. I wish you all a nice day.


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Who to trust with a secret?

Have you ever had something in your life that you wished nobody would know about? Then, because you needed to talk to somebody, you told a trusted friend. To your utter dismay, this friejd went and told it to all your friends. What would you do? To whom do you confide to?

I have often being told that the best way to keep a secret is to tell nobody. By telling a single person about it, a gossiper might hear it and spread it like wild fire. Most often the secret is amplified on the way and what you said is taken out of context. One of my friends told me she wished a guy would marry her and so she told her girlfriend. The later went on and told the guy and she was completely embarassed when she saw this guy.

I think the best person to trust with a secret is yourself. Keep it to yourself and if you can’t keep it then just forget about it. It is often said that walls have ears and what is said in the dark would come out in the open. Meditate more on the word of God (Joshua 1:8) and God would take care of all your problems. ( 1 Peter 5:7)

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How to develop a strong spirit.

Man is composed of body, soul and spirit.( 1 thessalonians 5:23) The soul includes the mind , will and emotions. A lot of you give so much attention to the flesh and you totally neglect the spirit which is the real you. You keep the flesh fit and sparkling with exercise ,lotion and food. But do you know your spirit also has to be kept strong with spiritual food otherwise it weakens and your flesh can easily override it. As a christian, your spirit has to dominate your flesh and your soul. Do not let the flesh dominate yout spirit and your soul which can leaad to spiritual death – seperation from God. Use the following methods to develop and strengthen your spirit.

1) Prayers

Each time that you pray, you are talking to God and so your spirit is communicating with God’s spirit. Prayers establishes your relationship with God and you can easily hear his voice.

2) Meditation

Meditation is important in keeping the word of God in your heart because as you meditate, you ponder over it. God’s word in you is God’s spirit in you and the more of the word you have in you, the stronger your spirit.

3) Reading the word.

Reading the word everyday is essential in maintaining a solid spirit. The word would only dwelve in your spirit if you read it everyday. When you read the bible, satan’s thoughts would have no place in you.

4) Praise and Worship.

Paul and Silas were put in prison for delivering a woman deviner from an evil spirit. They started praying to God then by midnight, they switched to praises and worship. It did not take long for the prison gates to be opened following an earthquake. Praise is therefore a powerful weapon in your hands to use. Praise God everywhere in your house – at your kitchen, toilet, parlour etc… Worship gives you a strong desire to pray and would enable you to be intimate with God.

5) Fasting

Fasting consist in foregoing food and drink for a couple of days in order to strengthen you relationship with God. It is a way of weakening the flesh and strengthening the spirit. It is, therefore, important to always fast at least once a week so as to put the flesh in control.

What did you like about this post? Is there something i omitted? Write in the comments below.


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What pastors preach about nowadays.

I recently attended a crusade organised by the apostolic church here in kumba and a prophet from Nigeria was the guest speaker. This crusade was sceduled to take place for three days but i stopped going there after the first day because of what the prophet was preaching.

This prophet rambled all night about his achievements. He told us how he owned houses and cars in Nigeria and how police men bowed to men of God in his country. He said lawyers, pastors, politicians who attended his church were happy to clean the toilets and do other menial jobs in the ministry. I was icthing to hear even a little of the word of God in his preaching but none was forthcoming. It all smelled of a lot of pride and reminded me of the pharisees and the saduccees.

I just want to say here that if you are a prophet or pastor please preach the word of God. Nobody is interested in knowing about your life or what you own. The bible tells us to be spiritually minded and not carnally minded. I wish you all a nice day.

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