Are you too qualified for a job?


I read a comment recently in one issue of the christian magazine awake. It was that of a spanish job seeker who declared that he removed all the training and experience sections from his curriculum vitae because employers felt that he was too qualified for the jobs he applied for and that they would not be able to pay him. He could, therefore, not secure a job despite having applied to several companies. I have been having thoughts whether it is even important any more to study above a bachelor degree because employers are unwilling to employ highly educated persons. We all experience this same problem whether we are aware of it or not.

My own experience has led me to believe that employers generally look within the company when they seek to fill a vacant or newly created position in their organisation. It is only when they cannot get somebody internally that they contact their friends and networks to recommend somebody. They resort to publishing job offers in the newspaper or radio only if the other methods did not yield results because they resent the huge numbers of CVs generated.


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