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Have you been given a prophecy?

I was recently with one friend and I heard him complain that since the prophet said he would be rich up til now he has not seen any riches in his life. Another friend told me they prophesied in her life long ago that she would be married but as of now she has not yet seen any husband. Friends, I want to tell you that the fact that they prophesied in your life does not means that that prophesy must come true. You do not just go home and start rejoicing after receiving a prophecy expecting to see changes in your life as soon as possible.

You have to work to see this prophecy come through in your life. As you expect to see the prophecy come through in your life, the devil is also working hard to make you not to receive your blessings. So, when you receive a prophecy, do not go home and start sleeping but go on your knees and pray. Pray like you have never done before and have faith that you have already received from God. In addition, you have to be patient and trust God to make his promises come true in our lives.

It is also important that we should not base our whole life on prophecies. We should base our life on the word of God. When we base our life on prophesies, we tend to neglect the word which is food for the spirit.


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