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How to fire up your faith.


A lot of people believe that as soon as they give their lives to Christ, then they are born again and everything is finsihed in their christian lives. Giving your life to Christ is the beginning of a long journey that has bumps and potholes on the way. One of the ways to resist the devil and guide against backsliding is through faith. (Ephesians 6:16) . The bible says we all have a measure of faith. However, this faith has to be nurtured for it to grow otherwise it dies down.( mark 9:24) . Here are a few ways you can fire up your faith :

1) By regularly attending church services.
You would only have faith by hearing the word of God.(Romans 10:17). The only place you would never get tired of hearing the word of God is in church. Try to make it a duty to attend all church services. At best, join a service unit like ushers, choir that would compel you to attend church services.

2) By studying the word of God.
So, you are a christian and you do not have a bible. How can this be? Invest in a good bible. Read it daily at least 3 pages for a start. More as you continue your christian walk. The devil is only afraid of Christians who know the word of God. He would not even attempt to stop at their doorstep. You need to renew your mind everyday by reading your bible so as to chase away old thoughts and replace them with the word of God.

3) Prayers.
The first sign that your faith has gone down is when you cannot pray or don’t pray enough. Learn to spend time with God daily by praying to him. Prayers is a means that we communicate with God and we hear from him. Jesus cautioned his disciples to pray lest they fall into temptation. (Mathew 14:38) . Are you praying?

4) By singing praises and worship.
It amazed me how a lot of Christians close their mouths. Open your mouth and declare scripture instead staying quiet. I heard this one from Prophet Kevin Nuduba, a preacher based in kumba, Cameroon. Paul and Silas story is a good illustration of the power of praise and worship.( Acts 16:16). After they were locked up for saving a fortune teller woman, they started off praying but later they switched to praise and worship at midnight and the prison gates crumpled liberating them. Learn to sing praises and worship to the Lord whether in your house, in your car, at work, in your bathroom and kitchen.

5) The fear of the Lord.
You must always have the fear of the Lord with you at all times. As soon as you stop fearing the Lord, sins takes root in your life. Joseph could only avoid the temptation of sleeping with Portiphar’s wife because he feared the Lord. He didn’t want to displace his master. ( Genesis 31:1-3)

These are a few tips of how you can revive your faith. Do you know of any i omitted? Register them in the comments below.


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Your faith would be tested.


Mark 14:30

“And Jesus says unto him, verily I say unto you, that this day, even in this night, before the cock crows twice, you shall deny me three times. ”

I was recently reading my bible when i came across this scripture and a whole new world opened to me. Jesus was telling Peter here that his faith would be tested and that he would deny him three times. Peter was adamant that he cannot fail the test. He was confident he would pass it by being faithful to Jesus. However, when the time came, he denied Jesus three times and bible says he wept when he realised what he had done.

Just like Peter you too would be tested by problems of life. Are you going to remain with Jesus or are you going to backslide? Some of you are probably wondering what form these tests would take. Here are some examples: would you still worship and pray to God when :

1) You are disappointed?

2) You lack money and you are hungry?

3) You are going through hardship?

4) There is delay in having children?

5) You go through a health challenge?

6) There is delay in getting married.

If your answer is affirmative to all these questions,then most probably, you have mountain moving faith. That is faith that cannot be shaken. Just like Job, no matter what happens you would still remain with God. I wish you all a nice and fruitful day.

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How to keep your faith.

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see. (Hebrew 11:1) Each of us have a measure of faith. So, neve tell anyone that you do not have faith. However, there are people who have little faith and others who have the spirit of faith which is the highest measure of faith. It is impossible to please God without faith. God does not like those who doubt him.

In the book of mathew 14:22, while Jesus was walking on the water, he told Peter to come to him. Peter started walking on the water but then he saw a wave and he became afraid and he started sinking. Jesud held up his hand to him and asked him why he doubted. Just like Peter, you too can loss your faith if you do not guard it jealously. The devil is after your faith because he knows that without faith, you are exposed to all his attacks. You resist all the evil arrows shot by the devil against you with your faith. (Ephesians 6:16)

How then do you keep your faith? Consistency is key because with a consistent measure of faith, you put the devil to nought. Firstly, you keep.your faith by hearing the word of God. Whether it is in church while the pastor is preaching, in your cell meeting or at home, it is imperative to always listen to the word of God. Secondly, by reading the bible and meditating on the word your faith is pumped up. Thirdly, through prayers and being a doer of the word. Your faith is beefed up when you pray for people and they get healed or when they overcome challenges. Lastly, your faith is reenforced when youare a worker in yhe church, because you have to be in chirch regularly and attend all.church activities.

It is very easy to lose your faith just as it is eady to get it. Thr counsequences of losing your faith are disastrous. Faith is like a shield so when you lose it the enemy would easily defeat you. Guard you faith jealously and it would always be with you.

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