On my arrival in Cameroon I noticed that a lot of people still believe that it is only by going abroad that they can succeed in life. But is that really so? Are these believes true? Can you make money only by traveling abroad? For one thing I know one can make money anywhere in the world even in Cameroon. Yes you have heard me well. There is money to be made in Cameroon just as you can make it in Europe, Japan or the USA. If you do not believe me, then look around you and you would see many people who got rich not by traveling abroad but by remaining here in Cameroon. If they could do it then you too who is reading this article can become rich too. Whether you come from a rich family or not whether you went to school or not you can become rich or make it here in Cameroon.

Unfortunately for most youth in Cameroon, their highest cry is to go abroad and come back with millions. They would always refer you to their brother or friend who went broad and came back and built a house or car or removed the family from poverty. Are there not people who have stayed in Cameroon and bought cars or built houses? What is so extraordinary about building a house? You can make it here in Cameroon just as you can make it abroad. If you are a lizard here in Cameroon, you would still be a lizard abroad. Life is as difficult there as it is here in Cameroon.

Another thing I realized is the people abroad are not telling their people in Cameroon about the realities of life overseas. It is not as glamorous and nice as a lot of people think back in Cameroon. You still have to work hard to put food on the table just as you would do in Cameroon. They do not pick money on the streets as many people believe. Do not abandon your small job here in Cameroon thinking by going abroad you would make millions over night. You would work jobs that you would never think of doing here in Cameroon.



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