Fear can be defined as an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight). We all experience the emotion of fear in one way or the other. What then is fear and why do we fear? Fear can also be defined as meditating on the lies of the devil which brings worry and anxiety.

There are several fears that happen to us. The is the fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear about our kids, fear of not getting married and fear of not having kids. Most of the time these fears have no basis. They are just there to divert us from the plan of God in our lives. Theo opposite of fear is faith and the best way to fight against fear is to show faith. The bible says in the book of Philippians chapter 4:6 that we should not worry nor fret but by prayer, thanks giving and supplication we should make out request known to the Lord. So instead of expressing our fears we should prays and give thanks.

Whatever we are asking God it is important to pray about it and keep giving thanks. In this way we are sure not to worry about this situation that can be a drain in our lives. There is no telling what the emotion of fear can do to our lives. For one it makes us to meditate in something else instead of the word of God. The bible says in the book of Joshua chapter 1:8 “this book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth but meditate therein day and night and observe to do as it says. Take time then to meditate on the word of God instead of on other thoughts.




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