The love of signs and miracles.


I was prompted to wrote this post because of something i noticed lately. Many Christians are nowadays interested in signs and miracles than in the word of God. I realized that the attendance at my local congregation has been skyrocketing because of testimonies of how the pastor has been performing signs and miracles in the life of the worshipers.

The oxford advanced dictionary defines signs and miracles as an act that does not follow the laws of nature and is believed to be caused by God. It also says a miracle is a lucky thing that you happens that you did not expect or think was possible. Jesus Christ during his ministry performed several miracles that amazed the people. From restoring sight to the blind to raising the dead and turning water into wine, Jesus performed a lot of miracles.

Unfortunately, a lot Christians today are more interested in signs and miracles than in any thing else. This has pushed pastors, prophets and preachers to focus more on performing miracles and parading them so as to attract Christians to their churches. But is Christianity all about signs and miracles?

For one thing, the love of God should be what is pushing us to go to church. This is the only thing that would sustain one to remain in the body of Christ. For though Christians love to see signs and miracles, the christian life is not as rosy as they think. It is full of trials and temptation. Most often, the things we pray for would not happen overnight.

Are we then to abandon Christ and backslide because of this? My answer is a big No.

The bible says in Mathew 6:33 that we should seek Christ and every other thing would be added to you. Therefore, folks,love God and the kingdom and every other thing would be added to you. Jesus


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