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My scriptural reference is taken today from mark 16:17

These signs shall follow them that believe; they shall cast out demons, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, they shall drink poison and nothing shall do them and …….

Most of us speak in tongues everyday and pray but we do not know the power we carry as we go about our Christian walk. Praying in tongues charges the spirit and empowers us to not just be speakers of the word but doers of it too. Jesus said in the book of John that the things that he did we shall also do and greater things than he did we shall do. If you are not a doer of the word then you are not fully exploiting your Christian walk.

We do not believe we can cast out demons nor heal the sick because we do not try. Yet the bible states in the book of mark that these signs shall follow believers. It is not a promise but something that Jesus has already given out. Despite this power given to us as Christians many believers still l believe that only special men of God can cast out demons and heal the sick. The power has been given to all the Christian body and if you are not using them then it is out of ignorance.

I remember there was once I was in a situation where I had a case in my presence and thee was no man of God present. I had never been confronted with such a situation again and I did not know the power I possessed until I had to use it. And just as you see TB Joshua on the television, I laid my hand on this sick person and I declared and I saw the guy started manifesting. Ii remember every person was afraid of this guy but I took my courage in my hands and I prayed for this guy and I was amazed after three days to find him completely healed and healthy.ab


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