5 things that make a man a good father.


The family is the most important unit in today’s society and fathers are the cornerstone of this institution. The bible instructs in Colossi ans 3:19 that a husband should love his wife and he should not be harsh with her. Part of this love involves cherishing, caring and protecting your wife. Here are then 5 things that make a man a good father:

1) He is a protector:

A father should be concerned for the well being of his wife . He protects her against the enemy, fraud, trouble and stress. He should ask the wife where she is and at what time she is coming home. He should always make sure the wife is safe.

2) He is a provider:

This involve much more than money. He should provide wisdom, friendship, counsel, camaraderie, perspective, insight, he should have a giving spirit. He should be sensitive to the needs of his wife and he should not be a complainer.

3) He is a promoter:

He should promote his wife more than himself. He should use the gifts that God gave his wife to make her look good.

4) He should be a Prophet:

A proud father should be a prophet. He prophetises to his children what they would become in the future.

5) Spend time for his kids:

A good father should reserve time each day to spend with the kids. The best gift a father can give the children is time spent with them.



So, folks these are a few points i gathered on being a good father. Please, add any other you know in the comments section below.




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