Be solution minded not problem minded


This is one of my most important principles in life. I do everything I can to discuss the solution and not the problem. Well, you might be in financial difficulties and instead of saying and thanking God how he has paid your bills, you keep complaining how you have a lot of bills to pay or how you would never get out of debt. Friends you have to be solution minded in life. That is the best thing to do.

We complain how our children are not doing well in school or how no man is coming to ask our hand in marriage. Friends, if you pass your time complaining instead of praising and thanking God for seeing you through in your problems then you would never see the solution to them. In every thing I do, I always try to be solution minded instead of looking at the problem; I concentrate all my efforts in seeking for a solution to what I am going through.
Leaders and great politicians are solution oriented instead of amplifying the problem; they concentrate their effort in seeking for a solution to the problem. They brainstorm to get the best idea from a number of options that they bring up. So, friends instead of complaining about your problems all the time be instead solution minded and you would find them solved in less than no time. I wish you all a nice day.



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