Where are you looking for your spouse?


I am completely amazed where we are looking for our marriage partners lately. With the growth of social networking sites in the worlds today many persons both men and women have turn to technology to help them find a life long partner. There are many websites that are being patronized from very popular ones like facebook to less popular ones like linkened. Not only are we turning to social networking sites but some person expect to find the significant other in places like night clubs and bars and some even go to funeral and parties hunting for an elusive mate.

All the above places are good places where singles gather but depending on the type of woman you want, it might be safe to look at the right places. If you looking for a God fearing woman, the best place to find her is in church or in a Christian Conference.  If you want an educated woman then go to universities or higher r educational institutions to get such a woman.  If on the other hand you are looking for a mate who loves art then frequent the museums and arts gallery. If you are looking for a woman who is athletic then go to the gym and you would meet her there.

Friends networking sites like facebook and twitter are not the best places to look for a life long partner. You are less likely to find a God fearing woman in facebook then in church. So, it is useless wasting valuable time searching at the wrong places.



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