I was prompted to write this post because of a testimony of a man of God I recently heard. This man of God recounted how he was ordered by God to give his only car to another man of God. The interesting thing about this is that the man of God he was directed to give his car keys was at the forefront of those slandering him. He said all types of bad things about this man of God. Despite all this the man of God had to obey God and give his car keys. This was a very courageous act on the man of God. He did not consider all the bad things said about him but he went ahead and obeyed God and gave his car keys.

This gave me a good lesson in life. The best way to conquer evil is to do good. Do not mind the things people say about you. You should instead mind what God says about you. I came to realize mouths were created to speak so I have stopped to care what people say about me. Those things do not matter to me because they do not make me who I am. I am instead concern in following the plan of God in my life. What God thinks about me is more important than what any human being can think about me. They did not create me so why should I bother?

And for my friends who are very good at gossiping about other people, you can do better things with your life instead of spending your time talking about other people. There is a lot to do in life that I am surprised how people find the time to gossip about other people. The best way to stop a bad habit is to start a good one. Refuse to say anything negative about anybody and you would live a happier more fulfilled life. Only say good things about people or say nothing at all and you would see how your life would be transformed. I wish you all a nice day.


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