So I was about to sleep today when I thought about this topic. So what is persistence actually? Persistence is determination. It is the will to succeed no matter what. It is sticking to something until you see a result. You might be saying in your minds what does that has to do with you. Well, friends, the mastery of this quality is very important if you are to do anything in life. There is actually nothing we can achieve in life if we do not learn how to persist.
For example, whether it is a job you are looking for or a project you are starting or an undertaking you are beginning, you must stick in there until you see results. If you are looking for a job, you do not have to give up nor get discouraged until you get that job. If it is a project you are working on, you should not give up until you have finished that project. Persistence is doing whatever you are doing until the end of it. It is sheer determination. The ability to move on despite multiple setbacks.
There are several examples in history of people who persisted until they saw results. Abraham Lincoln failed multiple times but still persisted and he finally became the president of the United States of America. So, friends, persist in whatever you are doing right to the end and God would bless you with the results.


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