I know a lot of people would be asking themselves where I am going to with this topic. Well, friends this is a serious topic if you imagine how many of us engage in it. The way we use our money today would determine the outcome of our lives tomorrow. Using our money wisely would either make us rich or poor in the future.

I have been digging in the bible and the closest I found to this topic is the word covet which means to desire what belongs to somebody else. The bible says not to covet something that belongs to somebody else. Now what happens is that most of us buy things because we saw them with somebody else. That ipad you desire, that iphone you desire, that computer you are planning to buy; do you really need them or are you just trying to meet with a friend or somebody else you saw with the same item. Sometimes we go into debt just because we want to meet up with a friend we saw who was driving the lastest car. Of course you could do with a cheaper phone. You can even do without an ipad all together or use public transportation instead using a car that would need even more money for maintenance and other stuff.

I remember when I recently returned to Cameroon, all my friends were cruising in their own personal cars but I have resisted that urge to buy a car now. I knew my money would better be spent in a business venture that would yield dividend and I could buy any car I need after. I have reduced all my expenses to just the barest minimum and I know that by focusing my financial resources in my goals I would reap bigger in the future. Friends there is no reward in buying things because you want to meet up with friends. Buy things that you need and not things you want.

One thing that has helped me is that I wait at least a week before doing an important purchase then I can determine whether I need that article or not. By delaying the purchase, my thinking kicks in and it determines whether I really need that article or not. Friends learn to think before you buy and do not follow somebody else example because your circumstances are not the same.




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