Recently I was about to go to church when I was told it was nativity day. I asked myself what this nativity day was all about. I have never heard about a day like this. Then I asked my small nephew, since he is very knowledgeable about things like this, and he told me that it was a day in Witness Chapel church when everybody comes to church with their traditional wear.

My sister-in-law reminded me to bring along my wrapper to church and I kept wondering what was going to happen that day. I, therefore, wore my normal clothes and slipped a piece of loin cloth into my bag and I headed to church. On my arrival in church, I realized that everybody was dressed in traditional attire. I hurriedly went into the bookshop and tied my loin cloth on top of my trouser. I could hardly remember again how to do it because it has been a long time I last wore a loin cloth. However, thank God I did it and I went back into church.

Then, they started calling the various tribes to come and show their traditional prowess in front of the church. I first joined the oroko group and I danced with them to the front of the church and then I later danced with the bakossi group. The congregation was up clapping and encouraging us as we twirled our waist to the music coming out from our vocal cords. There was hilarious movement in the hall and several people being moved by our display join us in dancing.

I really enjoyed it and I thought it was a great idea to put aside a day to celebrate our traditional heritage. I am looking forward to it being organized again next year hopefully.



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