Are you adding value to your life?


I woke up this morning with this topic in my mind. Most of us go through life contented with the position where we are. We never think that we can rise above where we currently stand. Adding value to our lives simply means doing something new that is an addition to what we have already achieved. Whether it is a new language we want to learn, a new skill we want to acquire, a new course we want to take, a new sport we want to start doing or a new project we want to engage in; we should be doing something that adds to the body of knowledge we already have.

There should be no excuse to postpone doing this. Start today and you would thank me for giving you this piece of advice. Time flies and waits for nobody. There are endless things we can do to add value to our lives. I recently I decided to improve on my typing skills and I downloaded the necessary software and started practising. Before long, I realised my typing speed has moved from 10 words per minute to 20 words per minute. It happened by believing God and through constant practise.  In addition to determination, my sheer persistence carried me along despite the difficulties I experienced in the beginning. Also, I just registered for a long distance course on climate change through the website which has a lot of educational courses on various topics.

We should strive to keep up learning because as soon as we stop learning, we stop growing intellectually and we are not prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves in our lives. Improving and building up ourselves should be a constant process.


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