Walking in love is something I always strive to do and I am perfecting in it every day. We are not supposed to love only our love ones but every single person we meet on a daily basis. In the book of Mathew 22:37, the Pharisees asked Jesus which is the greatest commandment, and  Jesus told them, “love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind” and “love your neighbour like yourself”. Jesus Christ told the Pharisees that this was the greatest and most important commandment. In this verse of scripture Jesus meant by neighbour every single person you meet in the street. This is not limited only to your loved ones. In fact, this commandment replaces the Ten Commandments given to Moses in the Old Testament. This scripture of love sums up all the other commandments because when you truly love someone, you would not steal nor abuse them.

Knowing God loves you is also a good weapon against fear. If you truly know God loves you, you would have no fear because you know he would defend and protect you wherever you go. There is torment in fear and so knowing that God loves you and would allow nothing bad to happen to you would give you confidence and assurance. Just as we are more than ready to defend and protect our children that is how God is more than ready to defend and protects us. So, my brothers and sisters there is much joy in walking in love.

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