Are you evangelizing for Christ?


Evangelism consist in spreading the gospel message. Talking to people about Jesus, distributing tracks, preaching to neighbours, sending out messages are all myriad ways of evangelizing. But are you really doing it? Most of you would say yes. And are you really? Find out after reading this article.

Evangelism has always been done by the church. From the birth place of Christianity in the middle east, it was spread to far flung areas like Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. This didn’t happen by chance. Jesus and his apostles risked their lives and suffered persecution in several occasions in their bid to make known the gospel. In the book of Acts 13:45, the bible records that Paul and Barnabas were insulted and manhandled by a crowd of Jews because of what they were preaching.

In most churches today , evangelism is mostly done by a small group of christians organised into an evangelism team. They go out most often once a week and talk to people and distribute tracks to them. I have always argued that i donot see how a serious matter like evangelism should be left to a small group of christieans. The whole church has to be involved in it with all the congregation taking active part.

Christians should be encouraged to evangelize in the families, neighbourhoods, their friends, community and networks. Every single opportunity should be used to evangelize. For example, i always make it a duty to talk to one persom about Christ whenever i leave church on sundays. I think if we all do that our churches would be full.

We all need to dissipate the word of God by all communication channells possible. Nothing is too small to engage into. I always like to end my day by asking myself how many souls i wom to Chriet today? Would you do the same and watch your confidence grow in spreading the gospel. I wish you all a nice day.


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