critical steps to implement for church growth.


Our streets and towns are littered with churches which all cater for several hundreds of worshipers. These churches are filled with seats which for the most part are almost empty. how do you bring more Christians into churches? follow the following tips:

1) Prayer team

The prayer team in the church is one of the most crucial element for church growth. All manoeuvrings of the devil to arrest church growth can only be overcome with prayers. If you are a pastor desiring to grow your church make sure you have a strong prayer team. Choose a charismatic leader to head the team and make sure you sometimes join them in prayers.

2) Evangelism team

The evangelism team is another important church growth factor. A lot of pastors neglect this group. The team should be organized and strong enough to motivate all other members of the church to do evangelism with them. It sometimes surprises me that most people living at the neighborhood of churches don’t go to church. As the saying goes , “charity begins at home”, evangelism should be started at the vicinity of the church. Each christian should be excited to spread the word of God. Also, new converts should be followed up in order for them not to backslide.

3) Organization.

The church should be organized into departments, with a clear organigram, with each department having specific tasks to carry out. When a church is organized, things are done smoothly and it becomes appealing to new converts. The organigram should be placed on a noticeboard so that all and sundry can know who heads which department and to whom to go to when they have a problem.

4) Solidarity

A solidarity team should be appointed to organize the church participation in funerals, marriages and birthdays. Some church members complain of neglect when they are bereaved . The church should stand behind members having a difficult time.

What other tips do you know about that can encourage church growth? Write in the comments below.


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