Why a poor man may be your dream man.


Most women want to get married to a rich man who would change their lives and that of their family forever. It is said that when a woman is in her twenties; she wants to get married to a doctor, a lawyer or a banker but as soon as she hits thirty, she wants anybody. Whether you believe it or not, a poor man today might be your husband tomorrow.

That a man is poor today does not mean he would be in that state forever. No condition is permanent. As a woman,you do not look at the man’s present state but at his potential to become something else in the future. I am, therefore, urging women not to despise a man today coming to propose because he does not have anything. You never know what the future holds for him. That he doesn’t have a house, a car or a job today does not means he would not have it in future.

A friend recently confessed to me that his mother-in-law used to come to his house to beat up her daugther to leave him because he was poor. He told me they could not pay house rent not to talk of feeding. He said he believed God for a better situation and eventually he travelled abroad. Today, he has a sprawling business and they are doing fine. He told me he can never leave his wife because she was there for him when he had nothing.

Ladies, do not look at the present state of a man but look at his potentials. An ambitious, educated and hardworking man can go places so don’t despise him. God bless you all.


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