Invest in a cocoa farm.


Cocoa business is good business because of the profits involved. With much of the labour now aging, it is good business for the youth to engage in. These are reasons why you should own a cocoa farm.

1) Price is good.
With prices of cocoa hovering around 1000 francs per kilogram, and 100000 francs per 100 kg bag, cocoa is very profitable. It is estimated that prices would remain high for a long time because of the high demand from the developed world and China.

2) Long-term tenure.
A cocoa farm generally lasts for about 25 years before production starts to dwindle if well maintained. This is enough time for you to recover your investment and get a little extra.

3) It doesn’t require your presence.
A lot of people who own farms engage in what is called, “two-party” . This involve engaging two or more workers to work in your farm and in which you share the harvest. Having a worker means you don’t have to work in the farm yourself and so you can engage in other activities.

4) Maintenance is not difficult.
Maintaining a cocoa farm is not difficult as opposed to other cash crops like tomatoes, corn, yams … etc

Given the above, cocoa business is a profitable enterprise. I encourage all and sundry to engage into it. Do you have any points to add? Please register your comments below.


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