How to recognize wife material.


Every man at some time of his life, has to make an important decision. This involves choosing the woman he is going to get married to. For most men, this choice is a herculean tasks, because of the high number of potential wives available. How do men choose their wives? What influence them? How do they recognize Miss Right?

I sought to know from a few men what constitutes an ideal wife for them and what influences their choice of one woman over another. What convinced them their present wives were wife material enough. I got the following responses:

1) She is hard working.
This one came up more than i could count. Most men want a woman nowadays who brings something to the table. It is not easy for the family to depend on only one income.

2) She loves God.
Christian men put this first before any other thing especially the ones who really belief in God. Some even said they prefer a woman who loves God than them.

3) She has a good character.
This one is another one that came up again and again. However, i realized a lot of men idea of a good character is submission. After all, 2 captains cannot drive a ship.

2) She is pretty.
Some men want a pretty wife whether she has good character or not. The men say it makes them feel secure and important when they move about with their supposingly “pretty wife”. For some men, this meant looking for a light skin woman.

5) She sings gospel music.
Some pastors with ministries want a woman who sings gospel music so that the wife can complete them in managing the ministry.

6) She has money or a job.
Some lazy men want a woman to take care of them. So they look for a woman who has a job or who has money.

For some men, a woman to be considered wife material must possess several of these qualities. What do you think of this topic? What made you choose your wife as you spouse? Register your thoughts below.


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