Why Cameroonian youths are so dependent on others.


I was having a conversation with a Ghanian friend recently in kumba, Cameroon. He told me Cameroonian youths are too dependent on other people to help them in life. He said he could not understand why a youth of 30 and above should still be staying with his parents. He said it is in complete contrast with what obtains in Ghana where youths there go out to earn a living as early as when they are 20 years.

Upon doing a small investigation, at Buea, where i stay, i found his statement to be very correct. It is not uncommon here to find a whole family living in one compound with their wives and children.

The consequences of this situation are manifold. There is constant quarreling among brothers and sisters who live together with their families. Not only that but sometimes these brawls can be life-threatening with machetes and axes pulled out by family members. In addition, there is sometimes fight of property when the head of the family passes away without leaving a will. Another disturbing issue is the stress and strain it causes among spouses.

What then can be done to avoid this? A lot of youths complain about unemployment which prevents them from having gainful employment in order to go and establish on their own. They say if the government could do something to provide jobs then they would not be living under the same roof like their parents. Others also bemoan the lack of small holder loans to enable them engage in small business or agriculture.

However, upon observation, i realized most of these youths don’t lack talent or abilities but they lack the right skills to take advantage of opportunities that abound in the job market. There is a real problem in Cameroon between what they studied in school and what the job market offers. I think it would be great if the government addressed these problems. I wish you all a nice day.


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