Should one’s possession be regarded as his success in live?


Our society is fast becoming a material oriented society where one is judged not by his character but by the things he possesses. This has led many Cameroonians to do all types of dubious businesses in order to be respected in society. Whether for men or women, the house you live in, the car you drive in, in short your possessions determine your social status. It is therefore, not surprising to hear conversations at the roadside like, “have you seen that man’s car. “, have you seen his house? .

I even hear a lot of people shun giving birth to many children in order not to obstruct themselves from amassing as much wealth as possible. This is regrettable for as you all know children are a blessing from God. Some people even believe the wealth they have amassed can open all doors for them and save them from all situations.

No matter the things you own, you should know that all of it came from God. (Proverbs 10:22) and not from your own strength. Also remember that just as God gives wealth, he can easily take it away. When God gives you riches, follow God not things. The more you amass, the more you want to get. You would never be happy chasing material things. Give meaning to your life and start serving God today.


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